A Thought for Today

Well, I got most of the regular posts done for today but as I have 2 more days of posts to do for both hemispheres tomorrow, I skipped a few. I know some of you enjoy the Astronomy Picture of The Day so I will be checking up on all the missing dates one or two days this week. Today in History post will be back tomorrow. The extra posts on a variety of topics will start again this week also.

Thank you, dear Sisters, Brothers, and Honored Guests, for sticking with WOTC while I was not feeling good at all while the COVID virus wreaked havoc with my body and brain. I am still dealing with the tiredness and a bad cough causing me to get short of breath at times. Also, the super fibromyalgia flare that hit me because of the virus causing my body and mind to be in a stress filled state. Lord Beltane lost a full week of work because of the virus so we could not pay all of our bills for this month. One that we could not pay was our internet bill hopefully they will accept half a payment so I can stay online to do posts to WOTC. AN even more important bill that we could not make was our car payment. If we lose our car than Lord Beltane cannot work as he works for company delivering prescriptions to nursing homes and a local prison. If anyone would like to make a donation to help us get caught up with these it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to those who already have made one. For any donation of $10.00 or more I will give you a 4 card Animal Spirit Guide or Helper reading. When you make the donation, please put Animal Reading in the notes so I know you want one.

Until we meet again dear sisters, brothers, and honored guests may your life be filled with all things positive!

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