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New Moon Spell


I like to write a cheque to myself on the New Moon. I make it out to myself and write ‘paid in full’ in the amount box, then sign it from ‘the law of abundance’. I fold the cheque into three and add three drops of peppermint essential oil on top after laying it in the bottom of a dish I keep on my altar, and then I sprinkle over it dried mint and lay three sticks of cinnamon on top. This works really well to keep enough money coming in.

At the very first sign of the Moon, just the slightest glimpse of her, stand outside and look up. Turn around deosil (sunwise or clockwise) three times and make a wish on the New Moon.



Pagan Portals – Moon Magic

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WOTC Extra – A Step-by-Step Guide for Using Your Pendulum

WOTC Extra – A Step-by-Step Guide for Using Your Pendulum

Here’s a step-by-step process for conducting a session of divination with a pendulum. From lighting the candle to closing the circle.

Set-up your ritual space. Select an area where you’ll be left alone for about 30 minutes to an hour. Clean the space, dust, vacuum, whatever is needed. Make a small ritual table or alter. Something for you to place your tools and your focus during the ceremony. It can be a box covered with a lace cloth, a small table, TV tray, or even the floor. What ever feels right for you. Place it in the north section of the circle.

Select a white candle, a crystal, a sage and lavender smudge stick or a special incense you like. Don’t forget the matches or a lighter. Prepare a tape or CD with some soft spiritual music you like to drown out any background noises in or around your spiritual space. Lay out your pendulum, pendulum board, a notebook and something to write with. Find a pillow or something that you can use to support your arm while you hold the pendulum. You want to make your hand as steady as possible. If you have to build a little platform for your hand and wrist out of boxes, an upside down glass or cup, figure it out now. Don’t wait until you’re in the middle of your reading when your arm gets tired.

Once you have all your tools and preparations in place, you’ll be ready to begin. Turn on you music and step into your ritual space.

Light the smudge stick, or incense you’ve chosen. Stand facing North holding it up in both hands about shoulder level and say a prayer. Something like:

Great Spirits, Creators of All That Is, I ask for your protection, your wisdom and your blessings as I open this spiritual circle today. Blow out the flames, if they haven’t gone out themselves.

Lower the incense, turn to the right and face East. Hold up the smoldering incense and call upon your spiritual guide or guidance. Say something like:

(State their name if you know it, otherwise call them your guide) I call upon the wisdom and energy of my guide, and ask for your assistance here within this circle as I seek for answers and guidance.

Lower the incense, turn to the right and face South. Here you need to state your purpose for opening this circle. You can use as much or little detail as you like. But the intent must be clearly defined. Don’t just say something like, I’m going to use my pendulum. Hold up the incense and try something like this:

I call upon the Great Spirits, my spiritual guides, and the higher divinity within myself for the purpose of divination by pendulum. This tool is new to me and I ask for your guidance and protection as I search for answers regarding – my job, relationship, whatever. For this I give my thanks and gratitude.

Lower the incense, turn to the right and face West. Now that you’ve called in all this energy, you can use it to clear and protect your circle. Hold up the incense and say something like this:

I set this circle in divine light and protection. I bind any negative or earth bound energies from entering this ritual space. I empower myself, my tools, my mind and spirit with positive and balanced energies to perform this task of divination.

Lower the incense, turn to the right and face North once more. Some people like to close of the top and bottom of the circle once it has been drawn. If you’d like to do that too, raise the incense in the air over your head, make a large circle (clockwise) so the smoke makes a bit of a trail, then do the same thing near the floor. As you do this say something like this:

To the Father Sky, To the Mother Earth, I protect this space and ask for your balancing energies to keep me focused and clear.

0Now sit down in front of your alter and place your incense in a holder on the table. Let it continue to smolder while you’re conducting the reading. Don’t light it again, if it goes out on it’s own that’s fine.

The next thing to do is to prepare yourself for divination. After all you’ll be holding the pendulum and therefore you will be part of the tool. With your left hand, light the white candle you’ve selected. As you light the wick, imagine the flame being part of your inner being. A symbol of the divine light within you. As you imagine this, say something like:

I call upon the Great Spirits, my guide (say their name if you know it), and the positive forces around me this day/night to help me find the answers I seek at this time.

Pick up your pendulum and pendulum board and say:
Protect and use these tools to guide me in my search for spiritual growth, awareness and clarity. In return I give my thanks and gratitude, my love and light.

Place the pendulum board on the table. As your holding your pendulum, use your free hand to log this session in your notebook.

Note the time, the date, who you called upon to help guide you and it might be interesting to note the weather and the phase of the moon. You’ll notice patterns after a time, for which conditions seem to work best for you.

Compose your first question. Remember to write it in a format that can be returned in a yes or no answer.

Hold your pendulum at the top. Most often there will be a holder for you to grasp comfortably, much like the one in the picture above. Make your arm comfortable as possible as you hang the pendulum over the board. When you’re ready, you can make your agreement with your spiritual guides that have come concerning the movement of the tool.

Holding the pendulum over the board, gently move the weighted end so it swings from top to bottom and say: “This will be Yes.”

Stop the movement and let it hang in the center of the board. It doesn’t have to be perfectly still, but it shouldn’t be moving very much at all. Gently move the weighted end so it swings from left to right and say: “This will be No.”

Stop the movement and let the pendulum hang in the center again. Gently move the weighted end so it swings diagonally from the bottom right to the upper left and say: “This will be a Don’t Want To Answer.”

Stop the movement and let the pendulum hang in the center. Gently move the weighted end so it swings in a clockwise circle and say: “This will be Probably Yes.”

Stop the movement and let the pendulum hang in the center. Gently move the weighted end so it swings in a counter-clockwise circle and say: “This will be Probably No.”

Ok, take a deep breath and focus on your pendulum. Imagine it being engulfed in white and purple light. Holding it as still as possible in the middle of the board, ask your question. The pendulum will move on it’s own, do your very best not to influence it’s motion. Otherwise you’ll have a false reading and this will be pointless. Just trust in yourself and your abilities. You can do this!

If you still don’t receive an answer, calm yourself a little bit. Have faith that this type of divination is possible if you believe in yourself and the forces around you. Position your arm again, try to restate your question just a little bit and wait for an answer. Once you receive one, record the answer in your notebook and compose your next question.

Reposition the pendulum over the circle and ask another question. Keep doing this until all your questions have been answered.

Close The Circle

It is just as important to spend time on closing you circle as it is for opening one. You want to thank your guides and close the energy within the space. You want to balance your own energies and get grounded again. And you want to clean and clear up your alter so it’s ready to go for the next spiritual event.
No matter what your ceremony is for, you should add a moment of meditation to the event. In this altered state, you can contact your guides and review the answers you received. Ask for clarification or further insight into how the events might unfold. You can use this time to thank the forces that have helped you this evening. Or you might ask for clarity of vision or a better understanding in the situation at hand.
Before you conclude your ritual, you should formally thank the spirits, deities, guides and anyone else in spirit you called upon, for their assistance. Typically this is done through an offering of some type. Bread and wine is a common offering, you might offer seeds for planting, or a seedling tree that will be planted in the honor of the spirits. There are as many different types of offerings as there are practioners around the world. Be true to your heart and your emotion, and select an offering that will have the most meaning to you.
Conclude your ritual by closing your chakra centers. When you have completed this step, stand inside your circle. Face north and give thanks once more for this sacred space and close the circle by saying something like this:

Great Spirits, Guides, and all the unseen forces who helped me this day/night. I send you my heart felt thanks and gratitude for your presence, for the guidance you have given me and the answers you have helped to uncover. I ask you now to close the energy within this circle, returning it to it’s original state. I ask that this sacred space, my home and my physical body continue to be protected in the loving glow of the Divine. I ask that my feet, my body and my mind become firmly planted and grounded as the energy of this circle subsides. For this assistance, protection and graceful company, I once again give my thanks.

Clean up your space, starting with the extinguishing the candle. Place your pendulum back in its protective pouch and return it and any other tools to their rightful place within your home.

That’s all there is to it.

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Let’s Talk Witch – Divination With The Pendulum


Let’s Talk Witch – Divination With The Pendulum

I will be the first to admit it. When I am in a hurry and want to know something, I reach for my pendulum. I know most people associate the use of pendulums with dowsing as a way of searching for water. But, of course, that is only one use of the pendulum. When you use a pendulum for the purpose of divination, you’re searching for answers hidden within yourself.

A pendulum consists of a small weight – a crystal or some other stone, for instance – hung from a short chain or ribbon. You hold the chain/ribbon, letting the pendulum dangle at the end of it, while you ask a simple question. The pendulum responds by swinging in a direction predetermined to mean either yes or no.

A pendulum isn’t capable of handling complex questions, but it can be used to answer any yes or no question. Most of the time, a pendulum will swing from side to side to let you know that the answer to your question is no. A backward and forward movement generally means yes. However, it’s a good idea to ask your pendulum aloud which direction will indicate yes and which will indicate no.

Sometimes the pendulum swings in a diagonal line. This can mean the matter is uncertain or that your question can’t be answered at this time. You might want to try asking later. If the pendulum doesn’t move, try asking a different question or phrase the question in a different manner. If your pendulum circles in a clockwise direction, it usually means the situation you’re asking about is favorable. If the pendulum moves in a counterclockwise circle, conditions seem unfavorable.

You can use a pendulum to dowse for just about anything, from buried treasure to the best spot to drill a well. You can dowse an area to find a lost object. You can dowse a house or apartment to see if it’s right for you. Or dowse the land to determine the  best place to build a home, business, shrine, garden, etc.

You can even dowse a map. This technique is great if you’re thinking about taking a trip or looking for a new place to live. Hold the pendulum over a map of an area that interests you and ask, “Is this the place?” If the response is no, try another area. Keep at it until the pendulum says yes.

Want to try something cool with your pendulum? When you purchase a candle from a store or buy a Craft item over the internet this is great to do. I always wonder if the item has any residue left over from its maker. Let’s say I just bought a new candle from the store. I bring it home, before I ever put it on my altar, I get my pendulum. Now I take the pendulum and hold it over the candle. If the candle has picked up any past residue the pendulum will start to swing outwards in a circle. This tells me that the candle does have past residue and I must take care in cleansing it. It the pendulum does not move, it has no past reside and I can cleanse as normal. But you can do this with any Craft item you purchase and it will work the same.

For such a small Craft tool, you will be amazed at all the things a pendulum can tell you can do for you.

The Care & Feeding of the Wicca Broom


As Witches, we need to be aware of the Ancient Broom Lore that has been passed
down to us from those wonderful Crones of the past.

1- Never leave home for long periods of time without telling your broom.

2- Treat your broom as you would any other member of your family, with honor,
reverence and respect.

3- Magickal Brooms are not regular cleaning brooms and should not be used for
such mundane tasks.

4- Never leave your Magickal Broom outside your cast circle.

5- Speak with your broom as you would speak to other members of your family or coven.

6- Never leave your Magickal Broom outside in the weather unless you ask the

7- Oil your broomstick with every turn of the wheel.

Brooms have long been known for their magickal ways, probably due to it’s shape, use in purification rites and kinship with magickal wands and staffs. The common household tool has been known to be so sacred that in many parts of the world there are Broom Deities.

Sao Ching Niang – The lady with the broom who lives in the Broom Star. When
there is too much rain and the crops are threatened, it is not uncommon in China
to see pictures of Brooms hanging on the front door or fences to bring clear and
sunny weather to the field.

As this is invoking the Great Earth Goddess herself, the Broom Star is the
fertile womb of our Great Goddess, and thus she gives us life of the fields that
are represented by the Corn Fields. Hence the broom is brought into our homes
from the womb of the Goddess.

In Mexico, the Witch Goddess Tlazoiteotl is depicted riding on a broom. This
symbolizes the coming of the night, the dark part of ourselves, the growing
darkness of the winter.

The priests in South America hve been known to burn offerings of owls and
snakes. These were offered at the dark moon. Through these offerings, the people were calling upon the Broom Witch to sweep away their transgressions.

My grandmother was a Broom Witch. Here are some of the old magickal things that can be done with a broom. On a hot summers day, I would watch her go out on the front porch and swing the broom over her head. Grandma would just tell me to be quiet, the rain was coming. And if fact she was right. A few hours later we always had rain. So Granny would call the rain with her broom by swinging it
clockwise over her head.

In turn, if it was raining too much, she would go out and talk with her broom
for a while on the front porch. She would sing “Rain, rain, go away, come again
some other day”. Then she would raise her broom and swing it over her head
counter-clockwise to stop the rain, and again, a few hours later the rain would

With some practice, I know have mastered this little broomlore spell. I find it
handy to tell the broom what I want it to do before I do it, then I say my
incantation and swing the broom.

Cutting A Doorway


At times you may have to leave the circle. This is fine, of course,  but as previously  mentioned, passing through the circle dissipates it.  To prevent this from occurring it’s traditional to cut a doorway.

To do this, face Northeast. Hold your athame point downward near the ground. See and sense the circle before you. Pierce its wall of energy with the athame and trace an archway,  tall enough to walk through, moving counter-clockwise along the circle for about three feet.  Move the point of the athame up at the arch’s center and down the other side until it is near the ground.

As you’re doing this, visualize that area of the circle’s energy being sucked back into the athame.  This creates a void, allowing passage in and out of the circle.  Pull the athame out of the circle’s wall.  You’re free to walk outside.

Once back inside, close the door by placing the athame at the lower North-Eastern point  of the archway.  With your athame trace the circle’s perimeter clockwise, as if redrawing  that portion of the Circle of Stones, again visualizing blue or purple energy flaring out from the blade and converging with the rest of the circle. It is done.

Empowering the Square

Empowering the Square

Use smudge and proceed clockwise round the square from the top north-west corner (as you face north)  until you end at the same place. If possible empower at sunset, and as close to the three days after the full moon as you can.

Make a swirl at each corner with the smudge and ask for blessings and protection from the benign  lesser earth spirits who will, if you are fortunate, take up position there (especially if you have taller rocks on which for them to make a  home).

Greet each of the loftier mid-point guardians, however you picture them, by raising your smudge to  the sky and then downwards to the earth. Greet each of the guardians on the first occasion with a small rounded black stone offering (you can use jet or  tourmaline if you want to use a crystal but not the fiery obsidian).

Unlike archangels, a land wight may not reveal his specific name so greet him as “sacred or  noble land wight of the northern land” and so on round the four directions.

You can if you wish refer to the northern direction guardian as Tiwaz the Viking spirit warrior who  represents the Pole Star, the east as Odin the Viking father god, the south as Thor the mighty thunder and blacksmith god and the west as Ingvi or Ingwaz,  the ancient fertility god who, according to the old sagas or legends went anticlockwise, against the sun, that is westwards.

You can empower a temporary or large visualized square by standing in the center and pointing your  smudge in the same order as you walked; north-west corner, north center, north-east corners, etc. and repeating the words as you turn the smudge clockwise  and anticlockwise.

If you are making a protective square of light around yourself in a dangerous place, picture staves  of light rising vertically at all eight points.

Magick squares don’t need to be uncast as their energies will flow back and forth from the  soil.

Re-empower a permanent magick square monthly at sunset, on any day during the three days after the  full moon.

The Pendulum Board

The Pendulum Board

A pendulum board is not necessary to perform tasks of divination, but it does come in handy.You can make your own or purchase a pendulum kit when you’re looking for the right tool for you. If you want to make your own, you simply need a circle with these six directions. This is the most common layout of a pendulum board. As you progress you might decide to make a more elaborate board that includes an alphabet and numbers.
  1. Yes ~ an up and down direction.
  2. No ~ a side to side direction.
  3. Maybe ~ a diagonal direction, from the lower left to upper right corners of the circle.
  4. Don’t Want To Answer ~ a diagonal direction , from the lower right to the upper left corners of the circle.
  5. Probably Yes ~ a clockwise circle.
  6. Probably Not ~ a counter-clockwise circle.
Making Your Own Board
Most pendulums you can purchase come with their own pendulum board. But not all do. If you chose to use a board, you can use a variety of things to make your own board.
You can draw a simple circle on a piece of paper and place the labels in the locations you feel most comfortable with. You can use a photo. You can alter a photo or picture with a graphics package and print it from your computer on photographic paper. You can even use “The Wheel” or “The Fortune” card from your favorite tarot deck.
The key is finding an image that inspires you, that has a circle in the center and you can easily identify the answer layout to.
This image is a good example of how a picture can be used to create a board. It’s a picture that was sent to me as a gift. Using a graphics package, I simply added the labels to make the board. In reality, you don’t have to add the words if you don’t want to. It can make it easier for the client to watch the pendulum as it swings and answers their questions.And it can also provide the new reader with a reminder of how they programmed the pendulum to operate.

The Five Stages of Spellcasting: Stage Two

The Five Stages of Spellcasting: Stage Two


You are now ready to begin endowing the symbol and spoken intention of the spell with power. Here you will use words, actions and visualization to build up this power within the physical symbol.

One of the most common methods of empowering the symbol is to pass it round or through the four elements in turn, so that power builds up within it.

Some practitioners start in the east with the incense. It does not matter as long as you are consistent. It depends whether you want to add your stability (north) at the beginning or end. Some prefer to start with stability and to end with the flowing waters of the west.

Begin with the salt in the north and make three clockwise circles of salt round the symbol, moving the circles outwards.

State again the purpose of the spell and then create an earth power chant, which should be spoken three times, visualizing at the same time what seem to be relevant earth powers. Visualize the power of the element in its natural form and then see that power entering you and meeting your own inner elemental power (like two rivers meeting). You can plan your chants in advance or just let them come spontaneously: they don’t have to rhyme. You can speak the chant as you make the circle, or afterwards for each of the four elements.

Next surround the symbol on the dish with three clockwise circles of incense smoke. Create an incense chant as you make the smoke circles over the salt ones. Afterwards you can also write the purpose of the spell in smoke over the symbol if you wish.

Repeat the process for fire with the candle or, if easier, circle the symbol on its dish clockwise over the candle of the south three times. Create a fire chant and again recite it three times.

Finally you are going to fill the symbol with the power of water in the same way. Make sure the water droplets are over the circles of salt and incense smoke (approximately). Again create a simple water power chant to be recited three times as you make the three water circles.