Gods – Aengus (Irish Celtic)

Aengus – God of Love, Youth, Summer and Poetry

The Dagda is not thought to have welcomed the news of the arrival of Aengus.

It is said that upon hearing the news that Boann was pregnant, the Dagda attempted to hide the pregnancy by keeping the sun still in the sky for 9 months so that the gestation would take place in the space of a day.

It is possibly fitting then that Aengus, the Irish god of love, youth, summer and poetry, was in fact a love child himself.

Aengus (or Óengus as is sometimes used) was another member of the Tuatha dé Danann with expert knowledge of weaponry. His sword, Moralltach, or the Great Fury given to him by the god of the sea, Manannan mac Lir, was one of his prized possessions.

One story exists of how the Dagda when assigning land to his children, he forgot to leave land for Aengus.  At this time, the Dagda was living in Newgrange and Aengus tricked him into letting him live there permanently.

Aengus’ skill with poetry was thought to be so great that he was able to break magic spells with this gift, such as the one placed on Étain in the love story with Midir.

In a dream Aengus falls in love with a beautiful maiden, Caer Ibormeith. He searches day and night until he finds her at the Lake of the Dragon’s Mouth.

There was a catch that Caer was stuck in the form of a swan and was only able to return to a human form for one day every second year. In order to marry her, Aengus had to correctly identify her as a swan among 150 other swans, which he was able to do. Then he also transformed into a swan and flew with her to his home in the Brú na Boinne.


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