Money Magick

Money Magick

It seems to be a given that many (if not most) practitioners of the magickal
arts and sciences regard the acquisition of material wealth as being an
activity that is “beneath” them. It’s as if material possessions and creature
comforts will somehow sully their spirituality. Or at least distract them
away from more spiritual pursuits. But all of us who have ever known want
(which is just about everybody) will at least occasionally, as has Morgan,
wistfully express a desire for the freedom from that want that the “root of
all evil” can bring.

I’d venture to say that most participants in computer net discussions would
like to think of themselves as having loftier goals than mere material
wealth. And it’s pretty much true (*I* like to think of myself that way!)
“Money spells” and the like are called _Low_ Magick workings and thought of
with contempt. However, I’ve always had little respect for someone who claims
to be an adept magician but can’t afford to eat properly. These people have
no appreciation for the advantages that an adequate income can contribute
toward their spiritual projects.

Over the last six months I’ve been working on some magickal theory and
practice intended to bring Wealth and it seems to be yielding results. I
can’t say it’s made me _rich_ (yet!), but it has taken me from joblessness
and near-homelessness to a comfortable, if not ostentatious financial state.
It began as a philosophical discussion with some fellow magicians about the
nature of money and wealth which brought out some interesting ideas.

Wealth in ancient times was a matter of land; wealth was measured in acres.
So it could be thought of as being of the nature of Earth. Even when it
became gold and other precious materials, it was still of the nature of
Earth. Most “money spells” one could find operated from that point-of-view;
wealth is “material”, therefore “Earth”, so the Earth element must be the
basis of the magickal work. Just about anyone who composes ritual workings
nowadays still proceeds from the same basic assumption without questioning
it. So we questioned it. And came up with the idea that the nature of wealth
has changed just as money itself has changed — from land to gold to paper
to plastic to bits in a data stream.

Money is no longer of the nature of Earth; it is of the nature of Air.

Like Air it is ethereal; difficult to grasp and mostly unseen. Above all, it
likes to _move_. Money in motion replicates itself. Money hoarded slowly
dies. Of what use is money that is never spent?

We also raised questions about exactly what _wealth_ really is. It is more
than mere cash on hand. Even having cash on hand is not an accurate
indicator of “Wealth” (with a capital “W”.) The all-too common stories of
the lottery winners who end up broke again a year later are good examples of
what happens to those who don’t _believe_ that they “deserve” to have money.
They prove it — the money runs away from them! On the other hand, a
stockbroker who works herself into a heart attack, mercilessly driving
herself day after day for the dubious reward of drinking herself into a
stupor on expensive booze in front of a fabulous home entertainment center
every night can be said to have achieved the condition of anti-wealth. This
is not Wealth!

True Wealth consciousness pays itself to have a good time. Misers are a
miserable lot, regardless of how much cash is in the mattress. If you hoard
money and not share it, it will curse you with anti-wealth.

Wealth is ultimately the control of resources. If you drive a company car
(and take it home with you every night) the Wealth of that car is _yours_,
regardless of whose name is on the pink slip. My employers _gave_ me a Mac
Color Classic as a “company computer”. I didn’t _buy_ it, but for all
intents and purposes, it’s _mine_. It’s _Wealth_ is mine.

But most “spiritual” types have disdainful attitude toward money that merely
serves to drive money away from them. Money has attained the status of a
spiritual entity; like all entities it has it’s likes and dislikes. Respect
it, value it, and provide it with a conduit by which it can *move* and it
will flow toward you naturally. Treat it with antipathy and it will flee your
presence. Invite it to come to you, believe yourself worthy of it’s
blessings and it will seek you out. Spend, share and reinvest it with relish
and it will replicate endlessly. When money moves, it is having sex. Make
love to money and it procreates!

So in practical terms, how can these realizations be used?

It’s important to remember that in order for Money Magick to manifest
results, it is necessary to provide that “conduit” for the money to flow to
you. Giving a magickal “push” to a business venture is far more likely to
yield results than trying to divine lottery numbers. Even worse, if you
don’t provide money an easy access route to your life, your magickal working
may end up getting disastrous results — ie. you get a million dollars…
from the lawsuit over the accident that left you crippled for life!

I’ll share with you the first Money Magick working my partner and I came up
with that yielded VERY rapid results — within a few days of the working I
got a call out of the blue offering me a ridiculously high paying gig (I’m
an audio engineer by trade.)

Many old occult writings promote the technique of “sacrificing” a dollar
bill as part of a money-attracting spell. We didn’t like the idea- it was
too related to the old “sacrificial” style of Earth-magic. (In the old days,
lambs and/or wheat sheaves, the symbols of Earth-based wealth, were
sacrificed to gain more of the same in the future.) However, the dollar bill
itself has been esthetically charged to the _max_ by the general population as
a “talisman” for a hundred years. It’s perfect for symbolic magick purposes.

Exploring the premises that like attracts like, and that money likes to
move, we took a dollar bill and devised a talismantic sigil for the “spirit
of Money” and inscribed it on the bill. (I should mention that at the time,
it was very nearly the last dollar we had to our name.) The bill was then
magickally charged (We used sexual magick techniques for the charging, again
demonstrating the age-old link between sex/money/power <g>) as a talisman.
For the next several days, she and I (we were living together) used the bill
to _pay each other for anything we did for each other_! She’d get up to
answer the phone, and I’d pay her. I’d get her a glass of water and she’d
pay me. We paid each other for sex. That dollar bill changed hands several
times an hour. This little game had the curious effect of making each of us
feel more “worthy” of “getting paid”. After a few days of this the phone
call came through from an old connection in my profession who “thought of me
out of the blue” when a job prospect came up that was perfect for me. The
money sensed the frenzied motion and came running! Afterwards, we gave the
dollar to a homeless person, combining the idea of “sacrifice” with the idea
of “keep it circulating”!

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