Good Saturday, hum, Sure Ain’t Morning No More Is It?

Gargoyle Graphics

This is my new approach to blogging. What do you think, lol!


I have been doing some updating on the Rec Room. As usual I got to looking at every graphic that I accidentally (yeah, right) run across. So you see I haven’t really been goofing off, not really. After I finally figured out how to get that site looking right, I decided to play a few of the games. You know, they have to be tested to make sure they are working correctly, lol!


Anyway, my next little project that won’t take to long is tearing apart the Library. I should never open my mouth about anything unless I have the proof in my hands. You remember all the old witchcraft documents regarding the trials and such, well I never received them. The reason being it is taking so long to transfer them over to a PDF file. I told him to give them to me, I have a PDF converter and I could do it in a heart beat. No, he wanted to do it. I have no patience and I’m not that excited about that project at all anymore. So I am going to shred the library. But there is good news that comes out of this shredding, I think you will like. Besides when I posted some info on our history, it really didn’t go over that well. I figured then, the library would probably go over like a lead balloon.


The good news is I am turning the library into our “Shadow Book.” A Shadow Book is just a term I come up with for our new Book of Shadows that is taking the place of the Library. Totally confused yet? You see, I have thousands of spells. Some of them I would not dare put on this site. Because I know most of you would ask me, what the heck was I thinking. It has happened before, believe me! Anyway, this site is going to contain only spells. That’s it. Hopefully by the time I am through it will have every type of spell you can imagine on there. I will give you an example of just some of the curses I have, “how to cause a person to commit suicide,” “how to make someone break their arm,” those kinds of spells. Down right Dark Ones, but some of them might not show up over there because they make me squeamish. You know they have to be bad if they do that to me.


I will continue to put spells on over here as usual. I know most of you like the information instead of all spells. No problem, I like the info myself. Most the time I am reading it while I am posting it. I have always tried to be extremely careful about the material that I put on here. And I always will be. The WOTC has an excellent reputation and I will not do anything to tarnish it. I have come to realize by all the comments and emails that I have been getting, we have a rather large following of Darker Witches. Frankly, they are tired of seeing all white spells being posted. They want to see more dark spells, which I can understand. I can fly either way, it don’t matter to me. But to keep our followers happy, I can’t think of a better use for the Library than to turn into a spell depository. Everyone will know that the Shadow Book exists and they will also know what kind of spells can be found there. It will have good spells just as well as some of the darker ones. It will be for all of us to use, I just want to make you aware of the darker spells that will be there.


The WOTC has been through this before and we actually pulled it off once. We had an old Dark Arts Library that we incorporated into the WOTC. Everyone would gather get their dailys and then go their separate ways. Some would head for the Dark Arts sections, while others mingled else where. We done it once, it worked and I am sure we can do it again.


That’s my plan for the rest of the day, no I lied. If I have time I want to do a little on Pinterest also. If I don’t they will be closing our account out and I surely don’t want that to happen. That’s how we attract new members. Oh and speaking of members, I don’t know what has happened to PayPal. I guess like everything else they get so big they say the hell with it. People will put up with whatever they dish out. You remember the ISP Drive we had a few weeks ago (the one I bugged you constantly about, lol). I don’t know where PayPal has had this one person hid on me but she just now showed up in our account. The lady did contribute to the Drive and since I recognized everyone else, I feel it is only right I recognize her at this time.


Thank you, Karina Killey for your generous donation to our ISP Drive. We appreciate it very much.


Right is only right! Now I am off to destroy the Library, shouldn’t take long. Might even have a spell or two on there before the day is done, HA!  Anyway, my loves, have a wonderful Saturday. Think of me while you are kicked back and relaxing. I will see you bright and early tomorrow. Be careful and safe this weekend!


Luv & Hugs,

Lady A