Rest in Peace Aloe Vera Spell

Plant aloe vera on the gravesite in order to soothe the deceased,  ease any sense of loneliness or abandonment, and prevent their longing for the living.


Ghost Prevention Spell (2)

Bury the body in the same spot where the deceased’s placenta and/or umbilical cord were buried: this prevents the soul from returning as a ghost.

Ghost Prevention Spell (1)

  1. Immediately following a death, brew substantial quantities of bayberry tea, in order to follow a Seminole recommendation to prevent ghosts.

  2. Family and friends of the deceased should drink this tea, as well as bathing their heads and arms with it for three days following the death.

Copal Incense

Copal is traditionally burned during Mexican Day of the Dead rituals but it may be used anytime. Its fragrance pleases, purifies, and honors those who have passed on, while protecting and cleansing the living at the same time.

Chervil Incense

Chervil, also known as Sweet Cicely or British myrrh, was among the ancient Egyptian funerary herbs. Remains of the herb were found within Tutankhamun’s tomb. Burn the dried herb as incense to comfort the bereaved and also to enable them to contact the deceased if desired.

Fiery Ring of Protection

  1. Until funeral rites occur, maintain lit candles around the body to create a fiery wall of protection.

  2. Irish tradition designates a dozen candles steadily burning, other traditions suggest two (one each at head and foot), four (marking the body’s cardinal points) or as many as can be squeezed around.

  3. Light a new candle, every time one burns out.

Escort Service to the Beyond Spell (5) Canine Intervention

Many spiritual traditions believe that a dog psychopomp awaits the newly dead, waiting to lead the way to the next existence. Without the dog, it was believed the dead soul was doomed to wander and never find the right path. Trusting souls know that their loyal spirit dog awaits them, however, not everyone has faith. Perhaps out of anxiety, different traditions tried to compensate sometimes a familiar pet was killed following a person’s death so that they could be buried together, with this pet dog assuming the role of psychopomp. The ancient people of what is now Mexico came up with a happier magickal solution:

  1. Create or obtain a clay image of a dog: it can look like a specific breed or individual dog or just be a generic canine.

  2. Incorporate this figure into funeral rites, either burying together with the person or cremating them together.