WOTC Extra – Positive and Negative Magick

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Positive and Negative Magick


Wiccans do not practice negative or “black” magick as none Pagans say. We believe that doing harm in any form goes against our beliefs. The Law of Three states that what you send out or do, good or bad, returns to you three fold. In other words Karma.

I always try to think of the Law of Three in all that I do. I try to be kind to others knowing that it will be repaid to me three fold. And it doesn’t have to be something extravagant but something simple like letting someone out of a parking space into traffic when it’s backed up. Or just a simple smile. I do not lie as that is another form of sending out bad energy. Plus it feels good and makes me happy to be kinds to others, even people I don’t know. This should also apply to not saying something bad about other people . Say something good or as the old saying goes “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.”

As with everything though there is a negative side to magick. There are people who practice negative Witchcraft . I wish it wasn’t so but I feel you should understand as in all things there are negative sides . But I am happy to say I have not met such people. Negative magick is any form of magick that harms another, including yourself. It just doesn’t make sense to use negative magick, why would you bring all the bad energy back to yourself? No matter what you think you are gaining you are only hurting yourself in the end along with others.

I’m sure you are asking what a negative spell is. A love spell used to make a specific person fall in love with you is negative magick. You take away their free will and this manipulates them. You never take away someone’s free will. The same goes with a spell for revenge. You do not need to “get revenge” because whatever someone does to you will return to them three fold. Sometimes a spell you think is meant to help someone can really be hurting them. Before you perform a spell for anyone you get their permission. If you cannot you send them only the energy they can use. When my Grandparents were very sick I would send them healing energy but say only what they can use or send them loving energy. That way they can accept what they want, which in some cases may be nothing. But you give them the option to choose.

Finding Your Path
Kristin West

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Let’s Talk Witch – Witch and Wiccan

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Witch and Wiccan

It took me years to understand the difference between what a Wiccan is and what a Witch is. Being Wiccan I just thought a Witch didn’t worship the Goddess and the God but that is wrong. The difference is that a Wiccan believes in the Wiccan Rede and a Witch does not. The Wiccan Rede is believed to be written around the turn of the 1900’ s. Wiccans and Witches both use Witchcraft, they can both believe in The Goddess, The God and the Elements as well.

Some people also use spells or Witchcraft but are not Wiccan or a Witch. This would be friends of mine or my customers who uses my candle spells but are Christian for example. You will hear people say they are Wiccan or a Witch. These terms are used interchangeable. But usually when they say Wiccan this means that this is their faith and Witch means they practice Witchcraft. So technically I am a Wiccan Green Witch because I am a Wiccan who practices Green Witchcraft.

A male Witch is not called a Warlock. The word is Scottish meaning “oath breaker” and became a term used designating a male Witch during the burning times. All Witches whether male or female are called Witches. The word Witch has a deep and rich history. “Witchcraft” is a Celtic word meaning the wise, good people.

Finding Your Path
Kristin West

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WOTC Extra – How to Walk the Moon Circle

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How to Walk the Moon Circle


Once your circle is in place, enter the circle from the east, as this is where the Sun rises and is the direction that opens all passages. You will exit through the west, where the Sun sets. If using a three-circle layout, you will have already created an entry point to pass through.

Next you should cleanse yourself and the circle. You may want to use a smudge stick of white sage as a form of purification. You can buy a stick of white sage at most health food stores or New Age gift stores. Light the sage stick and let it smother. When it starts to smoke, pass it back and forth in front of and around your own body as a form of purging. You are bathing yourself in smoke. If others are involved, smudge them as well, passing the smoke around them.

Some people use loose sage and light it in a seashell, using a feather to spread the smoke. However , the sage stick is usually the easiest, as it requires no other tools. Next, smudge the circle in the same manner, spreading smoke throughout the circle to release negativity.

If you do not have sage or prefer not to smudge, simply pass your hand in a sweeping motion over the circle and visualize any remaining negativity leaving the circle. To cleanse yourself, shake your hands in front of yourself as if shooing the negativity away and out of your body . This is the quick and simple way. I do recommend using the smudge stick if possible.

Now you are ready to walk the circle. Start from the east and walk around clockwise at least three times. It will take a cycle of three to bring up the energy of the circle, as three is a number of multiplication. If , after three walks, you do not feel the energy in the circle shifting, continue to walk until you feel it is time to stop.

If others are with you, they should follow. When you stop, stop in the direction you are led to and sit in that section of the circle.

When working with others, they may not choose the same direction to stop or they may want to continue to walk until they are led to their special place. Someone may choose to sit in the same direction with you, as this is where they are led, and others may sit in an opposite place. There is no right or wrong . Sharing a space with someone will not take away energy from you or deplete the messages you are receiving.

You may sit with your hands in a receiving position with palms up, or you may decide to cross your hands and concentrate in a contained manner. Some people feel when meditating or becoming in tune with the universal forces, it is not good to cross hands or legs. I have done both and think that your comfort is the most important issue because you need to be relaxed and comfortable for this particular ritual.

Always sit facing inward, toward the center power point. In other words, you may be in the section that is considered north, but once in the north area, you are actually turned and facing south. The message you pick up will be of a southern nature with crossovers of energy from the north. It is not necessary to know what direction you have ended up in, as you can determine that later. Once you are seated in your direction or message point, calm your mind and relax. Allow the message to come to you. Ask silent questions if you like, and see what answers you intuit.

Once you feel you have received your messages or answers from the collective consciousness, take your time and slowly rise.

Give thanks to the energy of the circle by saying something to yourself or out loud such as, “I give thanks to the earth and the life force for guidance.” Make up what you like. You may just say a simple thank-you with a bow of the head.

Acknowledge the power from above that has visited to help and guide you. Leave the circle from the West, where the Sun goes down, as this gives closure to the ceremony.

Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want
Diane Ahlquist

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Let’s Talk Witch – Making A Moon Circle

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 Making A Moon Circle


You can style a temporary circle or assemble a permanent one if you live on a piece of land that is spacious. If you have the capability to make your circle outside among nature, you will receive that extra-earth connection . However, if you do not have that opportunity, you can create one in your living room or another appropriate indoor space.

Choose the spot where you will create your circle. It can be an area that just “feels good” to you. You will mark off the four compass points— north, south, east, and west— with some type of stone or indicator. Next, make a second small circle in the center that will surround your

crystal, stone, etc. The center circle is the energy point. You may opt to create a third, and largest, circle that encompasses the two inner circles. This provides a walkway around the inner circle, keeping the energy contained. Remember to leave a gateway or opening from the east through which you enter and one in the west through which you exit.

If forming the minimum temporary-style Moon circle, you will need five stones, crystals, shells, bricks, or whatever you have available to mark the spot.

First place a stone at each compass point and one in the center. Although this may look like a cross, you must visualize an etheric circle connecting the outer stones.

Keep in mind the size of your circle. If you will be working your magick alone, a small circle will do. If you intend to work with someone else or others, you will have to make the circle large enough to accommodate all those involved. Also consider how you will sit. Not all of us are able to bend or move freely. Be practical by placing chairs, stools, or pillows to sit on within the circle before you start your ceremony, if necessary.

Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want
Diane Ahlquist

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Maintaining Cohesion in a Solitary Practice

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Maintaining Cohesion in a Solitary Practice


It can be very lonely working as a solitary practitioner, no matter what your reasons for the solitary path may be. At times it can seem that there are more obstacles, more frustrations, more opportunities for self-doubt. It’s all too easy to let your practice become lax and unfocused, because there’s no one else to monitor your progress and encourage you when you need it.

Giving yourself smaller daily rituals to engage in—no matter how short and simple they are—keeps you in touch with the gods and your spirituality on a more regular basis. If you touch the Divine on a daily basis, it’s much easier to touch the Divine on the big occasions. The human mind can be remarkably apathetic when it comes to actually stirring ourselves to do something requiring energy and input. Doing a sabbat every six weeks can be a really huge undertaking if you haven’t trained yourself with baby steps in between.

Wicca should never be something you take time out of your regular life to practice. The point of a spiritual path such as Wicca is to incorporate your spiritual practice into your daily life without fuss and drama. Your spirituality should inform your thoughts, opinions, and action in daily life as well as in ritual. Practicing Wicca every moment of the day should make your life more harmonious, not more complicated.

So often a solitary practitioner becomes more of a philosopher than an active participant in the dance of life. It can be very easy to think about Wicca, and to slowly cease your actual ritual practice. While thinking and reflecting upon your spiritual evolution is essential to further development, maintaining your regular daily practice is paramount. Your ritual practice is your interface with the world beyond.

Solitary Wicca For Life: Complete Guide to Mastering the Craft on Your Own
Arin Murphy-Hiscock

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Let’s Talk Witch – Growing as a Solitary Practitioner

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Growing as a Solitary Practitioner


How do you relate to the larger picture when you work alone? Here are some methods by which you can structure and appreciate your own evolution and spiritual growth, and how this spiritual practice relates to the world at large.

To offer recognition of the divine feminine, to show one’s respect for nature, to have the opportunity for self-improvement and self-empowerment, and in appreciation of the decentralized aspects of the religion—these are all common reasons people choose to practice Wicca/Witchcraft.

How do we define the goal of Wicca/Witchcraft? A common answer is “to serve the gods.” We work with the gods, not for them. And while this is one of the goals of Wicca/Witchcraft, it is not the only purpose. You can serve God or gods in any other religion. What makes Wicca/Witchcraft, unique? Scott Cunningham titled one of his books Living Wicca, and this wonderful phrase encapsulates what Wicca truly is: Wicca is more than a practice—it’s a way of life. To live Wicca means living in awareness, in peace, in balance, and in harmony. It means living with the goal of every action contributing positively, and every situation teaching you something. It means being mindful, sincere, and true. Living Wicca means recognizing the Divine in everything that surrounds you, and always being able to feel your connection to the gods and the universe.

The true goal of a practitioner is to create a way of life that brings you to this state. That state isn’t an end; it is a means by which you can improve your life and maintain the harmony so essential to a better life and a better world.


Solitary Wicca For Life: Complete Guide to Mastering the Craft on Your Own
Arin Murphy-Hiscock

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Rites of Passage – Eldering

Rites of Passage – Eldering


Honoring our elders is unfortunately a concept that our society is allowing to slide out of common practice. The older members of our society are living longer and remaining in the work force longer. Some need to continue working for financial reasons, because of age restrictions on retirement, or because they find their careers pleasurable.

As a result, a new classification of elders has emerged, but has not yet been recognized by North American culture. The age of retirement may be approximately sixty, but our elders are active, healthy, and now have the opportunity—thanks to both technological and medical advancement—to have additional decades in which to travel, explore, and further develop their lives, and pass along their knowledge and wisdom to the younger generations.

Whereas some people classify the transition to menopause as the point of eldering for a woman (sometimes called “croning”) and default to the age of retirement to elder a man, the fact is that many men and women of this age are not yet prepared to recognize themselves as “elders,” despite their experience.

Recognizing yourself as an elder can be difficult, for we rarely value our own knowledge and contribution to society. Writing a ritual to celebrate your own rite of passage to elderhood can be a challenge, but also deeply meaningful. A central action such as wrapping yourself in a new shawl or cloak, or crowning yourself with vines or a circlet to denote your new position, can be very empowering.

As with all rituals, crafting your own rites of passage for the important periods of transition within your life is an enormously rewarding experience, and one that will further your understanding of Wiccan practices and life itself.



Solitary Wicca For Life: Complete Guide to Mastering the Craft on Your Own
Arin Murphy-Hiscock

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Rites of Passage – Adulthood

Rites of Passage – Adulthood


Although you are a solitary, you may wish to conduct an adulthood ritual for your own child or children, or your friends or relatives may ask you to perform one.

Like all rites of passage, an adulthood ritual marks a transition from one state to another; in this instance, it is the transition out of childhood and into adulthood. Modern society has designated the teenage years as the transitory period, as there is no one point where an individual may be forced to stop being a child and join adult society. While other cultures take the first menses of a girl or a specific age of a boy as the moment that marks the required shift between states, Western society accepts that adolescence is an ongoing evolution wherein the child learns skills and information required to function in the adult world.

An alternate suggestion to a single rite of passage performed at a single moment in adolescence is a pair of rituals bracketing the teenage years. The first is performed at the beginning of the teen years to symbolize the beginning of the transitory period, and the second at the end to confirm the child’s successful completion of that transition and welcoming to adulthood. In the middle, you may wish to write and perform a smaller ritual to mark the first menses of a girl, and the deepening of the voice for a boy.

Solitary Wicca For Life: Complete Guide to Mastering the Craft on Your Own
Arin Murphy-Hiscock


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