Daily Cosmic Calendar for August 15th

Stop, look and listen! The cosmos is anything but calm and serene as a void lunar cycle in Cancer begins at 1:22AM PDT and continues in force until 11:06AM PDT. Meanwhile, while the Moon is in its uncertainty zone, Venus opposes Pluto (2:12AM PDT), Mars unites with Saturn at 25 degrees of Libra (3:36AM PDT), and the Sun forms an abrasive, 135-degree tie with revolutionary Uranus (6:28AM PDT). Any one of these three aspects on a given day would be a cause for concern, but to have all three happening within four hours during a void lunar cycle is to raise the ante considerably.  Plus — while the Moon eagerly leaves void status in Cancer by entering fiery, warmhearted Leo (11:06AM PDT), the latter hours are no walk in the park since the Sun squares Juno (10:16PM PDT) and Venus squares Uranus (11:49PM PDT). The universe is clearly suggesting that it is wise to refrain from romantic entanglements, money-making schemes, signing important papers or working on legal matters.  An attempt to placate human souls arrives in the form of an inspirational, 72-degree link from Mars to Pluto (6:49PM PDT), the monthly Moon-Mercury communication-enhancing union (8:25PM PDT), and a flowing trine of 120-degrees from Venus to Chiron in water signs (9:29PM PDT). Seek solace and protection in these three nurturing alignments, but be sensible and on alert for the entire 24-hour time-period since anything can happen and probably will since circumstances beyond your personal control are in the cat-bird seat.