Regular and 1st of the Month Posts Resuming Wednesday

I finally sort of figured out how to use my cellphone as a hot spot to get my laptop online. I miss my daily interaction with my WOTC family and guests.

We have a close friend of many decades coming in from Texas today who is spending the night. I have not seen her face to face in about 20 years thanks to my ex-boyfriend who basically chased any friends I had away by his attitude and abusive words to them and myself.

Lady Rhiannon is also one of my few dear sister witches. She has agreed to soon do some posts about witchcraft. She is the high priestess of a face to face coven where she lives.

So with her visit I am going to be selfish and spend every minute with her that I can because I do not know when she will be back in Illinois. She is here this weekend because her brother is very sick in a nursing home. I know she would appreciate the WOTC family lighting candles and sending Brian comforting energy.

8 thoughts on “Regular and 1st of the Month Posts Resuming Wednesday

  1. I saw where you mentioned that posts were going to have to wait, due to a medical issue. Please email or call me, regardless of the hour, day or night. Even if all you feel like doing is sitting silently on the other end of the phone line with a fellow Witch, that’s absolutely fine with me! If you wouldn’t mind putting this Witch’s heart at ease, please reach out to me at your earliest convenience! Blessed be, 💜 heart mom!


    1. Yes I have and when I have the money to get it started I will. My only problem with the help for disabled persons is the amount of data you can use per month. With usually being on my computer 5 hours or more a day for all things connected to WOTC and Lord Beltane using his computer a lot everyday I haven’t found anything with a large enough data package.


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