Magickal Living for the Witch for August 15th – Magick & You – Where To Begin

Magick & You – Where To Begin

Magick Starts with You

Magick is natural. Magick requires effort. You will only receive what you actually place into it. Magick is usually not instantaneous. Spells require time to be effective. Magick is a divine act. Magick is knowledge – not only of its ways or laws, but also of its effectiveness. Don’t believe magick works. Know it does. Magick is Love. The moment anger, hate or jealousy enters your magick, you endanger yourself and thouse around you. Love yourself and others, always considering free will. For to take the free will of another way, is to control – and magick is about love, free will and freedom, not control. Better yourself, bring good things to you, but consider the consequences before casting. Use the magickal energy that the universe is made up of for good. And be sure that it harms none – not even yourself!

To KNOW – Know yourself, know your craft. Research your spells, apply all your knowledge.

To WILL – Focus your mind, your power and inner being.

To DARE – Believe in your spells and all you do with Positive thought and intent. All this is energy you place in the universe.

To REMAIN SILENT – Speak not of your spells….For every thought placed into your magick, affects it.  (We don’t want other people’s thoughts in our magick, do we?)

With all that being said, Magick – can be as simple or complex as you wish it to be. It isn’t always about how you perform the spell, but what you actually place into it. And magick isn’t always about casting a spell either. Remember all thought is energy, all energy is in motion, so every thought in one form or other will push energy to condition. So, positive thoughts lead to positive actions, which lead to positive results. Don’t get all tied up in charts and graphs. It can be quite confusing and disheartening when trying to place a spell together and you find that you have to wait 20 days to the new moon, or a year and a day to ask a tree for a wand….Simplify your life and magick – and you will see greater results and find peace of mind.

The answers lie within…..

Excerpt from

Spellbound’s Book of Spells

A Collection of Simple Spells

Volume 1

By Kelli James Klymenko

Whip Up A Little Magick For Supper Tonight

That’s a Wrap

Wraps — sandwiches that forgo bread and are instead rolled in tortillas — are a fast, fresh and fun way to make a magickal meal in no time. Choose vegetable such as yellow squash, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce, onion or cucumber. Charm the vegetables to enhance their natural power: simply connect with the energies in the food and calll out the attribute most suited to the magick, magnifying the ingredient’s inherent qualities or color associations. Prepare the begetable using a magickal slicing technique, then either put them fresh into the tortilla or quickly saute them in a little butter, letting the heat magnify the magick of your empowered ingredients. Add protein with a bit of cold tofu salad, a nice begetarian assimilation of chicken salad — just drain a package of firm tofu and mash it up with a little mayonnaise and curry powder. If you’re a meat eater, simply add sliced turkey or forkfuls of tuna. Serve rolled in wheat or spinach tortillas, adding cheese or honey mustard if you wish.

Excerpt from:
Ten-Minute Magickal Meals
By Melanie Marquis
Llewellyn’s 2012 Witches’ Companion,
An Almanac for Everyday Living by Llewellyn