Lady A’s Spell of the Day for 8/23 – CANDLE SPELL AGAINST PSYCHIC ATTACK


–white candle red candle black candle
Imagine a blue ball of energy inside the candles. Caress the candles as you chant:
Goddess of Three, I call upon thee,
To protect from those who wish to harm me
Keep them from using the gift from thee
Keep them from using thy gift to harm me
When you finish chanting, imagine the blue ball exploding into lines of blue.
Imagine the lines surrounding you and wrapping you in warm blue energy.
See the blue light as a shield. Know that it is unbreakable.
Think about how it is the Goddess’ Light protecting you.
Then put the candles someplace where they can burn undisturbed and let them burn themselves
out, sending all the energy into your shield. This spell is best performed during the full moon.
For longer effects you can make it a seven-day spell.

Herb of the Day for August 23 is ROSEHIPS

ROSEHIPS (Rosa canina)

To grow:
Try to plant where roses will receive full sun all day. Avoid planting where
other shrubs or trees will steal water from the roses. Plant in well drained
soil. Dig soil deep and incorporate organic matter such as ground bark, peat
moss, or compost. Add complete fertilizer to soil at the same time and dig
supplemental phosphorous and potash into planting holes. Before planting bare-
root roses, immerse them in water for several hours. Be sure to make holes large
enough so you will not have to bend the roots or cut them back. Before planting
cut broken canes and broken roots just below the break. Set plant in the hole so
that bud union (knob from which the canes grow) is just above soil level. After
the rose is planted and has been watered well, mound soil or damp peat moss
around the bud union and the canes. Remove gradually after the leaves begin to
expand. You must water regularly. Water deeply so that entire root system
receives water. Big, well established plants need more water than new plants.
Apply nutrients fairly regularly. Feed when a blooming cycle has just ended and
new cycle is beginning. Stop feeding about 6 weeks before first hard frost.
Regular pest and disease control should be followed. Begin to control
aphids as soon as they appear. To prune, use sharp pruning spears. Remove wood
that is obviously dead or wood that has no healthy growth coming from it. Also
prune branches that rub against the plants larger canes or branches that cut
through the center. Each spring, remove 1/3 1/2 inch of the previous season’s
growth. Cut flowers as a form of pruning. Cut enough stem to allow rose to stand
in a vase but do not cut to much foliage from the plant.

A good source of vitamin C. They help in the bodies defense against colds and
flues. They help in cases of constipation and mild gall bladder problems as well
as conditions of the bladder and kidney.

Parts used:
Fruit (hips) and seeds of the dog rose. Collect the hips in the fall.

Put 2 1/2 tbs. of the cut hips in a cup of water and bring to a boil. Simmer for
10 minutes.

Take 2-4 ml of the tincture three times a day.

Saint of the Day for August 23 is St. Gabriel Francis of our Lady of Sorrows

St. Gabriel Francis of our Lady of Sorrows

Passionist monk who died young. Born Francis Possenti in Assisi, Italy, in 1838, he was seriously ill as a child. He joined the Passionists in Morovalle in 1856 and died in Isola of consumption six years later. Gabriel was canonized in 1920. His cult was confined to local calendars in 1969.

Deity of the Day for August 23 is ULIKUMMIS


 Son of Kumarbis.  He was made to oppose Teshub.  There is also
mention that he destoys some of mankind.  However, he is actually described as
being blind, deaf, and dumb; as well as immobile.  He was made of stone and
placed on Ubelluris’ shoulder to grow.  He grew until he reached heaven itself.
When the gods found him, Ishtar removed her clothing and attempted to lull him
with music, but he didn’t see or hear her (as he was a blind and deaf creature).
The gods attempted to destroy him, but had no affect (he didn’t even notice).
Finally, Ea called for the Copper Knife that had been used in the seperation of
heaven and earth.  He then used the blade to sever Ulikummis from Ubelluris’
shoulder; lopping the creature off at the feet.  Teshub was then able to destroy
the creature totally.  It is interesting to note that this god’s name is the
same as a pair of twin volcanic mountains in Asia Minor.  This may explain why
he is said to be destroying mankind, even in his seemingly catatonic state.







Listen to the words of the Horned God, the Guardian of all things wild and free,


and Keeper of the Gates of Death, whose Call all must answer:


I am the fire within your heart…


The yearning of your Soul.


I am the Hunter of Knowledge


and the Seeker of the Holy Quest


I – who stand in the darkness of light


am He whom you have called Death.


I – the Consort and Mate of Her we adore,


call forth to thee.


Heed my call beloved ones,


come unto me and learn the secrets of death and peace.


I am the corn at harvest


and the fruit on the trees.


I am He who leads you home.


Scourge and Flame,


Blade and Blood –


these are mine and gifts to thee.


Call unto me in the forest wild


and on hilltop bare


and seek me in the Darkness Bright.


I – who have been called;






Osiris ,


and Hades,


speak to thee in thy search.


Come dance and sing;


come live and smile,


for behold:


this is my worship.


You are my children and I am thy Father.


On swift night wings


it is I who lay you at the Mother’s feet


to be reborn and to return again.


Thou who thinks to seek me,


know that I am the untamed wind,


the fury of storm and passion in your Soul.


Seek me with pride and humility,


but seek me best with love and strength.


For this is my path,


and I love not the weak and fearful.


Hear my call on long Winter nights


and we shall stand together guarding Her Earth


as She sleeps.

~Author Unknown~

Five Elements of Magick

Five Elements of Magick

Author: Taliesin McKnight

In several forms of magick such as Wicca and ceremonial magick, there are five Elemental powers that are invoked, directed, and utilized. These are the Elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit. The Fifth Element of Spirit (and this is very important) is not really an Element unto itself, but this will be dealt with shortly. These Elemental powers are called upon in ritual to stand guard over sacred space and to protect the practicing magician or witch from hostile entities and energies. It is for this reason that they are often referred to as the “Guardians.”

The very fact that many systems of magick utilize the powers of the Elements reveals that magick has its basis and foundation in the world of nature: the wind, the sun and moon, the oceans, the passage of the seasons, and mighty storms is truly the treasure house of magick. To be a student of witchcraft is to be a student of nature, regardless of what form of magick one chooses to delve into.

The Element of Earth represents the material world. It governs such things as finances, prosperity, good luck, success in business, fertility, harvests, and other such things. Earth also represents the state of solidity in alchemical lore. Earth is the starting place where we begin our journey. To deny the body and the material world in which we live is to live in denial and poverty. Earth is what grounds us and brings us back to the world of the senses. The Element of Earth stands guard and protects the northern section of the magick circle, in which magick is performed. It its the guardian of the north.

Air represents the world of mind. It is thought and logic. Air, therefore, encompasses such things as knowledge, education, learning, communication, popularity, and philosophy. The witch will invoke the forces of wind and Air in order to gain hidden knowledge. Thus, Air also rules over divination. The mind can, indeed, be likened to the sky. Thoughts pass through the mind as clouds. Sometimes our thoughts are sunny and enlightened. Other times the mind is filled with darkness and dreary thoughts.

It is thought which vitalizes and manifests reality. Without the force of reason our civilization would be as nothing. Think of the Element of Air to represent the Great Mind of Nature, whilst the powers also represent the faculty of thought within the microcosm: Man. The witch calls down the forces of wind to gain knowledge of the unknown and to advance in education. It also protects and stands guard over the eastern quarter of the magick circle. In alchemical language Air represents gas.

Water is the realm of emotion. Love, compassion, depression, empathy, and other such emotions are within its domain. Water is also connected to the moon. Emotions are like the tides of the ocean: ebbing and flowing, and always in a state of motion and change. Sometimes the seas of emotion are stormy, while at others it is calm and placid. Water also rules over intuition, artistic inspiration, dreams, romantic love, and psychic ability. It is the realm of the subconscious mind. The forces of Water govern and protect the western part of the magick circle. It represents fluidity in the art of chemistry.

Fire is also emotion, but represents more fiery emotions such as anger, lust, ambition, and zeal. It can be said that it represents passion more than emotion. Fire is also the destructive Element. It burns away the old and destroys. It is also the Great Transmuter, causing matter to transform from one state into another. In this way, it is the philosophers’ stone of alchemy. Fire also represents the spiritual element in Man. Without light (brought by Fire) , we cannot see. But bring forth the fiery light and we see reality as it truly is.

Thus, Fire represents spirituality, enlightenment, passion, and destruction. It is called upon by the witch to destroy enemies (however unethical this may be) and to bring protection. Fire is the guardian of the southern section of the circle wherein magick is done.

The Element of Spirit is not really an Element unto itself. It is more like the primordial essence from which the other four Elements (Earth, Air, Water, and Fire) draws its being. The Element of Spirit encompasses and transcends the other Elements. It is symbolized by the center of the circle. Spirit is called by many names by various traditions and magicians. Some call it the Divine Element, whilst others prefer the more Hindu sounding name of “Akasha.” It can truly be said that the other four Elements are merely manifestations of spirit, or that the other Elements act as intermediaries in which Man may ponder and contemplate the fathomless essence of which Spirit is. It is truly beyond mortal comprehension.

Do these Elements really reside within physical fire, water, air, and earth? This is highly debated within the occult community. Some will say yes, and that these are merely the astral or spiritual counterparts of the physical elements themselves. Others, however, will claim, just as strongly, that the physical elements are only symbols in the mind of Man. However, even if they are just “symbols”, the powers are still linked to the physical symbols themselves. Thus, whatever the case may be, the Elements are linked to their physical counterparts.

Now that this is understood, one may grow to grasp the deeper mysteries of magick. One should always keep in mind, however, that the true mysteries or “secrets” have never been written down. They are the secret and unutterable doctrine of occult science. Speaking them to the profane has been forbidden since the beginning of time. Even if one wished to communicate them, they are unable to be expressed into words, as they transcend human language.

These four Elements will guard and protect you in ritual. They will bend and bring to you your every desire. The Elements will take care of you if you let them. Allow their powers to manifest in your life.

Get in Tune With the Moon

Get in Tune With the Moon

Author: Jess

The modern age has led us to believe that we are better than nature. We have calendars that help us count the days and clocks to tell time for us. There is just one problem with that: it’s incorrect. How is it that our months have different numbers of days? Or that we have to adjust our calendar every four years to make up for our current systems inadequacies?

These are simple issues that all lead back to our ancestors and how their primeval ways were sometimes more advanced than our own. Humans of the past followed the moon’s cycle, a simple and natural way to connect with our planet and its time.

Following the moon’s cycle can help people to better understand their own internal clocks, especially women. There is a reason that the female body has a twenty-eight day cycle, and that females have such a passionate range of emotions.

The moon has much more power over us than a lot of people seem to believe. But we Pagans have a leg up on most people in that department. We acknowledge the moon and its stages along with the Goddess. So how much do we really connect with our beliefs in that regard? The moon helps women’s bodies change, sways our emotions, and even allows us to experience more enlightenment when the time is right.

No one can argue against the moon’s connection with women’s bodies. We wax and wane along with this bright beacon in the night’s sky. At our fullest we are fertile and I have met many a man who finds women more attractive during this time. It’s only natural.

Unfortunately, nowadays many women take oral contraceptives. And with good reason, of course. The world is overpopulated, and having a child is a big responsibility. But by masking our natural connection with the moon, women hinder the bonds with the Mother Goddess. That makes it harder to feel at peace with oneself.

My husband and I learned this when I stopped taking birth control pills to conceive our first child. Since then I have been much more in tune with my body, nature, and the Gods. After my daughter was born, I did the natural thing and breastfed her. While doing so I did not have my cycle. Its nature’s way of allowing your current baby the nourishment and care it needs.
Now that my daughter is a toddler and weaned, I do not wish to get back on any form of hormonal birth control. Since I have been off of the pill I have had less mood swings, and am much more in tune with my body. And there are so many other options of non-hormonal birth control.

Our hormones drive us to do what is natural, especially women. So when healthy women are taking unnatural doses of these chemicals to keep from getting pregnant, they alter their natural behaviors. This is not to say that I am against birth control in any way, but I have found that there are so many options out there that hormonal options are not always best.

Now that I am no longer on the pill I feel more connected to my body, and have found that following the moon’s cycle prepares me for what is coming next. I am more aware of when my mood may be more sensitive than others. And my husband is thankful that he can follow the moon in order to better understand how I may be feeling.

Next, there is no doubt that people have more energy when the moon is waxing, and that surge of energy is often able to contribute to success as opposed to the new moon stage, when a lot of people often feel drained or downtrodden.

I call this nature’s way of forcing us to slow down and take it easy. But many people fight these feelings in our fast paced society, creating adverse effects like depression or anger issues. A lot of us experience pressure to do better in the workplace or at school. But you cannot do more when you are feeling like less of a person.

Then there is the last and most intriguing of the moon’s direct effect on people. When we adhere to the moon’s cycle, it is possible to reach higher heights. Certain meditations are best done at specific days and times that coincide with the moon’s stage that best suits the practice.
This is where the gods come in. Being that the moon represents the Goddess and the sun represents the God, these spiritual high times are when the presence of the gods can be felt at a stronger and more intimate level. Nature is our direct link to the gods.

And nature’s clock is the sun and the moon; there is no sleep button, no loud buzzing alarm to set. Taking the time to listen to the moon and perform rituals and spells accordingly will help your practices be more effective. This is also more helpful in finding enlightenment or even simple piece of mind.

The full moon has always been the greatest time to have an out of body experience for myself. And when mastered, a knowledgeable spirit can glance into the Summerlands. There is so much more to life than what the technological world offers. Sure technology is great if used as just another tool, but the natural world is much more substantial.

Connecting with nature and understanding the moon helps people to live better lives. It allows us to be more conscious of the world around us and inside of us, just as following the sun helps people to draw on the elements. And by following the different stages of the moon, humans can better understand each other.

Men can better understand why women may be a bit more emotional during certain times and to be more understanding when emotions run a bit hot. Whereas women can be more in tune with their bodies, their emotions, and we can all experience more enlightenment. Following the moon’s cycle helps people to have a better grasp on the world around them. You don’t need a computer to tell you that.

Harm None and the Rede?

Harm None and the Rede?

Author: Phoenix Sol

The rede is a very important thing to me and most other Wiccans I know, and some other branches of Paganism. However I feel that this important piece is highly misunderstood by a lot of the community. I have seen it again and again so I thought that I would maybe try to clear up a few important points that I have found.

Please read the whole thing before you judge my above statement, I understand that some of you might disagree with the points I am about to make and I respect your different views and opinions even if I do not personally agree. You can feel free to think what you think but I have not heard my view put out there in the past so I feel that I must do it now.

‘Harm none.’ What do these two words imply? To harm nothing would be to not exist. To live is to cause harm and death so that the cycle of life can go around. There are microorganisms in the air that when you breathe you kill them. Every time you eat you are causing harm, if you eat meat then someone had to end the life of your meal and even if you don’t eat meat then you are still causing harm to the plant you are eating, for it too was a living organism.

Anything you say can harm another human, even if you tell your religion to a loved one who is against it then you are harming them in some way. If someone attacks you then you would you use what you could to survive or let him or her do what they will because you refuse to cause harm on them? The latter option is impractical, unsafe, and if you chose it you probably would not be mentally all right even if you did live through it.

I do not know why people can think that they truly follow this code in life when it is clearly out of the questions in some situations. However is it even a code?

People who claim to ‘harm none’ do so usually by following the rede thinking that this is what the rede says. However the rede I have found and follow says, ‘An ye harm none, do what ye will.’ The two words mentioned earlier are by no means the only part of the rede as it consists of all eight words. If the eight words were there then it would stand to reason that all of them would share an equal importance.

As mentioned above, I have a very hard time excepting that the only two words in the rede that are important is ‘harm none’ because then the rest of the rede would not be there at all. This is not a short story either where words just get thrown in even if they have little to no meaning within the context of the larger story. This is one sentence that every word has to be perfectly chosen and placed in order to make the meaning get across in such a short amount of space.
In modern language this translates into, ‘if you harm none then you may do as you will.’

Note again it does not say only ‘harm none.’ The ‘if you, ’ or ‘an ye, ’ implies the choice. Such as if a mother said to their child, ‘if you eat your dinner then you may have your chocolate cake.’ If you do something then you will get a sort of reward in return. I know that this is not the basis of Wicca, or Paganism in general, but it is the best example I can come up with for trying to get across my point. So now that we have established what the first four words mean lets move on to the next four.

‘Do what ye will.’ Now this part I feel is much more straightforward than the first four words. It is well known that in Paganism there is no dogma that you MUST follow and there are no rules that direct your behavior. We do not condemn as some monotheistic religions do, threatening with hell fires and the like. However as this alone would make sense, the Pagan paths to not look for this type of behavior as you have to have some structure (what that structure is depends on the particular path that you choose to follow) . But you should also realize that this is also not quite what the rede is telling us. The last part is that we have to take the two parts discussed so far and add them together.

Now there is another common misunderstanding of what it says at this point. I would like you to realize now that if the rede meant to say that you could do whatever you want as long as what you do doesn’t do harm then it would have been worded much differently. It would read, ‘Do what ye will, if ye harm none.’ Think again of the parent and child, this situation would say something along the lines of ‘you can only play in the park if you don’t use the sandbox.’ And yet again this is not how the rede is read.

What it is saying, however, is that if what you are doing causes no harm then you can do it freely. It is not commending the action of causing harm but implying that you may not do harm lightly, with no purpose. Harm is inevitable and the rede I lives by tells me that a logical reason, such as surviving or happiness or well being, is necessary if one decides that they need to cause harm. Harm should not be done without reason however it is inevitable.

This is the rede I live by, ‘An ye harm none, do what ye will.’

Now again this is just how I view the rede and it may be interpreted differently. I will respect other views on it but I would like to say that some things are plain impossible for humans to accomplish.