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We at Witches Of The Craft always enjoy receiving your questions, comments and inquiries.

As you all know we have our own private lives that require our attention. Due to this fact, we would ask you to look through the blog. See if there is a topic relating to your question or concern. If there, please leave your comment or question there. The comments you leave on the blog do directly to the back. We know every time we receive a new comment. This is probably the fastest way to get an answer to your question or your comment viewed.

If you choose to use one of the following contact methods below, we ask just a few things.

  1. Do not write us for spells.
  2. Do not write us for rituals.
  3. Do not write us asking us to cast spells for you.
  4. Do not write us asking us to perform exorcisms.
  5. Eighteen years old is the standard age for anyone outside the Craft to begin study. If you are not 18, then do not write us asking for assistance on how to practice.

Only five rules, which we feel are very reasonable. As you know, no one can write a spell or ritual for you, you have to do this yourself. There is information on the blog to do exactly that. We hope this rules don’t offend any one but they are for our sanity. Can you imagine get 400 request for love spells? We can and did that why #1 exists, lol!

If you would like to make a personal comment to one of our witches, please feel free to do so. Please do not get discouraged if your email is not answered promptly. We are at time flooded with comments and it does take some time to read and answer all of them.

Below you will find two alternative ways of contacting us. You can contact us by regular email or snail mail whichever you prefer:


Snail Mail:


P. O. Box 331

Kevil, Kentucky 42053

We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

(These address will later be repeated on our donation page, as well)

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30 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. jane

    Is it my imagination or do the clouds move in the house picture?

    • No it is not your imagination. You are the first one to see Lady A’s little touch of magick she added to the graphics. The clouds do move, very slowly. You have to be watching very carefully to see it. Lady added the magick (and not graphic magick) but her own personal magick to prove we are really a witchcraft site. Congratulations, hun!

    • No it is not your imagination. You are the first one to see Lady A’s little touch of magick she added to the graphics. The clouds do move, very slowly. You have to be watching very carefully to see it. Lady added the magick (and not graphic magick) but her own personal magick to prove we are really a witchcraft site. Congratulations, hun!


    HELLO, How you doing I like to give thanks for you Beautiful Page I love all the help you giving me and inf. I will like to ask you with all the respect if you can please point me to the right direction I will love to became part of you COVEN o if you please can sent me inf.. thank you very.

  3. Eve

    Hi, I am not able to access your herbal shop. I can’t see any items at all. Is that normal or just me?
    Blessings an thank you for sharing all of your knowledge :)

  4. i love this site…

  5. Brianna

    I was just sent to this page by a friend who knows that I call myself a celtic faery wild elemental witch and walk a solitary path.

    when I read what you term the fairy faith, it is what I have been walking since late 2008 but was doing it alone.

    I knew it was a type of traditional path of the witch but with the fey involved. I am glad that others like yourself feel this way. I donot feel as alone.

    and I agree it is more estatic than fertility path. thank you for having this page and place. now I do not feel alone.

    • Brianna

      I guess I should actually be addressing Lady of the Abyss. again, thank you

  6. heyy everyone..i am deeply attrated to witchcraft and would like to join this coven..or any renowned coven….

    • Welcome and Merry Meet, Sajal,
      It is a pleasure to have you with us. All you have to do to become a part of our online family is hit the follow button. I don’t know about us being a coven. Starting out we weren’t. But now things have sort of changed and people think of me differently. You see I am just a little old Solitary Witch from the hills of Kentucky. But over the years, people no longer think of me as a Solitary. Instead they think of me as an on=line High Priestess. So perhaps the WOTC has went from a group to an on-line coven. I don’t care if you call it a coven or a group, just as long as you call it home. You will always be welcome here and be a part of us, dear one.
      Once again, welcome,
      Blessings, Peace & Comfort,
      Lady A

  7. Just found this site and love it to bits. :D

  8. For Mistress of the Myst


    I just sent you message but I’m not sure if it was posted correctly to you. This is my second go. This is the sort of interruption I get in my life quite regularly. I simply asked if you could send me an email address so that I can send you an email with an attachment (my story).

    May the Goddess bless you for your kind heart.

    Graham Segal

  9. Chrystal

    I also love your site. I am also proud to be a part of it, just by reading and taking in all the wisdom you share. I really wish I could find someone in my area to help teach me. I read and am trying to learn the craft but I would love to have someone I can ask a question . Would you or someone around you know how I can maybe fine people intrested in this subject.

    • Chrystal

      Hey guys, just wondering if you know an ETA on the wand that I won? I’m so exited to get it. Just wondering :)

      • You haven’t gotten it yet? It was suppose to have been shipped last week. Let me check with the wholesaler and I will let you know something. I am sorry you haven’t received it yet. I know it has to be on its way but let me check!

      • Chrystal

        Thanks a bunch! :)

  10. Samantha

    Ok, new at this…um electronics hate me, they glitch, stop working, and my truck loves to shock me..literally. I can’t sleep because I wake up at 12, 1, and 3 but mostly 3am…I take a lot of meds for the insomnia but sometimes they don’t work. I hear a phone ring, car drive up or a person knock at the door, no one is there..but then it occurs 5min later. My palms itch like crazy right before I get money, and I have dreams filled with color, smell and knowledge of stuff sometimes..I’m very high strung and I try to control it to no avail…I have lived this way so long without much guidance or any explaination, and nowhere to begin. Any ideas on that? There’s a flip side to all this? But that’s another issue…Sam

  11. I must say M’Dear, This is an awesome site! :) I’m looking forward to exploring it even further!
    Blessed Be!

    • Thank you, dear sir! You have an awesome site yourself. Now if I could figure out how to play it, I would be doing great! There is no hope for me, lol!

  12. Autumn Moonlyte

    I was wondering if I was a member of this community! My name doesn’t appear to be underlined ,like most other names are here!!

  13. Deb Rudy (AKA) Crowwoman

    I have been looking for a networking site to enjoy and discuss issues with like minded people in my area. I have been a practicing Wiccan for 20 years and I think your site is wonderful! It is packed with so much wonderful information!

  14. Christa Burrows

    Very, very nice site.

  15. Shonda

    I am thankful for your website. Thank you

  16. Benny Wu

    I’am extremely thankful for your website…Because I just recently found out that, I’am a Earth Witch! SO thank you so much sister goddess blessed be!

  17. Azianni

    Hello how can u tell if ur being bewitched, it’s weird but my step son goes to his mom house and for some reason he always seem to have one of his teeth missing each time and she keeps all his clothes,my husband ex wife has practiced this before she has done witchcraft on him, she is one bitter ex wife that she is willing to hurt anyone including her kids.

    • I honestly do not like people who use magick on children. That is about as low as you can go. If I were you and knowing that she has practiced magick before, I would make him a protective mojo bag. Let him put it in his pocket and tell him not to let her see it or even talk about it with her. There are several mojo bags on the site for protection for another witch. If you can’t find them let me know and I will definitely post a few for you. I just did a doubt take on your comment, if she is keeping something of his personal (like a tooth) she wants control over him. So I would say she is definitely practicing witchcraft on him. You will probably need a spell and a mojo bag to break her work. The bad thing, you will have to do this every time he goes over there(the mojo bag) and comes back(the spell).

      We have about every kind of spell in the book, I know we have spells for breaking a witch’s power also. If you can’t find them, let me know and I will glad to help you.
      Goddess Bless You & Yours,
      Lady A

  18. james

    its not often you see a witch, but that lady of the abyss is damn sexy.

  19. Holly Thomas

    I have a question … On the witches correspondence section, you have a list of the candle color’s then a list of the candle color magick, which is completely different. Whats the difference between them?

  20. My dear Lady A. I am sorry that I have not been here to post anything. I have been remodeling my ex wife’s house top to bottom and it has taken all my time. You asked me to write a post on a man’s perspective on the Goddess and I want to do it. I have however lost the address as to where to send it. Would you please email it to me at or post it on your site. Thank you and Brightest of Blessings Don )O(

  21. My dear Lady. I shared your site on FB. If you go to my page you will see some pictures I just put up. One on the kind of concrete work I do and one on a sample of the leather work I do. Brightest of Blessings. Also check out my other site on FB, The Honest Witch Community.

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