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As Witches, we do magickal work for various reasons: prosperity, love, luck, power, and all that good stuff. But maybe the most important magick we do is healing magick.

Healing magick can be done in numerous ways-anything from a simple spell to a magickal bath to a healing charm to an herbal tea spiced up with a little magickal boost. As with all other magick, the most important component is your intent; other than that, you can choose whichever ever method seems most appropriate for the problem at hand.

Magickal healing work can be done not only for physical healing but also for emotional, psychological, chological, and psychic healing as well. My group once did a family healing spell when a couple of members were having difficulties dealing with parents, husbands, and children. It worked, too.
Healing work is best done on a Sunday or a Monday, when the moon is waxing to full (to increase health). If you need to work during the waning moon, then you can try doing magick to decrease illness instead. If you are using color and/or candle magick, try blue (for healing and peace) or green (for healing and growth). If working to banish illness, then black works well.

Many stones can be used in magickal work as well: clear quartz crystals, amethyst, lapis, and bloodstone are among the best. Some people even use one stone for each color of the chakras and place them on the appropriate spot on the body.

One important point about healing magick: if you are going to do it for someone else, you must-I repeat, must-get permission first. Witches believe in free will, and I cannot stress enough how important that concept is to the core of being a Witch. It is not up to you to decide if someone should be ill or not; each individual is entitled to make that decision for themselves.


Everyday Witch A to Z: An Amusing, Inspiring & Informative Guide to the Wonderful World of Witchcraft
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A Pagan Blessing for the Dead

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A Pagan Blessing for the Dead

Choose four participants. One carries a rock, representing the earth, and stands to the North. One carries a feather, representing Air, and stands to the East. Another stands to the South, carrying a candle or some incense to represent Fire. A fourth can hold a cup of Water to the West — if you’re fortunate enough to hold your ritual near an ocean or river, use that to represent Water. On your altar, in the center of the circle, place a picture or some other memento of the person you are saying goodbye to.


Form a circle, and call upon the elements. Invite the powers of the four directions to come watch over you. Stand in the center and say:


Take me now, take me now
for to face the Summerlands*.
By the earth and wind and the fire and rain
I’m on my way,remember me.


Turn to the North and say:


Take me now back to the earth
from which we spring and then return.
I shall cross over, now it is my turn.
I am not afraid Remember me.


Repeat this verse, turning to each of the four directions. Substitute the different elements where appropriate.


Finally, touch each family member with your athame as you say the following:


Blood of my blood
Bone of my bone
Flesh of my flesh
Keep my soul alive
I will live on
Within your hearts
I am not afraid
Remember me


If you have ashes for the deceased, you may wish to scatter them at this time. Take a moment to reflect on the good memories you have of your departed friend or family member.


*If your particular tradition believes we go to some other place after death, feel free to substitute the appropriate place name for “Summerlands.” If you’re not sure where we end up, you can simply say “the other side.”


Patti Wigington
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Let’s Talk Witch – Pagans, Death and the Afterlife

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Let’s Talk Witch – Pagans, Death and the Afterlife


For many modern Pagans, there is a somewhat different philosophy on death and dying than what is seen in the non-Pagan community. While our non-Pagans see death as an ending, some Pagans view it as a beginning of the next phase of our existence. Perhaps it is because we view the cycle of birth and life and death and rebirth as something magical and spiritual, a never-ending, ever turning wheel. Rather than being disconnected from death and dying, we tend to acknowledge it as part of a sacred evolution.


In The Pagan Book of Living and Dying, author Starhawk says, “Imagine if we truly understood that decay is the matrix of fertility… we might view our own aging with less fear and distaste, and greet death with sadness, certainly, but without terror.”


As the Pagan population ages – and certainly, we are doing so – it’s becoming more and more likely that at some point each of us will have to bid farewell to a fellow Pagan, Heathen, Druid, or other member of our community. When that happens, what is the appropriate response? What can be done to honor the person’s beliefs and send them on their way in a way that they themselves would have valued, while still managing to maintain sensitivity in dealing with their non-Pagan family members and friends?


Views of the Afterlife

Many Pagans believe that there is some sort of afterlife, although that tends to take varying forms, depending on the individual belief system. Some followers of NeoWiccan paths accept the afterlife as the Summerland, which Wiccan author Scott Cunningham described as a place where the soul goes on to live forever. In Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, he says, “This realm is neither in heaven nor the underworld. It simply is — a non-physical reality much less dense than ours. Some Wiccan traditions describe it as a land of eternal summer, with grassy fields and sweet flowing rivers, perhaps the Earth before the advent of humans. Others see it vaguely as a realm without forms, where energy swirls coexist with the greatest energies – the Goddess and God in their celestial identities.”


Members of non-Wiccan groups, particularly those who follow a more Reconstructionist slant, may see the afterlife as Valhalla or Fólkvangr, for those who adhere to a Norse belief system, or Tir na nOg, for individuals who participate in a Celtic path. Hellenic Pagans may see the afterlife as Hades.


For those Pagans who don’t have a defined name or description of the afterlife, there is still typically a notion that the spirit and the soul live on somewhere, even if we don’t know where it is or what to call it.


Tawsha is a Pagan in Indiana who follows an eclectic path. She says, “I don’t know what happens to us when we die, but I like the idea of the Summerland. It seems peaceful, a place where our souls can regenerate before they reincarnate into a new body. But my husband is a Druid, and his beliefs are different and focus more on the Celtic view of the afterlife, which seems a little more ethereal to me. I think it’s really all just different interpretations of the same place.”


Deities of Death and the Afterlife

Cultures have, since the beginning of time, honored deities associated with the process of dying, the act itself, and the journey of the spirit or soul into the afterlife. Although many of them are celebrated during the harvest season, around Samhain, when the earth itself is slowly dying, it is not uncommon to see them called upon as someone is approaching their last days, or has recently crossed over.

If you follow an Egyptian, or Kemetic, path, you may choose to honor Anubis, the jackal headed god of death. Anubis’ job is to determine whether the deceased is worthy of entering the underworld, by taking the individual’s measure. To help ease their passing, you may choose to sing or chant to Anubis about the dying or dead person’s accomplishments.

For Pagans who follow an Asatru or Heathen belief system, prayers and chants to Odin or to the goddesses Hel and Freya might be appropriate. Half of the warriors who die in battle go to spend the afterlife with Freya in her hall, Folkvangr, and the others go to Valhalla with Odin. Hel takes charge of those who have died from old age or sickness, and accompanies them to her hall, Éljúðnir.

A Maryland Heathen who asked to be identified as Wolfen says when his brother died, “We had this huge ceremony with a big bonfire, lots of drinking and toasts, and song. My brother had already been cremated, but we added his ashes to the fire, and we sang a song honoring him and his accomplishments, and introducing him to Odin and Valhalla, and then we continued it by calling upon our ancestors, going back about eight generations. It was what he wanted, and probably the closest thing to a Viking funeral that you can get in suburban America.”

Other deities you may wish to call upon as someone is dying, or has crossed over, include the Greek Demeter, Hecate, and Hades, or the Chinese Meng Po.



Patti Wigington
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Another Important Technique Every Witch Needs To Know How to Do – Shielding



There are many reasons to shield.  When practicing the craft or even just exercising your psychic gifts you will come across those who will drain your energy or unintentionally send out harmful energies.


Emotions are a powerful energy.  Anger and Fear are two of the most powerful emotions.  That wave of negative energy projected out from a person can effect or drain you.


Sickness..  When someone is sick, they can unknowingly drain someone close to them.  They don’t intend on doing so.  It just happens.


Magick attack.  Well, this is very rarely done. But it is also a possibility.  When we shield ourselves properly, it protects us from others harming via magick.


Exercise in Shielding


When someone surrounds themselves in white light without grounding they run the mistake of doing what I call “Flaring the Aura”  This is not a good thing.  Not only does it use your own energies to “power” the shield around you but makes for a bright target on the astral planes for any nasties that are drawn to bright beings. If anything hits your shield you will be drained anyway in the reflection of the attack because you used your own energies to power it.  In other words…. not good at all!


  1. Do a grounding exercise that you are familiar with..


  1. After you have completed the grounding exercise do not let go of the earth.


  1. See yourself in a dark room.


  1. Hold your hands out and visualize a bright ball of energy drawn up from the earth.  Do not discard it if you don’t get white.  Each person’s energy that they draw from the earth is different and resonates with them.  Allow it to grow in your hands till it is too heavy to hold.  Let it drop and grow till it is big enough to walk into.


  1. Walk into the energy.  Feel it surround you.


  1. See it seal around you and become an unbreakable sphere around you.


  1. Come back to yourself refreshed.

Getting Rid of the Magickal Leftover from our Workings & Keeping Them Out  Warding – Part 3 Warding

Getting Rid of the Magickal Leftover from our Workings & Keeping Them Out



Warding is keeping out unwanted influences.

This is trickier than the previous two techniques because you’ll require certain powers to assist you. You would not do any of thes techniques as a beginner, anyway, so you’ll have had pleny of time to accumulate the requirements of Warding. They are certain talismans that you’ll have gathered from the wild places, like bird skulls, feathers, bones, spiders webs, the discarded bits of animals that have moved from whtever form they inhabited before the died to that form, certain stone entities and wood entities, specific shells, and symbolic amulets. All of these kinds of things will call you, and you will collect them. They will be part f your company of entities and are like familiars but are not the same, for their powers are dormant until they ar fomed as Wards.

You will also need to acquire sealing wax.

Before a Warding, prepare as you would for a Banishing. You will also need to choose whichever of your company of entities you require to create the Ward.

A Ward is an intelligent, elemental entity (and could be considered a Witch’s medicine bundle with a specific purpose). A Ward is always to come back to you ( it is to be left to do its work for a limited cycle only (one lunar month, more or less). You are to tell no one of what you are doing, as the Ward, once it is placed, is to remain undisturbed.

You are to bless and consecrate all things that make up the Ward ( you won’t need much; keep it simple), wrap it in cloth or leather, and seal the way into the package with sealing wax. The Ward will remain active until you break the seal yourself.

You will also require a small piece of meat. This will be buried on the property and the ward will remain active while the meat decomposes. It will feed the Ward.

You are to ascertain that you scent is on both the package and the meat, so rub them both with your hands before you leave them at the site.

You will create the Ward beforehand in your own home, within a cast circle. On the night of the Warding, cleanse with intent of purification and seal your orifices with consecrated water. Take your athame and a bottle of consecrated water, as well as a packet of ordinary table salt. You will also require a small hand trowel (or a stout shovel if the ground is presumed hard!).

You will go once around the property or the area casting a circle of protection. You will repeat the encircling with the consecrated water, and go around a third time sprinkling a fine circle of salt.

All is to be done with focus and intent. You are to be really clear about who you want to keep out!

You will summon the entity, that is, the accumulative of all things within the Ward, to come out into the area of protection (these entities, once released, are never small, I warn you, but they are lovely; they are your creatures!). You will then bury the Ward very well and very secretively, placing a rock over the spot if possible to dissuade any passing beastie from digging it up. You’ll bury its food close by ( ditto with another rock).

Then cut a zone into the circle with your athame allowing those in alliance with the person you are assisting to come and to, but you will seal it with a Banishing Pentagram of Earth.

Then you leave. You are to tell the person you are assisting that you have set up protections for a certain duration only, and that you will return to remove them when the allotted time is up. They are to understand this and to agree to do whatever they must, in that time sequence, to prevent further dysfunction.

At the appointed time, you are to return to the site and dig up your Ward, summoning the entity back to you. You will then return home, break the seal, and put the bits back in their usual places, where they will remain dormant (which is their current, natural state).

Getting Rid of the Magickal Leftover from our Workings (Part 2 – Banishing)

Getting Rid of the Magickal Leftover from our Workings


Whether it is your place or someone else’s you are to banish, you are to understand beforehand that there are not to be any form of dispute in the place, or to fill it with resentful or bitter emotions for the cycle of one Moon after your work. More often than not, the behavior would have been empathetic with whatever entity was causing the discomfort. Things are attracted to strong blasts of emotion as much as they are attracted to psychic activity. You need to be aware of this phenomenon in association with all your magickal practices, but especially where protections and enchantments are concerned.

Your Banishing is irreversible. It matters not whether the entity is a living person or an energetic agent. Banishing is about getting rid of, but “getting rid of” requires full Reaving of a property and encirclement of its boundaries, as well as the correct placing of pentagram seals when you are warding..

Before you go near the place that the banishing is to be done, you will seal off all orifices, psychic and actual, of your own body. A man has twelve, a woman has thirteen. For both: eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, nipples, umbilicus, anus (eleven). For a man: penis (twelve). For a woman: vagina and urethra (thirteen). Secondly, you will take with you your boline, just in case you encounter the need for self-defense.

You will work the same process as reaving, but you will seal each portal of the house with a Banishing pentagram of Earth. You will keep the intent of Banishing clearly in focus at all times (words or no words).

You will work from a central point in the house to the outer most part of the property. You will conclude by encircling the entire property and laying seals on the ground at all entrances and exits.

Part 3 – Warding

Before We Get Into The Spells, We Are Going To Talk About Getting Rid of the Magickal Leftover from our Workings

The First Way to Rid Your Home of Magickal Residue



There are lots of unwanted and random energies and entities floating around one’s environment. The following techniques which we are getting ready to discuss are required understandings for any Witch. You will need to keep you own environment clear of these unwanted wraiths, and you may also, over time, be called on by others to clear these things from their houses or their lives.


Nothing ever goes away, you must understand. Things that are made of matter are not made only of matter, and can just as easily be energetic. Matter does not imply intelligence, soul does (and that’s a rather ineffable concept). So why is it considered that intelligence inhabits only things of a material nature ( like biological species)?


Entities can be either material or non-material. They can be left over from extreme emotional discharges. They can be other and therefore, not of a recognizable origin.


Reaving – Clearing a Place

To psychically clear unwanted entities is also called Reaving. Banishing often accompanies Reaving, but Reaving can also be performed to tranquilize a house or an environment that has been cluttered by a previous occupants.

You will require a container of consecrated water, your athame, incense, and censer, a candle for each room, and a vacuum cleaner. It’s often preferable to work with another person, but not strictly necessary. You are better to get rid of any occupants of the property. You are to work privately whenever possible. The energies of Cowans can be unpredictable.

Every psychic knows that accumulated psychic grunge is heavier than air and will fall to the floor (and sometimes stick to windows). So the first thing that you should do is vacuum the floors with intent. A vacuum cleaner is one’s contemporary besom (broom stick), and much quicker than the manual tool; There’s no point having the house occupants do it, it just never feels as clean. Then you should set up a candle in each room, light it, and close off whatever doors there are. Then get the charcoal burning, and then take a shower with intent of purificaton.

Each room, from one end of the house to the other, is to be lightly encircled with your dagger ( these encirclements are meant to be embracing rather than encapsulating), encircled with the smoke of the incense, and encircled with the consecrated water. With each action you perform, you will raise aloft each implement to the four directions, calling on their powers of protection and harmony. As you exit each room, you will extinguish the candle with your fingers ( don’t blow it out, pinch it or snuff it out with a candle snuffer), and leave the door open.

When you are done, you are to pack up all your things and leave without entering into conversation with anyone.

Part 2 – Banishng (Getting Rid Of A Thing)



We of the Old Religion have our own particular compact with our deities that charges simply, “An it harm none, do as ye will.”

And our gods do not despise us for being human but delight in our celebrations of life and love. We are ageless souls, only for awhile within bodies – merely visitors upon this plane.

We are brothers to the gods and only temporarily cousins to the ape, and our lives belong to us, not to this world nor to its earthly governors.

We are not doomed to shame and decay; not lost; not indentured to perish with earthly manifestations; not disposed to eternal misery for any past or present lapses of courage or wisdom.

We are as children in the school of life who must learn our lessons, on life at a time, before we graduate.

Our lives span the march of time, striving upward, subordinate only to our individual probity and growth.

But in this mortal life, greedy, trivial hierophants and mundane rulers have perpetrated a fraud upon humanity.

They have purloined for profit and temporal power, our legitimate heritage, and that of all society, and have substituted for it shame, despair, and fear,inventing evil deities to terrify and to constrain mankind from the exercise of his own native conscience.

Still we take our uncertain portion time and again, joining with the species on this plane, only to meet with earthly disunity and distress;bonly to be told by bogus, uncelestial shepherds that we are deficientvand fundamentally iniquitous; constantly rebuked that our natural birthright is insubstantial or even sinful, and that we must cleave to the pious injunctions of reigning mortals, no matter how oppressive or suffer beyond measurable time, yearning for some mythical golden glory just out of reach, but somehow never quite worthy of it.

That is the apocryphal hell and the fabled satan; they are of mortal creation; they are now, not in some remote bye-and-bye; and those who choose to believe in them perpetuate them in this earth. But nevertheless, by sublime design, despite narrowness, folly or fear, we all, each and every one, possess this wondrous legacy:

that each of us sustains a singular covenant with the cosmic, in that the soul is and ever was, one with the universe, conducting itself in concordance with the absolute. And whatever paths it may walk, or whichever faith it may follow, on sojourn at a time, each shall as a consequence of that oneness, and attuning with its destiny, eventually return on its own to its source to again be part of that totality, atoned, aware and unshackled.


The Time of Magic

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The Time of Magic


One of the main laws of mysticism and daily life is “for each thing or event there are the defined place and the time”. Different actions have the bigger or smaller efficiency in different seasons of year. Magical rituals also have the bigger productivity in the specific periods. Therefore, in order to your magic would be really effective, it is necessary to coordinate it with indications of earthly and celestial clocks.


It is considered that all kinds of beneficial magic should be made on the waxing moon, and destructive forces are in the competence of the waning moon.


Besides the moon cycles, there is the daily magic schedule — each day of week is under the auspices of one of the seven planets and Old Gods. Individual interaction of the planets with the Earth’s biofield enables to get the greater success in magic in the definite time interval. Different Old Gods have different influences upon life of people and an appealing to them at an appointed day (day when they have the most authorities) gives more chances that your words will be heard. So if your magic have concern with money and a receiving of material benefits, it will be more successfully on Wednesday than on Monday. For love magic, Friday is intended and Saturday fits for it least of all. Here is the conformity between the days and universal influences.


Sunday is day of the Sun. On this day, the Sun is Lord in the sky and on the Earth, and it can give all its greatness and authority to the one who will make a request. The Sun is a star of kings and grand people and it gives popularity, force, riches and glory. The Sun grants light and warmth, moves heavenly bodies, makes a change of day and night, seasons, years and centuries. The Sun gives blessings, riches, happiness and prosperity. Also, The Sun patronizes weddings. On this day, you can make rituals for successful purchase and sale, attraction of money, career, leadership, for any high aims, happiness, confidence, composure, persuasion and patience, for male sexuality, physical and mental strength. Also could say that on Sunday any magic is possible if only it does not contradict your internal foundations and rules.


Monday is day of the planet Moon. The Moon is the female planet, therefore, it most of all is responsible for a state of female health and fertility. Monday is intended for all kinds of magic connected to spiritism, receiving of information, prophecy and clairvoyance. Rituals of this day for getting of female energy, normalization of personal cycles and internal processes, for development of mental capacity, for home and hearth, for cancellation and neutralization of any magic, for lesbian and homosexual love. The Moon also takes care of sprouts and the future crop, therefore this day successful for any magic connected with sowing and planting.


Tuesday is day of the planet Mars. On this day, there are completely various influences. On the one hand, militant Mars brings destruction and this influence can be use for malicious magic. On the other hand, the power of this planet is very useful in affairs demanding perseverance and resoluteness — when it is necessary to resist to enemies and to have an advantage over them. Today, you can make rituals for stamina, courage, independence, leadership, competition, confrontation, struggle and victory, for success in sport, hunt and war, for male sexuality, for elimination of negative influences, return of black energy and punishment of an offender.


Wednesday is day of the planet Mercury. The Mercury is very dynamic planet that is responsible for business and money. On this day, magic rituals are successful for travel, getting approbation, homosexual love, receiving of information, prophecy and clairvoyance. Mercury is a patron of traders, cattle-breeders, grain-grower, hunters and travelers. All lowest spirits submit to him. Moneymaking bargains, profitable investments, business connections, professional qualities, gambles, study, education and all kinds of art are under protection of Mercury.


Thursday is day of the planet Jove. The Jove is most intellectual planet capable to bring a success in all spheres of your life. Jove is creator of the world. He impregnates the Earth by rains and awakes the nature for life. Jove punishes for defiance of laws. On this day, you should make rituals for prosperity, advantage over rivals and enemies, for success in gambles, legal cases, public affairs, politics, and higher education. Besides, Jove has concern with male sexuality and voluptuousness; therefore, this day is useful for making various love poisons.


Friday is day of the planet Venus. Venus is goddess of the earth and a harvest, mother of winds, the sovereign of the forest world, the patroness of female needlework, the mistress of crossroads of universe. She owns a secret of a passage from this world into the other world. Venus gives an exit from the most hopeless situations, but she reward only who have strength of mind and who not lose hope. Venus is goddess of woman destiny and that is why Friday is the most suitable day for rituals of fulfillment of any woman wishes. The Venus has concern with public work, shopping, gifts, comfort, harmony, and magnificence, female sexuality, emotionality, beauty and attraction. This planet promotes strengthening of friendship, partnership and marriage, removes hatred and gives peace. Any love magic, making in this day, will give beneficial effect.


Saturday is day of the planet Saturn. Saturn is most dark and mystical force. Dark not always means bad. Here, there is the great secret of eternity which people cannot understand completely. Contact with the forces of this planet usually has negative or cognitive character. Venus is the Father God or the Old God. He patronizes old people and parents, gives wisdom and authority, allots lot and blessing. On Saturday, you can make rituals for success in scientific work, for transformation, reorganization, and reforms, for claiming of debts, reminding of obligations, stagnation of business of your competitors, creation and negotiation of obstacles, antidotes for love magic, antidotes for hexes, curses and the evil eye. And of course, this day is suitable for any malevolent black magic.


Being guided by the rule of seven days, you already can have all prospect of success of your magic. But more the success of your magic will be guaranteed, if you make it in the right place.