WOTC Extra – Belief, Faith and Doubt

Belief, Faith and Doubt


While I do use these words and concepts from time to time, I’d like to explain their place in Spell crafting. ‘Faith’ I tend to use to describe a religion or religious/ spiritual path. Belief and faith (in other usages) are like opinions in that they’re an idea you have about something. The use of the words suggest that there is a truth that you don’t know but this is what you think it is. “I believe in a higher power but I have faith in humanity”.

Belief and faith are a lot like hope, you hope it will work, you believe it will work, you have faith that it will work, but you don’t know for sure. In Spell crafting, you need to have an almost arrogant attitude of knowing your magic is going to work. There is no room for doubt. Belief and faith removes the absolute certainty of knowing which will lead to doubt.

Doubt destroys any magical working. Doubt becomes failure. As you are the magic and it comes from you, any doubt will first weaken your resolve and then suggest other possible outcomes. This happens in everything, not just magic. You attract what you think about so if you’re busy thinking, “this might not work, it could cause more bills to arrive” then this is most likely what will happen. That nagging voice of doubt quickly becomes all that you are able to focus on. It wears away at your purpose until it becomes the purpose.

The Common Sense Spell Book
Debbie Dawson

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Let’s Talk Witch – The Ethics of Witchcraft/Wicca

The Ethics of Witchcraft/Wicca

Much has been written about magical ethics. Usually a list of clear dos and don’ts and thou shalts. The Wiccan Rede—“ An it harm none, do as thou will”— and the three-fold law—“ what you do comes back to you three-fold”— get bandied about as being the ethical pillars of Witchcraft. As I’m not Wiccan I don’t subscribe to these ideas. In the 1950s Doreen Valiente wrote a lovely poem called The Wiccan Rede. It drew on many sources including a poem from Aradia: Gospel of The Witches by Charles Leland, some Aleister Crowley material and older teachings. The last part, often referred to as the Rede is the well-known “an it harm none, do as thou will” although the whole thing is often reworded to mean “do whatever you like as long as you’re not hurting anybody”. I believe that in a time when witchcraft was being redefined and made out to be something nice and benevolent, it may have been important to defuse outside ideas about what witches do and make them appear “good” by instilling a moral code of sorts. The Wiccan Rede only applies to Wiccans however, not all witches or magicians.

Many following the Rede try to never think ill about anyone or use it as a reason to become vegetarian. The problem I see is that “harm none” includes yourself. Some blood and body types aren’t suited to a vegetarian diet. In addition every breath or step you take on the earth may be harming small creatures and organisms. Does this mean that we only apply “harm none” to those creatures we choose? If so, who decides what can or cannot be harmed? What is the criteria for a bug or organism to be added to the “none” category?

Harm None is also the wrong part of the rede to be focused on. Of the eight word shortened version, Harm None is the least. Will is the important part, this is discussed further later on.

The other thing about the Rede is that the word ‘rede’ means advice. Not rules, not law and not even guidelines. Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Code has more credence. The Rede is more akin to your Auntie pulling you aside to talk about boys (or girls). She’ll tell you what she thinks you should do, she may even tell you some of her horror stories. Her advice may be valid and sound but in the end the decision to act on her advice is all yours.

The three-fold law is, in some form or another, the golden rule in every culture. In Christianity the Bible states “as you sow, so shall you reap” and “an eye for an eye”. The Hindu and Buddhist faiths know it as Karma. Although Karma is not the cosmic instant reward and punishment system that New Age thought promotes it as, if you want to understand Karma, learn about it from the Hindi. Modern colloquialism expresses it as “what goes around, comes around”. However it is referred to, by whichever culture, it speaks of a consequential result for what you do in life.

In Witchcraft the three-fold part is often misunderstood. I read a blog post about how you should give money to a witch because of their three-fold law. If you give them $ 10, you’ll get $ 30 back. In the same vein if you do something bad it will be three times worse for you. The mistaken belief is that the three fold will come back at you three times when for those who believe in it, it’s on three different levels— Mind, Body and Spirit. I’ve found that there is often (but not always) a backlash. In physics— every action has an equal and opposite reaction, in Witchcraft it’s not necessarily as simple as it’s made out to be. There is also a theory that the threefold law was introduced as a way to keep beginners and learning witches safe from themselves.

It’s frequently stated that you shouldn’t interfere with another’s will. That you can’t or rather shouldn’t do a spell that will affect another without their permission. This is often said by people who then send healing energy all around the place without being asked for it and don’t see their own hypocrisy. I personally believe that it’s rarely a good idea to cast a spell regarding another person. Even if it’s “for their own good”. Who are you to decide what is best for another person? Who died and made you a God? They may have a life lesson going on, something that they need to learn from or learn how to cope with in order to grow. By ‘helping’ them you may in fact be harming them by preventing their own personal growth. It’s also a slippery slope, once you start ‘helping’ people, you can’t stop and it’s a short step away from interfering. This is different from binding and cursing but we’ll delve into that later.

Unless you belong to a faith that has its own ethics, you need to figure out what is ethical or not for yourself. Many people will assume that as a witch, you follow their system, or that witches are automatically Wiccan or Pagan and that you must subscribe to their own personal moral code in order to call yourself that. When it comes down to it, you need to ignore all the “know-it-alls” and be true to yourself. If you do ‘bad’ things there may be a backlash, but sometimes it’s worth it. Only you can know that for sure.

The Common Sense Spell Book
Debbie Dawson

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Information Coven Life Website, Novice Witch Mentoring & Litha Online Coven Gathering

Coven Life website has a new web address, covenlife.co  Lady Beltane is still accepting people who want to become students/novice witches and  learn about The Craft. I am also continuing lessons with novice witches I already have. There is also a new chat room link going to a different chat room then where we had been meeting. To find out more about this click on the link in either the banner for Class Meetings or Coven Gatherings.

The coven gathering for Litha is cancels because I did not have enough time to prepare a ritual for it and ask people to help by doing parts of it. The reason I didn’t have the time was because of my mother being hospitalized and having major surgery besides working and other family commitments. We will be gathering for Lammas. More information on that will be available closer to the holiday. The gathering will start at 6:00 PM CT in the new Coven Life chat room.

Any questions about the Coven Life website, studying with Lady Beltane or the online coven gatherings should be sent to ladybeltane@aol.com

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Let’s Talk Witch – Holding On or Letting Go of Spells

Holding On or Letting Go of Spells


Some esotericists advise that we should saturate our lives with the desire for what we want, that we should visualize it, believe it, expect it, tell ourselves it is on its way for every waking moment it occurs to us. Some advise the opposite – do the spell and forget it. This isn’t the same as letting go of the spell energy, which you must do. It is about general attitude. Personally I am mainly in favour of the ‘letting go’ approach. Do the spell and rest in happy expectation, but get on with life. It isn’t that either approach is ‘wrong’ but that the holding of an idea in your mind usually leads to obsession and frustration because it is hard to maintain a positive attitude. If you start to have doubts it will not do your purpose any good. Of course, if you want something very much it is also hard not to think about it! The best approach is to say, each time the thought comes into your head ‘Yes, I want that. It is coming’ and consciously blow it into the ether, while you get on with what is possible. My advice is to put all you have into the spells you do and meanwhile enjoy other things.

Occasionally there are things we want that are not ‘meant to be’. This isn’t intended as an easy way out, or cold comfort to anyone who doesn’t achieve something they very much wanted, but it is a hint to ‘go with the flow’. As you become used to doing spells, you will find that the ‘tuning in and turning on’ necessary for magical workings puts you in touch with universal reality, and you get a feeling for what you should work for and what is best left. If you get the strong feeling that something is not intended, leave it alone or you could make matters worse. Alternatively, doing a spell may make you feel more sure.


Spells and Rituals: A Beginners Guide To Spells And Rituals
Gabby Benson

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Let’s Talk Witch – The Right State of Mind

Celtic Comments & Graphics
The Right State of Mind

I have always believed that acquiring the right state of mind is an important part of any ritual, because it opens the pathways to the ether, so to speak, besides expanding the spirit. Much of any ritual is devoted to changing the state of consciousness of the practitioner anyway. However, spells sometimes work when the practitioner doesn’t believe in them, or when little effort is actually put in, such as my ‘blessing’ of the water. Something strange and mysterious is indeed at work here. However, I do not advocate a careless approach, because these things deserve to be taken seriously, if playfully – ‘mirth with reverence’. Nor do I recommend doing a spell in a spirit of experiment, ‘just to see’. The universe has a sense of humour and the laugh could be on you. Most likely, nothing will happen, and nothing will be proved.

Getting in the right state of mind is mostly the point of magical ritual. It starts with relaxation, and total relaxation, while a most simple thing, is hard to achieve. If you wish to become proficient at rituals then daily practice of conscious relaxation is a good start and will benefit you generally, into the bargain.

Choose a time of day to practice your relaxation and decide that you will do it every’ day, Five minutes spent daily is better than an hour, once a week. Morning or evening may be best, and devote as much time as you can to it without getting bored and without overstretching your schedule. The most important thing is that you keep it up, for this is a ritual in itself and will be strengthened by habit. I suggest that you start with ten minutes and work up to half an hour, or more, if you wish. Try not to miss a day. If you do, forgive yourself, start again, and tell yourself you won’t miss any more. Or, if you must, take one day off a week, then limit yourself to that.

Settle yourself on your bed, for that will suggest relaxation to your unconscious mind. As you become more adept you may wish to move to a chair, so you do not fall asleep. Concentrate on your body, using whatever means most appeal to let go of tension. Some people favour the tensing of each muscle in turn to unbearable intensity, and then relaxing. I think that’s a good way to get cramp. Just allow all the tenseness to flow out of you, as if a river of light is passing through you, or you are rocking on the waves of an unseen ocean. If you prefer, you could imagine that all your muscles are powered by little people who now, in response to your command, are downing tools and walking out. Whatever your preferred method, go through your whole body slowly, either from head downwards, or feet upwards, spending special time with the altitude of tiny facial muscles. Check, and check again, gently and lovingly rooting out any pockets of tension and liberating them.

When you feel that you are successful in relaxing you may progress to rhythmic breathing; in a 2/ 4 sequence, breathe in to a count of four, hold for a count of two, breathe out to a count of four, hold for a count of two. Use your abdominal muscles, not your throat, and do not strain at any time. After a while your mind will associate this rhythm with relaxation and the process will become effortless. This, in itself, is a ritual that can be of great benefit to you, for when you receive a shock, or are in a state of strain, you can turn on your rhythmic breathing and it will calm you down. I have found that this does work in many life situations, if you can separate yourself for a while from the stressor.

Having achieved this relaxed state, you can now progress to visualization, pathworking or shamanic journeying, if you so wish. These are outside the scope of this book. However, I do suggest two things you may concentrate upon while you are in this state of relaxation. One is building an ‘astral temple’ – a sanctuary made of mind-stuff, where you may retreat inwardly when you relax. This is a safe base on the subtle planes for any other visualizations or inward journeys you may choose to undertake. Build a place that feels right, don’t have a hut on an exotic beach just because it is somewhere you would like to go for a holiday. Often if you ask your inner self. while you are in a state of relaxation, to provide an image of a safe and beautiful haven, one will spontaneously arise for you and might not be as you imagine. Go into your astral temple each time you are in a relaxed state. This will reinforce and strengthen your temple.

Alternatively, an obvious use of your relaxed and open state is the simple visualization of your wishes. If you have a purpose in life such as a job, relationship, travel, then imagine that this is now real. Imagine in delightful detail how it is to receive the letter, get the keys, step off the plane, be in a loving relationship. (Steer clear of erotic imaginings, because you will get distracted’) Affirm to yourself that this is real in your life, not ‘going to come’ but actually manifesting. Doing this regularly is a powerful tool for progress. If you do these visualizations, don’t forget to ground yourself before resuming daily life. This is explained in the step-by-step ritual description. For the purposes of ritual, this relaxation is of great benefit for it breaks down some of the barriers that we erect against the vast ocean of spiritual power that is available. Having learn to relax, you may choose to adopt this process before embarking on ritual. Or having perfected the association between breathing and relaxing, you can use it as a short cut, to unwind you, and get you closer to the required state.

Having relaxed, ‘ritual’ consciousness is well within your grasp, for it is more or less similar to that ‘floaty’ state we all go through twice a day, as we fall asleep and as we wake up. Attaining this drifty state paradoxically makes you more aware of subtle reality.

Another aspect to state of mind is whether or not you ‘feel good’ about the whole process. If you do not, I would strongly recommend that you leave it well alone. Remember, magic works in the direction of belief, not intent. If you really do not believe that you can possibly get that job, don’t do any spells for it. Choose, perhaps, a general spell for luck and prosperity that you can do with conviction, or just don’t do anything and get a good night’s sleep, instead. Of course, a negative state of mind may be something you need to address in yourself, but that will need to be done in a general manner, not forced on an issue, for in a battle between the will and the imagination, imagination always wins. Perhaps this particular job is not for you, anyway. Only you can distinguish between negative thinking and true intuition.
Spells and Rituals: A Beginners Guide To Spells And Rituals
Gabby Benson


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Let’s Talk Witch – Energy Play

Egyptian Comments & GraphicsLet’s Talk Witch – Energy Play


The energy and magickal powers at work in Wicca are real. They aren’t of some astral plane. They’re within the Earth and ourselves. They maintain life. We daily deplete our store of energy and replenish it through the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the powers that stream down from the Sun and Moon.

Know that this power is physical. Yes, it’s mysterious, but only because so few investigate it in magical ways. Following are some exercises to help you do just that.

Calm yourself. Breathe deeply. Rub your palms together for twenty seconds. Start slowly and rub faster and faster. Feel your muscles tense. Feel your palms grow warm. Then, suddenly, stop and hold your palms about two inches from each other. Feel them tingling? That’s a manifestation of power. By rubbing your palms together and using the muscles in your arms and shoulders you’re raising energy-magical power. It’s flowing out from your palms as you hold them apart.

If you don’t feel anything, practice this once or twice a day until you have success. Remember, don’t force yourself to feel the power. Trying harder won’t accomplish anything. Relax andallow yourself to feel what’s been there all the time.

After you’ve actually sensed this energy, begin to fashion it into shapes. Use your visualization to do this. Directly after rubbing your hands, while they’re still tingling, visualize jolts of energy-perhaps electric blue or purple-passing from your right (projective) palm to your left (receptive) palm. If you’re left-handed, reverse the directions.

Now envision this energy slowly swirling in a clockwise direction tion between your palms. Form it into a ball of glowing, pulsating magical energy. See its dimensions, its colors. Feel its force and heat in your palms.

This is a bit of energy which you’ve released from your body. There’s nothing supernatural about it. Cup your hands around the ball. Make it grow or decrease in size through your visualization. Finally push it into your stomach and absorb it back into your system. This is not only great fun but is a valuable magical learning experience. When you’ve mastered the art of energy spheres, go onto feel energy fields.

Sit or stand before any plant. Herbs and plants in bloom seem to work best. Ina pinch, cut flowers can be used as well. Breathe deeply for a few moments and clear your thoughts. Hold your receptive (left) palm a few inches above the plant. Pinpoint your consciousness to your palm. Do you feel a dull throbbing, a hum, a wave of heat, or simply a shift in the energies within your palm? Do you feel the inner force of the plant?

If so, good-you’ve felt energy. After you’ve accomplished this, try sensing the energies of stones and crystals. Place a quartz crystal, say, on a table and pass your receptive hand over the crystal. Stretch out with your feelings and become aware of the non-visible but viable energies that pulsate within the crystal.
All natural objects, remember, are manifestations of divine energy. With practice we can feel the power that resides within them.

If you have difficulty feeling these powers, rub your palms lightly together to sensitize them and try again.

This energy is the same power we’re filled with when we’re angry, nervous, terrified, joyous or sexually aroused. It’s the energy used in magic, whether we pull it from ourselves or channel it from the Goddess and God, plants, stones and other objects. It is the stuff of creation which we utilize in magic.

Now that you’ve felt the power, use visualization to move it around. You needn’t rub your palms together to raise energy-you can do this simply by concentrating on doing so. One of the easiest methods is to tighten up the muscles-tense your body. This raises energy, which is why we must relax in meditation. Meditation lowers our energy and allows us to drift from this world.

When you feel yourself bursting with power, hold out your right (projective) hand and direct energy from your body, through your arm and out your fingers. Use your visualization. Really see and feel it streaming out.

For practice, stand in your home. Build the power within you. Direct it into each room, visualizing it sinking into the cracks and walls and around doors and windows. You’re not creating a psychic burglar alarm but a magical protectant, so visualize the energy forming an impenetrable barrier across which no negativity or intruders can cross.

After “sealing” the house, halt the flow of energy. You can do this by visualizing it stopping and by shaking your hand. Sense your protective-powered energy resting within the walls. A secure, safe feeling should flood through you as you stand within your now guarded home.

Yes, you’ve done this with your mind, but also with power. Energy is real, and your ability to manipulate energy determines the effectiveness of your circles and rituals.

Work with feeling and directing the power daily. Make this a sort of magical play until you reach the point where you won’t have to stop and think, “Can I do it? Can I raise the power?”

You’ll know you can.



Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
Scott Cunningham.


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WOTC Extra (b) – Visible Circles

WitchVisible Circles

Visible circles aren’t necessarily more effective, however, their clear boundaries may provide additional peace for the mind of the person within as well as security. You’re less likely to accidentally venture outside the perimeter if you can see it. It is crucial that the circle be unbroken.

Powerful protective circles may be cast from the following:
Amber chunks or beads
Fiery wall of protection powder
Flour Henna powder
Red brick dust or Red Ochre
Rice flour
Jane’s Pocketbook of Spell: Cleansing, Banishing, Protection and other various Remedies

Alicia (juju j.a.n.e.) Hill

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WOTC Extra – Simple Connection Ritual

witchWOTC Extra – Simple Connection Ritual

This ritual is a good way to put out a call to like-minded people to come into your life. It is one you can do daily, until you reach your goal. For the ritual, you will need wool or embroidery thread in three colors— one that you feel represents you, one to represent your path, and one to represent others. I have found that charity shops and yard sales are great places to pick up affordable balls of wool or thread.

Sit somewhere comfortable and take a long length of each of your colored threads so you have three strands. With them laid out in front of you, knot the strands together at the top and start to braid them together carefully. (I have found this is easier if you work at a table away from helpful cats’ paws!) Do each braid slowly and deliberately, from right to center and then from left to center. As you braid, say some simple words over and over as a chant, something like:

Connections for me, so mote it be!

Braid the strands together a little every day for nine days. At the end of the nine days, knot the two ends together to form a circle. Place the circle of braided thread on a safe surface and light a tea light in the center. Say:

The circle’s complete, new friends I will meet!

Allow the candle to burn down safely if you can. Once your spell’s complete, bury your circle of thread, returning your spell to the earth for recycling. Your energy and call have been sent. Look out for new opportunities and situations that present themselves to you, and be active in following leads to connections. Remember, magic will only work if you are the driving force behind it!

Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year
Mandy Mitchell

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