The Witches Magick for Jan. 8 – Tarot spell to enhance your sexual attractiveness

A Tarot spell to enhance your sexual attractiveness

This spell uses some of the images from the Tarot deck to enhance your attractiveness and charm. It helps draw potential lovers to you.


A Red Candle
A  Red Rose
A  deck (or the cards from this page, hand-coloured)
or Aphrodisia or Jasmine Incense

It is important to set the right mood for this spell. Take a ritual bath by candlelight and wear something that makes you feel really attractive and sexy

Remove the following cards from the deck:

The Star
-which symbolizes great beauty and radiant charm

The Lovers

which represents magnetic sexual attraction

The Magician

whichrepresents you, able to tap into the great power present in the Universe and bring it to bear in your own life.

Light the incense. Aphrodisia and Jasmine are associated with love, sensuousness and attraction.

Then light the red candle—red represents passionate love.

Now set down The Star—meditate on the image of the beautiful person glowing from within. Imagine yourself as this person filled with the radiance and beauty of a star. Imagine yourself as a star, the centre of attention lit from within by a magickal light.

Then leaving a space next to the star, lay down The Lovers. As you study this card, visualize yourself giving and receiving passionate love. See yourself as a magnet for love, as simply irresistable.

Finally lay down The Magician between The Star and The Lovers. You are The Magician. All the power in the universe is within you and all around you.

Now raise both hands above you, fingertips extended. Draw energy from the Cosmos, especially from the stars. As you draw down the energy, you will feel yourself glowing, radiant like a star, exuding charm and attractiveness.

When the time seems right incant:

I am one of the star people.
I glow with the beauty of their light.
All those who see me are struck with the beauty and magnetism that flows through me and from me.
I am beautiful.
I attract desire.
I am irresistable.
I attract love.
So mote it be (clap your hands)
So mote it be (clap your hands)
So mote it be (clap your hands)


Ms. Shelia O’Sullivan, The Electric Witch