Goddess Of The Day: SEPHIRA


Hanukkah (Jewish)


Themes: Miracles; Victory, Success; Overcoming

Symbol: Light


About Sephira: This ancient Cabalistic goddess embodies divine light – the active, energetic power that flows

through the Universe in all directions. Thus, it is no coincidence that the ten spheres on the Tree of Life are

called Sephirah, for this goddess guides our way and path with her radiance.


To Do Today: This festival commemorates the rebellion of the Jews against the Syrians, in which a miracle took

place. A small bottle of oil stayed lit for eight days, keeping the temple consecrated until more oil could be brought.

Since Sephira is the light of miracles, today’s a good time to focus on seemingly impossible goals or situations that

you may have set aside or left behind in discouragement. Revisit those dreams; reconsider the logistics of those

circumstances. If there is a better way to approach things, Sephira will illuminate that path or options for you in

your meditations. Make sure to turn on light sources today, and open curtains to let natural light into your home.

Symbolically, this welcomes Sephira’s active power into your spiritual life and quest. Also consider following with

Jewish tradition and giving coins to friends or family. These tokens draw financial security. Or, eat potato pancakes

for providence.



By Patricia Telesco


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