I Am Finally Back Sort Of

In case you are not familiar with farm buildings this is a container meant to hold corn or oats. It is on one of the back roads near our home. I wonder when we go pass if witches live in the home.

I thought getting over the covid virus would be like any other cold or flu, boy was I wrong. Most of the symptoms has lessened but not the tiredness, bad cough, shortness of breath and the super fibromyalgia flare it caused. I still cannot sit at my computers for hours getting posts up and research for the extra posts done. I will do the best that I can to get all the content you in enjoy reading up daily but no guarantees it will be everyday. I have been told by quit a few people who have had milder symptoms than me that it will be at least 4 to 6 weeks before I feel like my energy level I am use to having returns. For me the worse part of this recuperation is not having the energy to work out in my yard. When I am working in my yard I am in my own way paying homage to Mother Earth and gain protective energy to use to do other things. I am sincerely grateful for all the candles that have been lit, well wishes and positive energy that have been sent for Lord Beltane and myself. We probably both have been sicker if not for your caring, help and support.

I am sorry I never got yesterday’s birthday horoscope or current Moon phase posted yesterday I was just to tired and had major brain fog going to get them done. I will post yesterday’s birthday horoscope today under yesterday’s date.

I also plan on getting back to my regular tomorrow posting for the northern hemisphere today and the southern hemisphere tomorrow. I will be checking up on mails through out this week.

I hopefully be able to get a start this week on the Life in The Craft issue for the northern hemisphere Mabon and southern hemisphere Ostara. This issue should be delivered to your email’s inbox by September 14th.

Wishing you a relaxing Sunday and a great start to your new week! Sending out blessings of happiness and peace to you all.