A Matter of Fate

A Matter of Fate

(Wolf Moon)
The three most notable and powerful giant maidens in Norse mythology are the Norns, which their shape-shifting wolf  companions called the Hounds of Norns. These giant goddesses of fate are named Urd, who represents the past, Verdandi, who symbolizes the present, and Skuld,  who signifies the future. Even Gods cannot undo what the Norns weave into the fabric of fate.
As you drift off to sleep, give yourself the suggestion that you will meet the three Norns in your dreams. Repeat to  yourself:
“I will meet the Norns in my dreams and remember the answer to my question when I wake up.”
  If you have something specific you want to ask them, then feel free to ask it. Otherwise, leave it up to the Norns to tell you what you need to know. When  you meet the Norns in your dreams, don’t be afraid to confront them and ask them what you want to know. When you awake, be sure to make a note of any  answers or information you receive in your journal.
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