Black Magick Spell To Reverse A Curse



A wok
Six White candles
Six pink candles
Egyptian goddess Incense
Cinnamon sticks
Feel good incense
Hair of a dog
Some morning dew


Light a wooden flame and place the wok on it to heat. Once it is hot enough pour enough water in it that it fills the wok to the brim. Now let it boil. In the meanwhile arrange the six pink candles around the wok in a circle. Light them slowly one at a time. Now take the white candles and place them near the windows. Light them when the water boils furiously. As the water begins to boil drop in the cinnamon sticks and let it boil with the water. Now pour some Egyptian goddess incense and some feel good incense in the wok as it boils. Take the hair of the dog and tie it up and add it to the potion.

Bring the whole potion to a boil a few times and to end add the droplets of morning dew. Once they have all been boiled well, pour into a glass and take a sip and chant the following lines.

“ Listen o spirits of above
listen to this holy hex
turn around the magic dispensed
turn around the holy curse”