WOTC Extra (b) – What does Wicca have to do with magic?

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What does Wicca have to do with magic?


Once again, it depends on who you ask, and for Wiccans who don’t practice magic of any kind, the answer is probably “nothing.” However many, many Wiccans do include magic in their practice, to the point that the two are combined in many Wiccan books and resources— including this very guide!

Most Witches will refer to their practice of magic as Witchcraft, but may use either term. And of course, the word “magic” is also a bit tricky, as it has its own set of meanings.

“Ceremonial magic” is older than Wicca and was an original influence for what would eventually become Wicca, but it’s actually a practice in its own right—in other words, not part of the religion. This ceremonial magic has several differences from the magic practiced by Witches. Ceremonial magic was derived from occult traditions through secret societies like the Freemasons and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn , and is often quite elaborately ritualized. The term “high magic” is sometimes used to distinguish it from Witchcraft, which is called “folk magic” or even “low magic” by many of its practitioners. Some who practice ceremonial magic may identify as Pagans but are not Wiccans or Witches. Some simply identify as magicians.

What some call “practical magic” is a kind of ceremonial magic aimed at achieving common life improvements, such as healing physical or emotional ills, attracting love, and improving one’s finances. Some Wiccans see this form of magic as non-spiritual and distinct from Wicca, but others blend the two by performing magic in alignment with their deities and for the good of all , rather than just for their own personal gain.

Wicca for Beginners: A Guide to Wiccan Beliefs, Rituals, Magic, and Witchcraft (Wicca Books Book 1)

Lisa Chamberlain

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WOTC Extra(a) – What’s the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft?

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What’s the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft?


Wiccans who don’t identify as Witches don’t use the term “Witchcraft” in association with their practice of Wicca— they don’t use magic, and they draw a distinction between Wicca as a spiritual practice and individual relationship with the divine, and witchcraft as a practice that is not necessarily spiritual. However, many Wiccans do blend magic into their practice to varying degrees, and may use “magic” as an interchangeable term with “Witchcraft” (often shortened to “the Craft”) in association with Wicca.

In fact, some Witches who practice Witchcraft don’t identify as Wiccan at all.

Wicca for Beginners: A Guide to Wiccan Beliefs, Rituals, Magic, and Witchcraft (Wicca Books Book 1)

Lisa Chamberlain

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Let’s Talk Witch – What’s the difference between a Witch and a Wiccan?

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What’s the difference between a Witch and a Wiccan?



Depending on who you ask, there’s a big difference, or there’s not much (if any) difference. In terms of language, the words “witch” and “wicca” are related, as “wicca” was the Old English word that later became “witch.”

However, among Wiccans the relationship between the two words is less black-and-white—there are Witches who identify as Wiccans, Witches who don’t, and Witches who don’t have a preference. There are also Wiccans who don’t identify as Witches.

The varied uses of these words can be seen throughout contemporary writing about Wicca and Witchcraft. In addition to the name of the religion, some authors use “Wicca” as a singular word in place of “Witch,” but most use “Wicca” as a plural term, meaning that several (or all) Wiccans can be collectively called “the Wicca.”

Finally, while the words “Wicca” and “Wiccan” tend to be capitalized— especially in reference to the religion and its members— but there seem to be no hard and fast rules regarding whether to capitalize the words “Witch” and “Witchcraft” or leave them in lower case.

Some followers of Wiccan traditions who don’t adopt the name “Wicca” as a personal identifier feel no need to identify with a capital “W” for “Witch” or “Witchcraft.” Others feel that capitalization of these terms is important in distinguishing Wicca as an official religion and establishing a cultural respect for it as such. In the spirit of respect for those who feel strongly about recognizing Wicca as a religion, this guide capitalizes all four terms.

Wicca for Beginners: A Guide to Wiccan Beliefs, Rituals, Magic, and Witchcraft (Wicca Books Book 1)

Lisa Chamberlain

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Let’s Talk Witch – Love is the Law, Love Under Will

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Love Is the Law,

Love Under Will


Love and trust are rarely perfect. We are humans with limitations and failings, yet we strive for this perfection. Thus, we come to the point of discussing the importance of love and will, and that often-elusive heart-head balance necessary for walking a positive magickal path successfully.

There’s balance in our path. The empowered seeker keeps his or her eyes on the horizon but knows well the way he or she walks. If we look too far forward, we’re likely to stumble over the stone lying just before our feet. If we look down all the time, we may take the wrong fork in the road and miss our goals altogether. In short, there is a place, and indeed a need, for both reason and intuition in our practices.

A Witch’s 10 Commandments: Magickal Guidelines for Everyday Life

Marian Singer

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O daughters and sons of the Earth, adore the Goddess and God and be blessed with the fullness of life.

Know that They have brought you to these writings, for herein he our ways of Wicca, to serve and fulfill the keepers of wisdom, the tenders of the sacred flame of knowledge. Run the rites with love and joy, and the Goddess and God will bless you with all that you need. But those who practice dark magics shall know Their greatest wrath.

Remember that you are of the Wicca. No more do you trod the ways of doubt. You walk the path of light, ever climbing from shadow to shadow to the highest realm of existence. But though we’re the bearers of truths, others do not wish to share our knowledge, so we run our rites beneath moon filled skies enwrapped in shadows. But we are happy.

Live fully, for that is the purpose of life. Refrain not from earthly existence. From it we grow to learn and understand, until such time that we are reborn to learn more, repeating this cycle ’till we have spiralled up the path of perfection and can finally call the Goddess and God our kin.

Walk the fields and forests; be refreshed by the cool winds and the touch of a nodding flower. The Moon and Sun sing in the ancient wild places: The deserted seashore, the stark desert, the roaring waterfall. We are of the Earth and should revere Her, so do Her honor.

Celebrate the rites on the appropriate days and seasons, and call upon the Goddess and God when the time is meet, but use the Power only when necessary, never for frivolous ends. Know that using the Power for harm is a perversion of Life itself.

But for those who love and magnify love, the richness of life shall be your reward. Nature will celebrate.

So love the Goddess and God, and harm none!



Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Scott Cunningham.

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One of the most common requests that we receive is from people who want to perform “revenge spells” for self defense. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the term “revenge spell” is an oxymoron. Most people think of revenge when they feel they have been wronged… and are feeling very negative! That’s why a magic spell won’t work in this case… because negativity and magic are mutually exclusive.

To understand why this is so, you need to understand why magic is so magical. Magic is really nothing more than the Operating Laws of the Universe working as they should. Unfortunately, most people operate under the Law of Accident, which is on a level lower than the Operating Laws of the Universe. Magic can’t operate at the level of the Law of Accident— it’s too low. When a person who normally lives at the Law of Accident becomes positive enough to raise their energy to the next level, what seems like magic happens! It’s really just the Operating Laws of the Universe, but it appears to be magic.

All of this is a long-winded explanation of why revenge spells don’t often work. Self defense spells, when done with a cool head and positive energy, do work. But if you wait until you feel downright negative before you start looking at magic, forget it. You have to be positive and upright (virtuous) in your self defense for magic to work.

Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands
Alan G. Joel

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If you are a beginner practitioner , this is note of caution about using spells and rituals for self defense . As a beginning practitioner, it is not uncommon to go through a period of increased awareness and sensitivity. During this period it can be easy to misinterpret increased sensitivity as being under attack. It is best to err on the side of caution when choosing a technique to employ and use those that cause lesser harm until you are sure that you are meeting the conditions appropriate for the use of magical self defense.

Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands
Alan G. Joel

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Let’s Talk Witch – Protection and Disconnection Litany

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People ask us all the time how to protect themselves magically using self defense magic. Magical self defense is not difficult, but the procedures could boomerang if you are not sure you are in the clear according to self defense laws.

Practitioners of magic and witchcraft, having considerable power and force, need to carefully study self defense laws. Using our powers inappropriately can cause severe Universal backlash. We must be sure that we keep our tempers in check and not use our abilities in a reactive manner.
Western magical practice states:

“You have a right to be here and follow your own path so long as you hinder no one else in doing likewise.”

This principle asserts our right to exist and follow our own path and thus our right to defend ourselves against those who would seek to prevent us from walking our path.

As we increase our magical abilities, we will attract the attention of beings of different levels and some of these will try to interfere with our path in one way or another. Clarissa Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves, states this as, “If you have beauty in your life, know that it will attract the dark as well as the light. Don’t be surprised. Be prepared.”

As practitioners, we follow this very specific statement when it comes to self defense:

“In cases of direct and violent personal harm you are entitled to defend yourself by any means available provided you did nothing to encourage or provoke the attack.”

Here we define some of the terms in the self defense statement so that there is no confusion.

Means upon body, mind or Spirit. A direct threat in spiritual, magical and witchcraft definitions includes attempts by any outside force or influence to drain your energy or impose their will upon you.

Means anything that is damaging to your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well being. It does not matter what the attacker’s intentions are, only the results.

Means creating or permitting unnecessary opportunities for a known hostile being to attack you.

Means being overly pushy when you know someone has a particularly sensitive area or is under a lot of stress, whether it is interlnal or external.

Means using any means that you choose to defend yourself when attacked. As long as all the other conditions of this rule are met the Universe does not judge whether your response is excessive.

In some spiritual systems, it is considered a crime not to defend yourself because in so doing you are enabling the attacker to not learn appropriate spiritual behavior and impeding their spiritual growth. Any infringement on your sacred space gives you the right to defend yourself according to magical self defense laws.

Self defense tactics can come in very useful in a variety of situations and even be life-saving. Just remember to think them through and make sure you are on the right side of the self defense laws. Do not overreact, keep your cool, and make sure you are within your magical rights to use whatever technique you are considering. This will keep you in alignment with the Universe and prevent any backlash.

Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands
Alan G. Joel

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