A spell is nothing but a story (from an old word “spelen,” to “tell a story”).

You’ve had spells cast on you all your life, without knowing it.

When your father called you “lazy,” or “stupid,” or “sloppy,” or “a failure,”
he was casting a spell on you.  Most likely, you still act the way your father
(or mother) said you were.

And you’ve cast spells on yourself all your life, without knowing it.  Whenever
you say the words “I can’t” you are casting a spell of failure on yourself.
Whenever you tell someone they give you a headache, you are casting a headache
spell on yourself.

Learning to cast spells is learning how to control your own life.

You can cast a spell simply by telling yourself a story out loud, alone or with

You can cast a spell by thinking a story to yourself.

You can cast a spell by acting out a story.  (This is the purpose of ritual, of

And you can cast a spell by wearing or carrying a physical object that
constantly reminds you of the story (an amulet).

A spell works simply because it is spoken.  Strong emotions are not necessary.
You don’t even have to believe it to make it happen.

Try it.  Start each day by saying to yourself:  “Today, I am going to receive
some money” (or “will make a new friend,” etc.)  See what happens.

One caution:  Be careful what you wish for — you WILL get it!

And remember the ancient rede:  “An ye harm none, do what you will.”  This
means that we cannot cast a spell concerning another person (with the possible
exception of a healing spell) without their consent.  Any interference in
another person’s life force is unacceptable.

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Candle Spell Worksheet


The following questions will help you to create a successful candle spell. By
answering them, you will aquatint yourself with the elements of magick. Print
this page and add it to your spellbook. It can also be used for other types of
spells as well. Enjoy!

Magickal Intention:

Candle Type:

How long will it burn?



Phase of the Moon:

Astrological Phase:






Magickal Decoration:


Where will the candle be placed for the duration of the spell?

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A Little Humor for Your Day – Spells That Actually Work

Spells That Actually Work

(Do Not Try Any of these At Home, Only Jokes)

Ancient Spell to Kill a Beast

1.  Get a spear.

2.  Aim the spear.

3..Throw the spear.

4.  Repeat until the beast is dead.

Spell to Make Money

1.  Put on some tight attractive clothing.

2.  Go to a busy street corner.

3.  Dance as well as you can for passing cars and pedestrians.

Spell to Get Measles

1.  Find someone who has measles.

2.  Lick them.

Spell to Turn Day Into Night

1.  Stand facing a large tree or wall.

2.  Close eyes tightly. Keeping eyes closed, run straight ahead as fast as you can.

Spell to Turn Night Into Day

1. Lay down when it is nighttime.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Wait 8 hours.

4.  Open your eyes.

Spell to Breathe Under-Water 

1.  Attach concrete block to your feet.

2.  Jump into water.

3.  Breathe normally and sing the tune to “Flipper”.

4.  Takes about 5 minutes for lungs to adjust.

Spell to Commune With Pink Elephants

1.  Pour glass of vodka or alcoholic drink of choice.

2.  Drink.

3.  Repeat steps 1-2.

Turok’s Cabana

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Let’s Talk Witch – Your Sacred Clothing

Witchy Comments & Graphics

Let’s Talk Witch – Your Sacred Clothing

Many practitioners will not enter or use their sacred space unless they are cloaked in a special garment created by their own hands and consecrated for spiritual use. This robe is unique and special to each person who desires to honor their beliefs in this fashion. A cloak can be consecrated for specific purposes. So you can have more than one cloak, depending on what type of ritual you will be conducting in your sacred space.Self clothing isn’t the only garments you want to consider for your space. An altar cloth is also called for. You can use more than one cloth in varying colors and patterns, depending on the work at hand. But consider the use of the cloth before you cover the altar. If you are going to be mixing herbs, or creating spiritual objects such as handmade candles, smudge sticks or spiritual tools, then you want the cloth to be inexpensive and practical. If however, you are conducting a ritual to celebrate a holiday, then you might use a more formal cloth, anything from crushed velvet to black satin.

The cloth should reflect your personality, your beliefs and one that you feel comfortable with using. A male Witch for instance, may not use Victorian lace when casting spells for compassion, healing or love. Rather he might use something that strikes an essence of romance in his heart such as red silk. Whatever you chose to use, the cloth should be large enough to cover the entire altar and fit the work at hand.

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The Witches Magick for Jan. 30th – Purification of Your Ritual Tools

Purification of Your Ritual Tools

Purification and dedication of your Wiccan ritual tools should be done as soon as you can after you get them.

Certainly purify them at least, before using or wearing the object!

Items that have a heavy or dark or hot energy need purification. This is particularly true of crystals. When clear, they will feel cool, tingly, bright, or positive.

A purified object is much more powerful than a contaminated one, and its magick is less likely to go awry.

Purification, dedication, and consecration of ritual objects take place in sacred space – that is, within Ritual. So begin by casting a Circle.


WITCH TIP: Before going further, check that the item won’t be harmed first . . .

Water – Crystals and other stones may be damaged by hot water. Always use cool water. Some crystals may be damaged even by cool water.

Sunlight – Gem stones, crystals, and other items may also be damaged – faded, melted, or broken by the heat.

Salt – Opals, metal, leather, and fabric can be damaged by salt, either dry or in water.

Smudging or Flame – Stones may be damaged by heat. Other items, like cloth and plant material, may be flammable – use extreme care.


Moon Bath

The simplest way to purify Wiccan tools is to bathe them in Moonlight. This will not only cleanse them, but recharge them as well.

Except for the very lightest cleansing, you’ll probably need to leave them at least one full cycle of the Moon. Full to Full, or Dark to Dark . . . whichever feels right to you. For lighter Moon-washes, use the Waning Moonlight.

If your altar is in the Moonlight, this is the best place to leave your ritual tools for a Moon bath. Otherwise, hanging them in a tree is good. (If it’s sparkly and you have lots of crows, ravens, or magpies around though, they might make off with it when you’re not looking!)


Herb Bath

You can bury your Wiccan tools in herbs for cleansing. Particularly effective are rose petals, sage, and mint. This is a lovely way to clean sacred objects, but it can take a while.


Salt Bath

A faster method is a sea salt bath. You can bury your Wiccan tools in dry sea salt, or a salt-water bath.

Washing it in the Ocean, or even running wild water like a river, is even better.

If it feels like it needs a very deep cleansing, you can leave it in the salt water for a period of time – even in the Moonlight, for an even stronger affect.


Earth Cleansing

You can bury certain items in Earth for purification – like stones and crystals. This will do a very deep cleansing.

Simply bury them, pointing downward, into Earth outdoors, between the roots of a tree is ideal. If you can’t manage that, bury them with a potted plant.

The real trick to this method of purification is remembering exactly where you buried your ritual tools! Be sure to leave a marker that is unlikely to be removed.


Smoke/Smudge Sticks

Even more rapid is smudging, particularly using cedar or sage. Pass the ritual tools through the smoke a few times. This is enough for most purposes. But you can do as much as you need.

This is a great method for healing tools, especially stones.


Wiccan & Witchcraft Information Blog

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Wishing You A Very Bright & Blessed Thursday!

Blessed Be Comments

Live and learn, learn to live
I strive to get what life can give
Send to me the lessons true
And help me know just what to do.
Amid the mess and chaos fierce
Shine a light to darkness pierce
Show the way to knowledge deep
Which to let go and which to keep.
Clear the way so I might heed
The lessons that I truly need
Show me what I need to learn
As life’s pages I do turn.

So Mote It Be

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Making Your Life Magical

Making Your Life Magical

Author:   Wulfcempa  

Most Wiccans and witches – and many other pagans – practice some form of “magic” (often spelled “magick” to distinguish it from stage illusions) . Magick is a topic at which most modern westerners would likely scoff, and doubtless this attitude throws into question the credibility of those who claim to practice it.

We do not believe in the “supernatural“. All that exists that is part of this universe, is part of nature itself and is therefore “natural”. If intrusions from other universes or realities happen in this one, then that too is part of its natural processes. In other words, everything – everything – can be rationally and scientifically explained; we just don’t know all of those explanations yet.

We accept that there are many things about this universe that we not only cannot explain in concrete terms, but things of which we’re not even aware. Bear in mind that there was a time that germs, bacteria, and viruses were all completely unknown to humanity; a microscopic world of living creatures has surrounded us for as long as we’ve been on this planet and we only recently learned of it.

Scientists have never actually seen an atom, and many modern physicists feel confident that evidence indicates such incredible things as multiple universes. We’ve learned so much, but that which we still do not know boggles the mind while thrilling the imagination.

As I have said many times, being a witch or a pagan is more about what we do than what we believe. Whether it’s a magickal activity or a religious ritual, we engage in time-honored rites that – for whatever reason – just seem to work for us. It’s a bit like exercise; one need not understand advanced kinetics and physiology in order to benefit from a brisk, daily walk. Nor does one need to understand ritual and magick in order to reap its benefits; those who do it regularly will experience mental and spiritual gains.

But this post isn’t about magick; it’s about life.

I have an Egyptian-themed altar/shrine at home, and among the items on it is a statue of Thoth. In Egyptian mythology, Thoth was – among other things – a god of writing, magick, and science. I’m not sure what initially drew me to him, but my attachment is long-standing and strong enough that I made an altar for him and the goddess Bast.

By day, I’m a computer programmer. I write, using computer languages, things like this:

select responder, recipient_role
into v_emp_user_name, v_recipient_role
from temp_notifications
where message_type = itemtype
and user_key = v_requisition_no
and notification_id = history_record.notification_id;
when no_data_found then
v_emp_user_name := null;
v_recipient_role := null;
result := ‘COMPLETE:N’;

…and when these words are “executed”, they result in the taking place of literal, real-world actions.

Remember Arthur C. Clarke’s famous statement, “any sufficiently-advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic“? It is easy to see the parallels between what I do by day and the concepts of magick. I use special languages full of words that have power, and yet I must order these words properly for them to have the desired effect. Sometimes they definitely backfire! But most of the time, I get the desired results.

Over time, I began to think of Thoth as having a modern role in addition to those normally attributed to him: the “patron saint” of computer programmers! But then, more recently, I made another connection. If what we pagans call “magick” isn’t supernatural, and if what computer programmers do is so similar to the methods of magickal practices… what, then, separates the two? Is it merely the fact that we humans have a scientific understanding of computer processing?

If modern magickal workings were to be defined scientifically tomorrow, would we put a new name on those activities and cease to call them “magick”?

I’m fond of blurring lines. A line that we’re forced to cross is no different from a line that holds us back; true freedom happens when there are no lines. And true magick happens all around us, every day.

Aleister Crowley defined magick as “the art and science of causing change in conformity with will”. We all do this, every day. For instance, when I sat down to write this post, it was something that I chose – to share my thoughts – and because my will to do this was strong enough, I made the time and put forth the effort. It is art (writing) and science (grammar, spelling, word processors and the Internet) , it is change (because this document didn’t exist before I wrote it) and it was my will.

Am I trying to diminish the practice of magick? Of course not. Instead, I am suggesting that we bring magick into our everyday lives… where it belongs. Learning to see the “magick” in the things that we choose to do means seeing those things in a whole new light… because when we realize that those elements that make up an act of magick exist in so many of our daily actions, we begin to see ways that even the mundane can be made special.

In many eastern philosophies, adherents are taught the value of living in each and every moment:

“As you practice Zen in your life, you will see that living in the present moment is like living heaven on earth. Even though we can all deal with this one moment right in front of us, we rarely live in this one moment right in front of us. We don’t know how. We have been conditioned since our early childhoods to live in the future or the past.”, Zen: Living in the Moment

Seeing ordinary actions as magickal is one way of helping us to live more consciously and building in us the habit of “living in the moment”. Yet it works in the other direction, as well… for as people who have studied the ways of “magick”, we are already trained in the skills necessary to embrace a magickal life.

This is convergence; when the ordinary and the magical become one in a person’s life, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The ordinary takes on new vibrancy, and those energies, which are normally reserved for our rituals suddenly, work their way into our everyday lives.



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Magick is…?

Magick is…?

Author:   Darksky  

Magick. We are all here to do magick. Call it what you will… spells, circle, ritual… it’s all magick. It’s all the same… high magic, low magic, candle, poppet, herb, and so on and so forth. Magick. In a nutshell: Magick is the ability to manipulate your surroundings within your environment, to manifest your desires, and protect yourself from outside unwanted energies. That is how I define magick.

So, if we are going to manipulate our surroundings and our environment, don’t we need to be in a position to do so? Meaning, don’t we have to have our spiritual house in order? Is the true magician able to manifest his or her environment even if their inner space is in turmoil? Does magick require us to first have ourselves in order before anointing a single candle or casting a circle?

Circle casting has a great deal of importance placed on preparation. Why is that? Is it about the tools, altar cloth, food, participants, the right moon phase, or even the right time of day and color? They are important factors to consider, but I feel they are adjuncts to the Magick itself, not the whole of the equation.

We chose to pursue a belief system that has no rules per say but yet has numerous procedural protocols. Protocols are merely guidelines. Isn’t it about energy and intentions? The preparation starts way before we check to see what phase we are in or if Mercury has gone retrograde. The prep actually starts with that initial spark of a thought to cast, conjure, and manifest.

I believe magick starts by challenging us to master ourselves. Being able to place our consciousness in another realm, another plane of existence is more than colors and oils. It’s magick; regardless of your practice — Gardenerian, Dianic, Wiccan, Luciferian, Thelemite, Asatru, to name a few — still at the core, it’s magick.

The practice of manipulating your environment has to start from the inside out. All of the belief systems have varied circle/ritual celebration, spells, and different types of celebration. The belief systems start basically the same… meditate, and find yourself so as to not have doubt in your abilities, understand the path and purpose you are on before pursuing the practice of magick and attaining higher states of consciousness.

Magick, in all its various forms, is all around us in everyday life. We are just moving so fast at times that we don’t realize or appreciate it. Some folks don’t even know they are doing magick in everyday life. Take for example church-going folk… they deposit a few dollars into the collection box, take a long match, then choose just the right candle, light it and then kneel and pray. They are empowering that light. They are transferring their intentions to the candle, be it for health, money, peace, or guidance. They are performing candle magick without knowing it.

Does magick have to be ceremonial, with a full circle cast? If magick is the manipulation of one’s environment to manifest one’s desires, is blowing out the candles on a birthday cake after making a wish, magick? What about a coin in a fountain, blowing on a dandelion, a shooting star?

I believe some will disagree, that to manipulate, to be able to manifest, starts within ourselves.
Magick seems to be at work whether we are conscious of it or not. Vibes, intentions, desires, emotions… they are sent out from us every day in staggering volume. How many thoughts would you say you have in a 24-hour period? These emotions, intentions, vibes, and desire flow from us, both positive and negative. We sometimes don’t realize how much magick we do.

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.’ –Peace Pilgrim

When we cast spells, perform ritual, and/or commune with our Gods and Goddess, we are emitting energy. We are sending out vibes, intentions, desires, and energy that is emotionally charged. Sending up smoke, burning oils and incense, offering food and drink… all charged with our energy, our essence. Think about it. We should not just go through the motions, to perform a circle/ritual/spell (or whatever your belief system may do) . It’s not to just be “performed”; it’s the essence of the practitioner that envisions, builds, executes and completes the act of circle/ritual/spell.

Magick requires a certain level of commitment. Magick is a living, breathing, consuming thing. Most all belief systems have some rules, mantras, or credo (for example, in the Wiccan tradition, the statement “in perfect love and perfect trust bide the Wiccan rede we must”) . How far does that go? What is that applicable to? Is it just for magick or everyday life? Do we light candles, cultivate herbs, dress our altars, cast our circle, have ritual and then turn that off? Is magick a ready-made thing? Just add water, break glass, needs no batteries? Or is magick and being a magician a lifestyle?

My wife and I took some classes a while back and they where very informative but we were taken a back at the teacher and with the other people in the class. It was not what we expected. It was a coven atmosphere, there was a HP and a HPs during class and ritual. Almost everything seemed to be in its proper place — a general feeling of respect, reverence — but the gossip and petty drama that ensued was confusing. Perfect love and perfect trust? Karmic pattern? Three-fold law? Is it all just words?

Magick, I think, needs to be a way of life. Not a controlling facet, but one that is integrated into everyday life, actions, words and deeds. Magick, I believe, is correctly executed when we mesh with the universe. Magic doesn’t have an on and off switch. Magick must flow uninterrupted, without obstacles placed in its way by us.

Witches are not a rare breed. We were here long ago and shall endure the ignorance of others and their belief systems and persevere, prosper, and pass on our traditions. Being accomplished at anything takes time, patience, commitment, and practice.

If you look at some of the most astute and learned people in any chosen field, notice a common thread: the path they walk, the call they answered, the vision they saw, is a lifestyle. It’s not a hobby; they are manipulating their own environment to manifest whatever it is they want. They perform magick.

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What we truly and earnestly aspire to be, that in some sense, we are. The mere
aspiration, by changing the frame of mind, for the moment realizes itself
– Anna Jameson

Magick has always been part of Witchcraft. From the dawn of humanity it has been
a tool used to help alter the forces which shape our lives. Today’s Pagans have
reclaimed this viewpoint; we are not merely helpless masses of flesh, void of
any personal power, groveling at the mercy of the fates.
The precise content of our spells has changed over the centuries, but not
the methods, and certainly not human need. It is interesting to note that the
magickal desires found in weathered grimoires are the same desires we have
today, principally: love, security, health, and fertility.

What Magick Is and How It Works

Our detractors try to tell us, and anyone else who will listen, that magick is
inherently evil; that it utilizes “unnatural” or evil forces in order to work.
They believe that mere humans cannot naturally possess any power of their own;
therefore it must be obtained from some supernatural source and, they
illogically rationalize, any force that would aid human desire must therefore be
wicked and ask a perverse allegiance in return. This source was personified as
(need I say it?) their Satan, or anti-God.
It is this inherent power, one with which we are all born, that is the
force behind successful magick. Often we may combine this personal energy with
that of nature (by using herbs, stones, etc., as our catalyst and focal point),
or with that of the elemental world (by aligning our inherent power with that of
faeries, elementals, or of the elements themselves), or by working in tandem
with the creative power of Gods and Goddesses. But no matter how many of these
combinations we try, we, the practicing magickians, are the ultimate source of
magickal power.
Belief in magick as part of religious practice was an accepted part of
everyday ancient Pagan life, and flourished for many, many centuries before
Satan became an accepted theological construct of Christianity nearly two
thousand years ago. For the old Witches, magick was not viewed as an operation
of supernatural forces since, logically, nothing supernatural could exist.
Whether one believed the universe was created by a sentient deity, or wished to
believe that it exploded into existence of its own accord, the fact remained
that certain natural laws operated from which no deviation could occur. Cats
don’t sprout antlers overnight, autumn does not suddenly appear to follow
winter, and a maple tree doesn’t become an elm at will. Everything has its place
in the time/space continuum – including magick.
Magick has long been understood by its practitioners to be no more than
the manipulation of natural forces not yet understood by either science or
psychology. To create a spell we teach ourselves to sense and “see” these
energies, and invest them with our own energies in order to bend them to our
will. On the physical plane we can see this same concept used in the martial art
known as Judo. Through Judo one is taught to take advantage of the natural
energy and momentum of one’s opponent, making it possible for a ninety-pound
woman to toss a two hundred-pound man over her head. The natural energy that
makes this feat possible is there, waiting to be harnessed and directed to
release itself to the desired outcome.
Look around you. Right now. Put down this book and note all the items in
the place you are in at this moment. Note all those modern miracles of
technology you take for granted that would have gotten you hanged for being in
league with the Devil only two hundred years ago: your car, your television,
your CD player, radios, electric lights, even a simple ballpoint pen. All of
these things would have been seen as manifestations of magick by virtually
everyone, and as a sign of the presence of evil by more than just a few. But for
those who understand – or pretend to understand – the factual scientific
principles on which these items work, they are not “magickal” at all. They are
simply things which operate through natural scientific principles.
It is highly likely that the magick of today will be the science of
tomorrow, that eventually we will discover what it is about the energy of the
trained magickal mind that can manifest wishes and desires. As scientists and
psychologists continue to study the evolving human mind, they may unlock the
secrets of creation from a single directed thought. This conceptual hinge upon
which all magick is hung may be seen as being overly simplified, but it is the
basis of all spellwork. Everything that exists – everything – had to first begin
as a single thought, and somehow those thoughts had to be directed, both on the
mental and on the physical planes, in order to manifest as reality. (Even Judeo-
Christian mysticism teaches that we are merely thought-forms in the mind of
God and, when he ceases to think about us, we will perish.)

Five basic ingredients are needed for any successful spell.

1. The desire or need for something
2. An emotional investment in the outcome of the spell
3. The knowledge to work the spell
4. The belief that it exists on the mental/astral planes
5. The ability to keep silent

Without desire and need there can be no spark of the imagination that
fires the emotions to drive the spells. Without magickal knowledge a Witch has
no idea of what to do to make the magick. Without belief that focused thoughts
create a reality that can be brought into the physical world, there is no magick
at all.

Keeping silent about magickal work is another very old belief. It may have
stemmed partly from fear of discovery by the Witch hunters. On another level
there is an old adage that energy divided is energy lost. In other words, the
more you speak to others of your work, the more energy you lose, energy which
could otherwise be channeled into your desired outcome. You may also find
yourself talking to someone who does not believe in the power of magick, or has
some vested interest in your failure, perhaps jealousy or a need to “prove” the
unworkability of magick. Such people can do great damage to your magick by their counter-energy. Never mind that they do not believe in what you are doing. We all have the power to project energy, and their mental output can work against you.

Those who do not understand the principles of magic fear the mysterious
source of the manifestation more than the manifestation itself. If we look again
to the natural laws of the universe for answers, we find there is really no
mystery. All of us were taught the basic law of physics in junior high science
which states:


Unlike television Witches, such as the ever-popular Samantha Stephens, we
cannot wiggle our noses and create something from nothing. In order to manifest a house on a vacant lot we do not – and cannot – create matter. Rather, we set up energy patterns that draw the energy to us and shape it into the form we want to see. This would involve consorting with a good contractor rather than with demons. The language that has evolved around magick over the centuries also tells us that it is not an instantaneous event, but a process of building piece-by-piece. Various mythologies tell of Goddesses of magick who are spinners and
weavers, creating their reality step-by-step as a seamstress embroiders a
tapestry. With her patience and persistence a rich picture is born, and it is no
accident that we have adopted the words spinning, weaving, casting, working,
crafting, and creating to describe our spellwork. There is no rule anywhere in Paganism to tell us how much or how little magick we must weave, or even that we have to make magick at all. If you are not sure about its working principles, or feel that you are not ready for magick in your life, then don’t do it. If you continue to follow a Pagan path the time will eventually come when you win find yourself casting a spell as easily as you call upon your deities.Once you decide to create a spell to meet a need, begin constructing it by following these twenty-four steps:

1. Clearly understand and define your magickal goal. Write it down or state it
out loud to help form it solidly in your mind. By doing this you begin to invest
the spell and the desired outcome with your emotions and energy. If you have
more than one need, you may wish to spread them out. You can work more than one spell at a “session,” but doing so will dissipate and scatter your energies,
leaving less for each spell. If you feel you must do multiple spells, limit them
to three and try to relate them in some way, so that the energy you raise
remains as focused as possible.

2. Be sure of the ethics of your hoped-for outcome. Approach the spell from
all angles to satisfy yourself that you are not violating anyone else’s free
will or being manipulative. Many Witches like to do a divination first, to be
doubly sure that their spell will not have any unforeseen ramifications. If the
results of the divination are negative, try rethinking your intent to see if you
can circumvent the problem. Then do another divination and see what comes up.

3. If you wish to use a specific element as a focus for your magick, decide
which one is most appropriate and collect items to represent that energy.

4. Plan how you will visualize your goal and believe in what you see. The powers
of the mind are only just now beginning to be explored by science. We have all
heard stories of terminal patients who have healed themselves, and of faith
healers who use belief to manifest miracle cures. Visualization uses that power
to form mental pictures that are invested with personal energy and emotion. It
is the soul that breathes life into all magick, and the soul that is the most
important element in its outcome. The moment you start visualizing the
resolution of a magickal need is the moment you begin to create the changes in
your deep mind necessary for the magick to manifest.

5. If you are working with advanced natural magick you will need to prepare a
long-range plan in accordance with the above guidelines. This will entail
checking moon phases, laying in enough supplies for the duration of the spell,
and planning how the energy can be sustained through each day.

6. Gather candles, stones, or whatever else you intend to use as a catalyst for
your focus or to direct the energy you will raise. Empower those items with your
personal energy by projecting into them the energy of your goal. Keep in mind
that these tools, including your cherished ritual tools, have no power in and of
themselves. The power is not in the tools, but inside the Witch trained to use
them. Without you, they are useless. They merely provide a way to focus your
energy and a means for directing it towards its goal.

7. Decide upon your “words of power,” the words or chants you will use to help
focus and raise energy. You may write them out, or simply remember key phrases you wish to use as you improvise. Some Witches like to create simple poems so they will be easier to remember.

8. If you wish to use a special deity or mythic figure in your magick, decide on
which one or ones, and on how you will evoke, invoke, and/or honor them. You may wish to write out special prayers or blessings and memorize them.

9. Decide when you want to do the spell. This can be any time you personally
need the magick, at the time when your coven regularly meets, or you may wish to take into consideration moon phases and/or other astrological influences. If
your life is as busy as most people’s today, you may have to choose the only
night when you will be free and alone. The timing is much less important than
the energy you bring to the spell.

10. At the appropriate time, gather what you will be using and go to the place
where you will perform the spell. This can be at your altar, indoors or
outdoors, at your coven meeting site, or anywhere else that feels appropriate,
comfortable, and private.

11. Cast your circle and, if you like, call the quarters, or do as you would
when opening any other ritual. If you are using advanced magickal techniques you win definitely need to employ these visualizations to be effective.

12. Your magick is now beginning in earnest. Invite whatever elementals,
faeries, spirits, or deities you wish to have present as you work. They should
always be welcome, but they are not necessary for spellwork.

13. Clear your mind and begin visualizing your goal. This is probably the most
important step in the spell-casting process and you should invest the mental
image with as much energy as you can muster. Recall your need and make your
emotional connection with it as deep as you can, on as many levels as possible.

14. Raise energy within yourself and pour it into the magickal object(s) in
whatever way feels right to you. This can be done as a mental projection,
through dance or song, or intense visualization.

15. Do whatever physical actions your spell requires. Some need no special
actions, but many require some basic movement, even if it is only lighting a
candle. Use your words of power, light your candles, bury your herbs, mentally
charge your stones, and/or raise your cone of power.

16. Take advantage of natural phenomena that can help you raise energy. A storm, for instance, is an excellent source of energy that any Witch can draw upon to help feed a spell. Allow yourself to become part of the storm and feel yourself psychically drawing on its vast stores of energy as you seek to raise your own energies or cone of power.

17. When you feel you have put as much energy into the spell as you possibly
can, send the energy out to do your will. You can visualize this as a cone of
power being sent out, or use any other mental image you like. Body language
helps, too. Relax, throw up your arms, raise a tool, kneel, send out a cone of
power, or do whatever else makes you feel the energy go forth. Be sure to direct
it out from you visually as well.

18. You should finish your spell with words such as the traditional “So Mote It
Be.’ Mote is an obsolete word for “must’ The phrase is synonymous with “Amen,”
“So It Is,” and “It is Done” It is a statement of completion and an affirmation
that you know your magick is successful. All magick is worked from the point of
view that the desired goal is already manifest – it will not come to be, but IT
IS. Always phrase your magickal desires in the present tense; for example, “I
have love in my life now,” or, “My bins are now paid in full.’ Talking of magick
happening in the future will keep it forever in the future, always just out of

19. Meditate briefly on your goal. Again, visualize it as already manifest.
Smile, breathe a sigh of relief, and know the magick is already at work for you.

20. Thank and dismiss all faeries, spirits, and deities who have come to witness
or aid in your magick.

21. Ground your excess energy into the earth and open your circle. Excess
energy, raised during your spell work but not fully sent away from you when you
sent it to do its job, lingers on and around you, The best way to ground this
excess is to place your hands palms down on the earth, into a bowl of soil, or
on the floor of your home. Physically and psychically feel the excess energy
draining out of you. Know that it is being absorbed and dispersed into mother

22. If you have ritualized your spell, dismiss your quarters or do whatever
other endings your rituals traditionally require. If you are working your magick
with a coven this is standard practice.

23. Record your spell in your Magickal Diary or Book of Shadows with the date,
time, weather conditions, and any astrological data you wish to include. This
will be useful later when you have done enough spells to look for patterns. For
example, you may see that your most efficacious spells were done on Sundays or
when it was cloudy or snowing, or when you had faeries present, worked with a
particular deity, burned green candles, or when the moon was full. Everyone has
different affinities. These patterns will help you pick the best times for your
spell work.

24. Back up your desire on the physical plane. This is a must. For example, if
you have done a spell for healing don’t avoid seeing your doctor. You will need
all the help at your disposal to overcome your illness, and magick and medical
science make great partners.

Until you achieve your magickal goal you should spend some time each day
focusing on it by dearly visualizing it as a fait accompli. These added boosts
of daily energy can often mean the difference between success and failure.

**This is an excerpt from Lady of the Night – A Handbook of Moon Magick &
Rituals by Edain McCoy, 1995. If you like this information, please buy a copy of
this book. It will make a great addition to your book collection. ISBN 1-56718-

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Money Magick

Money Magick

It seems to be a given that many (if not most) practitioners of the magickal
arts and sciences regard the acquisition of material wealth as being an
activity that is “beneath” them. It’s as if material possessions and creature
comforts will somehow sully their spirituality. Or at least distract them
away from more spiritual pursuits. But all of us who have ever known want
(which is just about everybody) will at least occasionally, as has Morgan,
wistfully express a desire for the freedom from that want that the “root of
all evil” can bring.

I’d venture to say that most participants in computer net discussions would
like to think of themselves as having loftier goals than mere material
wealth. And it’s pretty much true (*I* like to think of myself that way!)
“Money spells” and the like are called _Low_ Magick workings and thought of
with contempt. However, I’ve always had little respect for someone who claims
to be an adept magician but can’t afford to eat properly. These people have
no appreciation for the advantages that an adequate income can contribute
toward their spiritual projects.

Over the last six months I’ve been working on some magickal theory and
practice intended to bring Wealth and it seems to be yielding results. I
can’t say it’s made me _rich_ (yet!), but it has taken me from joblessness
and near-homelessness to a comfortable, if not ostentatious financial state.
It began as a philosophical discussion with some fellow magicians about the
nature of money and wealth which brought out some interesting ideas.

Wealth in ancient times was a matter of land; wealth was measured in acres.
So it could be thought of as being of the nature of Earth. Even when it
became gold and other precious materials, it was still of the nature of
Earth. Most “money spells” one could find operated from that point-of-view;
wealth is “material”, therefore “Earth”, so the Earth element must be the
basis of the magickal work. Just about anyone who composes ritual workings
nowadays still proceeds from the same basic assumption without questioning
it. So we questioned it. And came up with the idea that the nature of wealth
has changed just as money itself has changed — from land to gold to paper
to plastic to bits in a data stream.

Money is no longer of the nature of Earth; it is of the nature of Air.

Like Air it is ethereal; difficult to grasp and mostly unseen. Above all, it
likes to _move_. Money in motion replicates itself. Money hoarded slowly
dies. Of what use is money that is never spent?

We also raised questions about exactly what _wealth_ really is. It is more
than mere cash on hand. Even having cash on hand is not an accurate
indicator of “Wealth” (with a capital “W”.) The all-too common stories of
the lottery winners who end up broke again a year later are good examples of
what happens to those who don’t _believe_ that they “deserve” to have money.
They prove it — the money runs away from them! On the other hand, a
stockbroker who works herself into a heart attack, mercilessly driving
herself day after day for the dubious reward of drinking herself into a
stupor on expensive booze in front of a fabulous home entertainment center
every night can be said to have achieved the condition of anti-wealth. This
is not Wealth!

True Wealth consciousness pays itself to have a good time. Misers are a
miserable lot, regardless of how much cash is in the mattress. If you hoard
money and not share it, it will curse you with anti-wealth.

Wealth is ultimately the control of resources. If you drive a company car
(and take it home with you every night) the Wealth of that car is _yours_,
regardless of whose name is on the pink slip. My employers _gave_ me a Mac
Color Classic as a “company computer”. I didn’t _buy_ it, but for all
intents and purposes, it’s _mine_. It’s _Wealth_ is mine.

But most “spiritual” types have disdainful attitude toward money that merely
serves to drive money away from them. Money has attained the status of a
spiritual entity; like all entities it has it’s likes and dislikes. Respect
it, value it, and provide it with a conduit by which it can *move* and it
will flow toward you naturally. Treat it with antipathy and it will flee your
presence. Invite it to come to you, believe yourself worthy of it’s
blessings and it will seek you out. Spend, share and reinvest it with relish
and it will replicate endlessly. When money moves, it is having sex. Make
love to money and it procreates!

So in practical terms, how can these realizations be used?

It’s important to remember that in order for Money Magick to manifest
results, it is necessary to provide that “conduit” for the money to flow to
you. Giving a magickal “push” to a business venture is far more likely to
yield results than trying to divine lottery numbers. Even worse, if you
don’t provide money an easy access route to your life, your magickal working
may end up getting disastrous results — ie. you get a million dollars…
from the lawsuit over the accident that left you crippled for life!

I’ll share with you the first Money Magick working my partner and I came up
with that yielded VERY rapid results — within a few days of the working I
got a call out of the blue offering me a ridiculously high paying gig (I’m
an audio engineer by trade.)

Many old occult writings promote the technique of “sacrificing” a dollar
bill as part of a money-attracting spell. We didn’t like the idea- it was
too related to the old “sacrificial” style of Earth-magic. (In the old days,
lambs and/or wheat sheaves, the symbols of Earth-based wealth, were
sacrificed to gain more of the same in the future.) However, the dollar bill
itself has been esthetically charged to the _max_ by the general population as
a “talisman” for a hundred years. It’s perfect for symbolic magick purposes.

Exploring the premises that like attracts like, and that money likes to
move, we took a dollar bill and devised a talismantic sigil for the “spirit
of Money” and inscribed it on the bill. (I should mention that at the time,
it was very nearly the last dollar we had to our name.) The bill was then
magickally charged (We used sexual magick techniques for the charging, again
demonstrating the age-old link between sex/money/power <g>) as a talisman.
For the next several days, she and I (we were living together) used the bill
to _pay each other for anything we did for each other_! She’d get up to
answer the phone, and I’d pay her. I’d get her a glass of water and she’d
pay me. We paid each other for sex. That dollar bill changed hands several
times an hour. This little game had the curious effect of making each of us
feel more “worthy” of “getting paid”. After a few days of this the phone
call came through from an old connection in my profession who “thought of me
out of the blue” when a job prospect came up that was perfect for me. The
money sensed the frenzied motion and came running! Afterwards, we gave the
dollar to a homeless person, combining the idea of “sacrifice” with the idea
of “keep it circulating”!

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