I Need Your Help

What do you use to combat seasonal allergies? How about a summer cold? All ideas are welcome.

Thanks to these two things I have only gotten about 10 to 12 hours of sleep since Sunday morning. That is why I have not put up posts because I am afraid of messing them up badly due to lack of sleep, cold and allergy symptoms.

8 thoughts on “I Need Your Help

  1. What I do personally is eat a spoonful of honey in the morning and a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in the evening and or go sit in a sauna for a few

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  2. When bad enough, for allergies, I take children’s liquid zyrtec (bariatric issues). To try and stay away from meds for the allergies, I’ll mostly stay in the a/c from 10am to 4pm when the pollen is the worst. This year has been dreadful for me! Even my eyes are always gritty and burning (I use Soothe eye drops). I wash my face with CeraVe gentle foam facial cleanser to try and keep the pollen off my face. If I do go out, I’ll sometimes wear a hair veil (I don’t do actual ‘veiling’) to keep the pollen off as much as I can. I have air purifiers in ever room. My FIL gave me 5 heavy duty HEPA filter monstocites when my MIL died. They work wonders too, but I can’t afford new filters, so I just vacuum and wash the ones in there. I try to not open the windows if I can help it.
    I shower and wash my hair before I lay down and I change my pillowcase every time I go to sleep (52 years worth of pillow cases lets me do this LOLOL)
    For a summer cold, I try to keep a positive mindset, the days are long and sunny, lots to see (wish I could have a bird feeder to watch all day) I use a neti pot (for my allergies too) to keep my sinuses as clear as I can. If needs be I’ll steam my face with a bowl of boiling hot water and some eucalyptus to open my breathing.
    i drink at least a gallon of iced lemon water every day, along with a few kinds of herbal tea for whatever symptoms I’ve suffering from. Head colds/chest cold used to turn into a sinus infection and or pneumonia/ bronchitis with me so I’m on top of them as soon as I get that “black pepper” smell when I sneeze.
    I’m certain I do more, but like you, I’ve been low on sleep and no set schedule lol I’m “due for bed” at 4pm so I’m off kilter. Sleep is a great healer and when you can’t get it, it seems to make you feel more MEH ! let me know, if you want, I’ll write back, of the symptoms your having. I’m certain you know more “witchy stuff” for healing that I do, but I enjoy doing research.

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