Weather Lore for the Month of February



February Weather Lore

A wet February, a wet Spring.

Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail.

If Candlemas be fair and clear, there’ll be two winters in the year.

If a hedgehog casts a shadow at noon, Winter will return.

“Février l’pu court éd chés moés, ch’est l’pire chint foés”.
February is the shortest month and by far the worst.

The Witches Spell for Saturday, February 2nd: Dream Tending Spell

Imbolc/Candlemas Comments

The Witches Spell for Saturday, February 2nd


Dream Tending Spell

Imbolc – Groundhog Day

Color of the Day: Brown

Incense of the Day: Sandalwood

This is a truly special day for Wiccans and some Witches. It is Imbolc, a high holiday that honors the triple Goddess Brigit and one of the eight Sabbats that mark the turning of the Wheel of the Year. Groundhog Day is also observed today. This holiday incorporates the seasonal divination of the more ancient Imbolc, which uses the movement of a snake rather than the shadow of a groundhog to divine how much longer winter will remain. It is the beginning of the Storm Moon and also the time of the Feast of Oya, the orisha of weather and changes. To the Iroquois people, it is Midwinter Ceremony, a time to bless the fields, tell your dreams, and pay tribute to your Ancestors. Today is also the birthday of Marie Laveau II, New Orleans’ Voodoo Queen and diviner extraordinaire. At bedtime now, light a braid of sweet grass. Extinguish the flame but allow the braid to smolder. Wave the braid lovingly and with great care around your bedroom, motioning with your hand to encourage the smoke to drift in a snake-like stream over your bed and pillow. Dip the braid in springwater, making absolutely sure no flame remains. Then put the braid away. Pour lavender water in a large bowl. Put your favorite seashell inside the bowl of water. As you sleep, the bowl will act as a conduit for messages from the Ancestors, nature spirits, and the great beyond. Place this under your bed or on your bed table. Replenish the water as needed over a period of two weeks. Write down your dreams in a journal. Read over them frequently. Messages revealed in the darkness of winter have special meaning. Work each day to lift the shroud of darkness so you can glimpse new growth and the coming light of spring. Understanding the mysteries of winter is at the heart of Imbolc and its celebration.

by Stephanie Rose Bird

Happy Groundhog’s Day!

Groundhog Day Comments

The cute, adorable, fuzzy weatherman saw his shadow. So I’m doomed I tell you, doomed. Six More Weeks of Winter, Yuck! It would be lovely to have some beautiful snow but we don’t, it just gets cold.

So did the groundhog see his shadow in your neck of the woods?

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