Mars Direct – Take action as Mars begins moving forward

Mars Direct

Take action as Mars begins moving forward

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Action planet Mars is all about moving forward. However, Mars has been stuck in retrograde reverse since March 1, 2014. Finally, Mars will move direct again on May 19, and with Mars pushing forward in the balanced sign of Libra, not only will we feel an increase in energy and motivation, but people in general will be more friendly and thoughtful of others.

If you’ve still felt a bit stuck when trying to make headway in work, love or life in general the past few months, it’s time to celebrate. Mars rules our general approach to life, so in retrograde it forces us to re-examine the ways we do things — from work habits to our tendencies in love and relationships. But that period of uncertainty is about to end.

Mars Retrograde is a confusing time, because the intense influence of Mars can make us see clearly where we can make improvements that will pack the biggest punch. But at the same time, Mars’ move in the “wrong” direction makes it all but impossible to focus that motivation and turn it into action.

No more! When Mars turns direct, we’ll suddenly see ways to overcome roadblocks to success. If you haven’t been able to get a project off the ground, or to clearly express yourself to a partner or friend, the warrior planet will suddenly show you how — and push you ahead.


New Moon Report for April 13th – Mars Direct

Mars Direct

Friday, April 13, 8:53 pm PDT, 11:53 pm EDT

Mars is made to move forward, but has been stuck in reverse since late January. Finally, the planet of initiation rights itself and slowly, like a train leaving the station, starts driving ahead with the motivation and means to advance our interests. Increased physical activity works well when it’s combined with good training and a healthy diet. Direct Mars in competent Virgo is a perfect time to develop our skills and establish constructive habits.