The Seventh REDE – Healing the Earth


And therefore let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion,
honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

The wheel of the year turns round and round, but not each turning is the same.
The acts of men and women return threefold multiplying both goodness and harm.
Moondaughter taught her students that we have a responsibility for adding to the
goodness in the world by the way we live our lives.

Human Freedom and Human Evil

The natural cycle is a balance of cold and warm, darkness and light. But
Moondaughter did not consider those evil times that come in the history of human
society — the Burning Times, the Holocaust, etc. — to be part of the natural
cycle. Those times she saw a the product of human actions and human choices.

Human freedom is a great gift from the Lord and Lady; it is our inheritance as
Their children. But that freedom allows us to choose to act without honor or
compassion, without beauty, reverence or humility, and when we do we bring the
evil times closer.

Human freedom also allows us to choose to act with honor and compassion. it
offers us the chance to not only banish the evil times, but to invoke a world of
peace and harmony — a world in which the beauty of nature is reflected in human

Achieving such a world may take many lifetimes, but we do not face this task
alone. Every man and woman who acts with honor and compassion adds to the
goodness in the world.

The Wounded World

The world we live in today is a wounded world, a world in need of healing. Out
task, as children of the Lord and Lady, is to bring healing to that world by our
actions, by our relationships, by our love for all of Their children. Because
each of us is a part of the web of life, the wounds of the world are also our
own wounds, and we cannot heal the one without also healing the other.

Moondaughter dedicated her life to healing this world. Her every act was a
gesture in a great spell to invoke beauty and strength, power and compassion,
honor and humility, mirth and reverence into the lives of her students, and
ultimately of all men and women.

Today Moondaughter’s name is not remembered, except among those few whose lives
she touched. No doubt Moondaughter is pleased by this, as she never sought
recognition for herself. But if ever a child brought joy to the hearts of the
Lord and Lady, it was Moondaughter.


The Sixth REDE – The Great Rite


Let my worship be within the heart that rejoiceth; for behold, all
acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.

Initiation into the high priesthood in Moondaughter’s tradition always involved
performing the Great Rite in true. The necessity for this sexual act arose
naturally out of Moondaughter’s understanding of the power of love.

The Power of Love

Love, Moondaughter taught, is the power through which the Lord and Lady gave
birth to all things. Love is the source of human life and happiness. The power
of love is greater than that of the natural laws which govern the universe.

Sexual love, for Moondaughter, was the most potent and volatile form of love.
She believed that in sexual love a man and a woman unite not only physically,
but also spiritually and magically. By that magical act the lovers are
transformed, for better, or for worse.

The Misuse of Love

It is not difficult to observe in the physical world that the power to do good
is also the power to do harm; Moondaughter taught that the same was true of the
sacred power of sexual love. While she prized the sexual act as the holiest and
most powerful of rituals, she understood the misuse of that power to be
responsible for many of the dysfunctionalities of human society.
Today, even more than in Moondaughter’s time, we have become aware of the severe
psychological damage which can result from sexual abuse of children and from
rape. Moondaughter believed these were only the most visible ways that human
beings could take harm when the magical and spiritual energies exchanged during
sex were misused for purposes of exploitation and domination.

The Sacred Marriage

Moondaughter considered her coveners to be undertaking a course of both magical
and priestly training, and in that role she made demands of them which many
modern Pagans might find unacceptable. Married coveners were expected to be
strictly monogamous, and single coveners to be chaste. This requirement was not
merely an ethic, but a magical act, part of a spell of self-transformation to
prepare them to receive the third degree initiation.

In Moondaughter’s tradition, the initiation to third degree was identical with
the Sacred Marriage, a vital aspect of the Great Work.

When a couple was ready to receive the third degree, the Great Rite was first
administered in token to the woman by a male elder, and the woman then
immediately administered it — also in token — to her partner. At some later
time, the couple would perform the Rite in true to sexually complete the
initiation begun by the symbolic ritual.

There were rumors that in earlier times the true Rite had followed the pattern
of the token Rite, but this was never the practice in the United States.

Following the third degree initiation, the man and the women were considered to
be magical partners, a priest and priestess whose sexual union was an embodiment
of the Lord and the Lady.

All Acts Are Her Rituals

For Moondaughter, both the sexual ecstasy of the Great Rite and the sexual
abstinence that preceded it were magical acts for the transformation of the self
and the world. More than that, they were acts of worship, rituals of the Lord
and Lady.

Today it is common for the statement that “all acts of love and pleasure are my
rituals” to be regarded as an endorsement of casual sex. Moondaughter would have
seen such an attitude as the equivalent of a devout Catholic offering
consecrated hosts with salsa and dip as a party snack.

Moondaughter taught that every act of love and pleasure was indeed a ritual, and
cautioned her students to approach every such act with the reverence (as well as
the mirth) that such an incredibly sacred ritual deserves.

The Fifth Rede – The Summerland


Upon Earth, I give the knowledge of the spirit eternal; and beyond
death, I give peace and freedom, and reunion with those who have gone
Moondaughter taught that the polarity of Inner Self and Outer Self was also
manifest in the universe as a whole. The Outer Self of the universe is the world
known to materialistic science; its Inner Self is the world we touch through
meditation and ritual. For Moondaughter, however, the Inner World was not just
“in our heads”; it was an objective reality. Incarnate human beings, she taught,
exist simultaneously in both worlds.

Microcosm and Macrocosm

According to Moondaughter, each incarnate human being is a microcosm of the
universe. That part of us which exists in the Outer World dances the cycle of
birth and death, and ultimately returns to the earth — and in this it shares
the basic nature of the Outer World. The spirit, however, shares the nature of
the Inner World, and does not die, but continues to exist in that world.

Moondaughter taught that each of these Inner (spiritual) and Outer (materical)
parts of us itself consists of both an invisible Inner Self and a visible Outer
Self, and in later years I have come to associate what she called the Inner Self
of the material world with the what occultists call the etheric shell, and the
Outer Self of the spirit with the “astral body.” Thus, the mind/body polarity
exists in both worlds, and just as our physical bodies have senses which
perceive the Outer World, so also do our spiritual bodies have senses which
perceive the Inner World.

The Spirit Eternal

Because incarnate humans have these inner senses, we are capable of forming
relationships with disincarnate spirits. Indeed, Moondaughter taught that each
man and woman is constantly in relationship with many such spirits, but that
most human beings are so distracted by the material world that they never notice
the other half of their existence.

Even when unnoticed, however, these relationships affect us. My own experience
of meditation and ritual has confirmed for me that incarnate humans do indeed
interact with disincarnate spirits, and that we can become aware of these
relationships if we make the effort.

The Threefold Law

Moondaughter taught us that during physical life, the Inner Self and Outer Self
exchange elements. The character of our Inner Selves sets its mark upon our
bodies, and the flow of energy from the Inner Self can heal and energize the
physical body. At the same time, the character of our actions sets its mark upon
our Inner Selves, and the flow of energy from our Outer Selves shapes and
nourishes the growth of the spirit.

This I understand to be one of the ways in which the Threefold Law operates: the
character of our actions — helpful or harmful — sends a flow of energy to our
spirits which changes us. Thus any harmful act directly harms the self, in
addition to harming the victim and the universe as a whole.

The Flowering of the Spirit

It is this growth of the spirit, Moondaughter taught us, that determines our
experience of the Summerland. Human beings know joy when they relate to each
other, and to the Lord and Lady, as lover and beloved. Such relationships,
however, are not automatic; we, like the other fruits of the earth, grow to

A human spirit which has grown to be capable of mature love relationships
experiences the universe as a place of joy, but a human spirit which has
cultivated selfishness and exploitation of others lives a joyless, barren

During physical life, one can hide from this joylessness by glutting oneself
with bodily sensations, but not so in the Summerland. According to Moondaughter,
the malleable nature of the Inner World is such that one’s environment changes
in response to one’s thoughts and emotions, so one cannot hide from the
barrenness of one’s own character.

For those who have cultivated in themselves the loving nature of the Lord and
Lady, life in the Summerland is filled with joy. There we are reunited with
those we have loved on earth; there we can live constantly in the presence of
the Lord and Lady; there we can embrace those disincarnate friends who supported
us during our physical lives, and give our support in turn to those who follow
us in the dance of birth and death.

The Fourth REDE – The Great Work


Keep pure your highest ideal; strive ever towards it; let naught stop
you or turn you aside.

To Moondaughter, men and women were children of the Lord and Lady in more senses
than one. Not only are we the offspring of Their sacred joining, but we are also
children in the sense that we are immature. We have not yet grown into the
spiritual and ethical maturity of which we are capable.

Moondaughter taught that the human children of the Lord and the Lady are in the
process of growth, a time during which they must build for themselves that
nobility of character that is their natural inheritance. Moondaughter’s students
learned that we cannot look elsewhere for salvation, but must build our
characters by our own actions. This is the Great Work.

Nobility of character, however, was only the outer aspect of the Great Work,
according to Moondaughter. The inner aspect was mystical union with the Lord and
Lady. Mysticism and ethics were for Moondaughter converging lines, each of which
must be energetically pursued. To neglect one would obstruct progress in the

The Threefold Law

It is to Moondaughter that I owe my understanding of the Threefold Law, the
Wiccan precept that whatever a person does, good or evil, returns to her

Every action, Moondaughter taught, first affects the self directly by leaving
its imprint on the character of the actor. Second, it affects the target of the
action, with whom the actor is in relationship, and the effects feedback upon
the actor through that relationship. Finally, every action affects the
environment in which the actor must live — ultimately, the entire universe —
and thus feeds back again upon the actor.

Thus the Great Work is a transformation of self which we pursue through our
actions and our relationships. It is the realization of our nature as children
of the Lord and Lady; and — since each of us is part of the web of
relationships which connect all that exists — it is at the same time a
transformation of the universe as a whole.

Mind and Body as Lover and Beloved

Moondaughter taught that the Great Work could be divided into three interrelated
aspects, each of which establishes a relationship of lover and beloved. The
first aspect of the Great Work consists of bringing one’s own mind and body into
the relationship of lover and beloved. Externally, this relationship results in
the opening of the inner senses, and therefore much of magical development is
concerned with this small part of the Great Work.

The union of mind and body, however, has an ethical dimension as well as a
magical one. Moondaughter taught that perfect unity of mind and body could only
be achieved when the actions that result from the mind/body interaction are
consistently based on Will rather than desire — a transition that requires more
than a little self-discipline.

It is possible (and unfortunately not uncommon) for mind and body to form a
relationship in actions that contradict the Will. Rape, for example, is a
perversion of sexuality which develops a dysfunctional relationship between the
mind and body of the rapist and corrupts the Work within him. Thus, living by
the Wiccan Rede — an’ it harm none, do what ye will — is a first step toward
accomplishing this first aspect of the Great Work.

The Sacred Marriage

The second aspect of the Great Work is the Sacred Marriage. Moondaughter taught
that for most of us this means that a man and a women come together as lover and
beloved, not merely physically and for a time, but on all levels and forever, in
a relationship that is in harmony with their individual Wills.

While each of us already has both Yin Self and Yang Self, union with the sacred
spouse brings Yin and Yang together in ways which transform each partner. Lover
and beloved act as priest and priestess for each other, and together they become
an embodiment of the Lord and the Lady.

The Unity of all Life

The third aspect of the Great Work is unity with all beings. This, Moondaughter
taught, is accomplished when an individual takes the entire universe as her
beloved, in a relationship in harmony with her Will.

In the lesser sense, this aspect is achieved when the individual comes to
spontaneously regard all beings with the love and compassion that the Lord and
the Lady feel for their children. In the greater sense, however, this aspect is
not achieved until humanity as a whole regards all beings with that love.

The culmination of this Work on the individual level, according to Moondaughter,
is a state in which the individual inherits the character of the Lord and the
Lady, and lives constantly in the presence of Lord and Lady. This is not a state
which I believe has been achieved by very many incarnate human beings, but I
have found it a most worthwhile goal toward which to strive.

The Third REDE – Lover and Beloved


For mine is the ecstasy of the spirit, and mine also is joy on earth;
for my law is love unto all beings.

I am the gracious Goddess, who gives the gift of joy unto the heart
of man.

Moondaughter taught us that the ideal relationship is when two beings interact
as lover and beloved. By this she did not necessarily imply a sexual
relationship; in many cases — such as between adults and children or teacher and student — she considered that any sexual relationship would be a violation
of that concern for the welfare of the other which was the essence of the lover/beloved relationship. Nevertheless, the love between the Lord and the Lady
was for her the ideal toward which all relationships should evolve.

According to Moondaughter, joy is not created by an individual alone. Joy is
created when a lover has a relationship with a beloved. The beloved need not be
another person — an artist feels joy both when she has a stimulating vision or
idea as her beloved, and again when her vision or idea stands before her as a
realized work of art. In this, men and women are the children of the Lord and
the Lady, who also feel joy from such relationships. Whether or not the
relationship is sexual, the interaction of lover and beloved unites them into
one being.

The True Will

Moondaughter believed that at some deep level, every being intuitively knows
that joy is produced by relationships between lover and beloved. She taught that
it was from this inner knowledge that the Will of the individual arises. While
an individual may sometimes feel desires to act in ways which are destructive to
others, Moondaughter taught that the Will seeks that joy which is produced only
by harmonious relationships with others.

Since any relationship requires the participation of both self and other, Will
has both the aspect of seeking the welfare of the self and also the aspect of
seeking the welfare of the beloved. According to Moondaughter, these two aspects
of the Will are related and interdependent, not opposed. Since joy comes from
relationships, harming the other in any relationship lessens one’s own joy.

The Ecstasy of the Spirit

According to Moondaughter, it is the nature of Love to seek a beloved to love.
The joy that is produced by the Lord’s love for the Lady and the Lady’s love for
the Lord is beyond human experience, but Love is never satisfied, and so the
Lord and the Lady gave birth children who could respond to Their Love, and give
Them joy, and receive joy from taking Them as beloveds.

My own understanding of this teaching is that as an individual grows in love,
she expands her circle of beloveds until, like the Lord and the Lady, she Wills
the welfare of all that exists. It seems to me that when they first appear
tribalism and nationalism can be healthy stages in this growth, but they can
also become diseases which hold men and women back from a larger, and more
joyful, circle of beloveds.

I know from my own experience that each man and woman can be both lover and
beloved to both the Lord and the Lady, and that the intensity of this
relationship deepens as one brings one’s character into harmony with one’s own
Will. The joy produced by this relationship is beyond words.

The Second REDE – The Web of Life


There shall ye assemble, ye who are fain to learn all sorcery, yet
have not won its deepest secrets; to these shall I teach things that
are as yet unknown.

Moondaughter taught us that the act of creation did not end when the Lady gave birth to the universe. Energy continuously generated by the loving union of the
Lord and Lady still radiates to every being, linking all things together in a
vast web.
According to Moondaughter, however, individual beings do not receive this energy
in isolation; it is through the web of relationships between beings that all
share in the energy of life. These relationships determine the character of
every being, and so by changing these relationships, we can change reality.

Magical Relationships

Changing relationships was the kind of magic Moondaughter most often recommended
to her students, especially in the early months of training when the focus was
upon changing the self. She urged her students to take conscious control of
their relationships with thoughtforms, and to make a magical act of their
interaction with others.

Thus she might advise a student troubled by self-doubt to cut off interaction
with doubts and thus deprive such thoughts of their energy. Or she might advise
a student to overcome dislike of a fellow student by making a magical ritual of
treating the other as a friend.

The psychological effects of such techniques are obvious — and not without
their dangers. But the effects of Moondaughter’s techniques were magical as well
as psychological, and under Moondaughter’s gentle guidance, students kept both
their magic and their psychology in balance.

For Moondaughter, the magic of psychological and interpersonal relationships was
just one example of a set of principles which equally applied to the
interdependence of the ecosystem and the invisible energies that we call magic.
In every case influencing the relevant relationships can cause change.

The Dangers of Magic

Moondaughter taught, however, that to exercise such influence one must oneself
enter into relationship with that which one would change. Since every
relationship alters for good or ill each being who is a party to it, every
spell, for better or worse, is a spell of self-transformation.

We were taught that in order to enter into a relationship with an other, we must
have certain elements in common with the other, and those common elements become
the initial basis of the relationship. I know of no magical system which does
not include operations which have the purpose of creating within the operator
herself those elements possessed by that force which she wishes to call upon, in
order that the resulting relationship will be strong enough to produce a
manifestation on the physical plane.

Since all beings are children of the same Parents, there is no other with whom
one has absolutely nothing in common, but the character of the relationship will
be influenced by the particular commonalties which exist. During the
relationship the two beings share elements, and so that commonalty which is the
basis of the relationship tends to expand.

Obviously this makes intercourse with demonic entities prohibitively costly, but
Moondaughter taught that the same principle is at work in physical world
relationships as well. Relationships, esoteric or mundane, change us.

Magical Correspondences

Moondaughter’s tradition, rooted as it was in rural life, made little use of the
more complex props and associations of ceremonial magic. Nevertheless, it seems
to me that her teachings on relationships explain well why ceremonialists should
make use of such associations.

Enhancing a working with the proper color, the proper incense, the proper day
and time, and a hundred other such correspondences increases the common elements
which form the basis of the worker’s link to the object of the ritual, and
greatly increases the worker’s link to the egregore of whichever tradition which
has handed down those particular associations. Likewise, Moondaughter’s
understanding of relationships would explain why clippings of hair or
fingernails, photographs, or objects closely associated with a person or place
could add power to a working.

Moondaughter’s tradition, however, made almost no use of such things. I believe
that, if I had been wise enough to question her about this, she would have said
that the Web of Life already connects us to every other being, and that the most
important common elements in any magical working are wholly within oneself.

The First REDE – Divinity in Nature


I, who am the Beauty of the Green Earth, and the White Moon among the
stars, and the Mystery of the Waters, and the Desire of the Heart of
Man, call unto thy soul.

Arise, and come unto me, for I am the Soul of Nature, who gives life
to the universe.

Moondaughter taught us that all of nature reflects the Lord and Lady. The God
and the Goddess, she said, can be seen in the natural world just as the Inner
Self of an artist can be seen in the lines and colors of her paintings. Thus,
she taught, it is the divine character of the Lord and Lady Themselves which
gives rise to the great polarities of nature

The Great Polarities and The Four Elements

Moondaughter saw all the Yins and Yangs of nature — from the positive and negative charges within the atom to the male and female characteristics within each individual — as reflections of that sexual polarity between Lord and Lady
which is the origin of all nature’s creatures. In addition, however,
Moondaughter taught us that a second set of polarities of Inner Self and Outer Self existed throughout nature. This polarity she called vertical in contrast to
horizontal polarity of male and female.

From a superficial view, the polarity of Inner Self and Outer Self might appear
to be a form of dualism, but this was not the case. Moondaughter did not view
Inner and Outer as utterly different in their natures. Rather, she viewed the
Outer Self as a second version of the Inner, the same pattern manifested in a
denser material.

It was in terms of the two great polarities that Moondaughter taught the meaning
of the four elements. Fire corresponds to the masculine Yang, which is balanced
by Water as the feminine Yin. Air corresponds to the invisible Inner Self, and
Earth to the visible Outer Self.

First Lessons in Magic

The simplest and most obvious manifestation of the Earth/Air polarity in human
beings is the relationship between mind and body. The nature of the body is
reflected in the mind, and the nature of the mind is reflected in the body.
Those divinatory sciences which, like palmistry, interpret the form of the body
make use of this correspondence — but the fact that the correspondence exists
does not guarantee the accuracy of any particular school of interpretation.

The Earth/Air polarity is also seen in the instinctual mind of animals and in
the response of plants to human feelings. Even atoms and molecules have an Inner
Self that can respond to emotion and will. When we do magic, we touch the Inner
Self of that which we would influence, and the effects of that touch are
reflected in that being’s Outer Self.

The Universe as a whole also has its Inner Self and Outer Self, which are the
two worlds between which we step in ritual. Thus the rationale for astrology is
not (as the skeptics claim) that the physical planets themselves somehow
influence us, but rather that patterns of the visible heavens are a reflection
of invisible patterns in the Inner World.

The Soul of Nature

Moondaughter taught that Earth and Air appear throughout nature because the Lord
and the Lady are Themselves beings of Earth and Air. Their Outer Selves are the
energy and matter which make up the material world, while Their Inner Selves are
Their ability to Know, to Will and to Love.

In another sense, nature as a whole — Earth and Air, Fire and Water — is the
Outer Self to the Lord and Lady, who are the Soul of Nature. Every one of Their
many children is a visible expression of the Their character.

Lighten Up – Thoughts to Ponder

Points to ponder


Does a clean house indicate that there is a broken computer in it?

Why is it that no matter what color of bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?

Why doesn’t toothpaste ever go rotten?

On electric toasters why do they engrave the message ‘one slice’?
How many pieces of bread do they think people are really gonna try to stuff in that slot?

How come when you first pull the drapery cord the drapes always move the wrong way?

Why do people keep running over a string a dozen times with their vacuum cleaner reach down pick it up examine it then put it down to give their vacuum one more chance? “true”

How do those dead bugs get into closed light fixtures?

Why do we wash BATH towels? Aren’t we clean when we use them?
If not then what was the purpose of the bath?

Considering all the lint you get in your dryer, if you kept drying your clothes would they eventually just disappear?

Why is it that whenever you attempt to catch something that’s falling off the table you always manage to knock something else over?

In winter why do we try to keep the house as warm as it was in summer when we complained about the heat?

How come we never hear any father-in-law jokes?

Your Animal Spirit for August 15th is The Panther

Your Animal Spirit for Today
August 15, 2012



Panther medicine is the medicine of silence. Panther can stalk its prey in absolute silence—one of the reasons native tribes associate him with the spirit world—particularly the night. Panther can show you how to face the Shadow within and bring it out into the Light. Panther is powerful medicine—and the fact that you choose him says much about your willingness to face the unknown.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for August 15th

Kathleen, are you reading this? Because I am dedicating today’s energies to you! That means that I will be sending you a small statue of a Buddha so that you can enjoy an atmosphere of serenity, joy and contentment, since these are all the qualities that you bring to my life. Buddha will remind you not to work too hard and to embrace all the opportunities and blessings that he will bring to your life, especially when placed facing your front entryway door. Positioned in that way, the Buddha can invite and then welcome health, happiness, love and prosperity into your life, which is all that I could ever wish for such a wonderful, loving and best friend!

By Ellen Whitehurst for