New Moon Spell

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New Moon Spell


I like to write a cheque to myself on the New Moon. I make it out to myself and write ‘paid in full’ in the amount box, then sign it from ‘the law of abundance’. I fold the cheque into three and add three drops of peppermint essential oil on top after laying it in the bottom of a dish I keep on my altar, and then I sprinkle over it dried mint and lay three sticks of cinnamon on top. This works really well to keep enough money coming in.

At the very first sign of the Moon, just the slightest glimpse of her, stand outside and look up. Turn around deosil (sunwise or clockwise) three times and make a wish on the New Moon.



Pagan Portals – Moon Magic

Rachel Patterson


A Little Humor for Your Day – Circle Etiquette for Beginners, It’s A Joke!


1.  Always visit the bathroom before you step into the circle.  Some High
Priests and Priestesses tend to be a bit long-winded and it may be a while.

2.  Never tell a High Priest or Priestess that they are a bit long-winded.

3.  If you MUST drop your athame on someone’s foot, drop it on your own, but
remember, reconsecration is long-winded.

4.  Never wear ritual jewelry that is gaudier than that being worn by the High
Priestess.  Rank has its privileges.

5.  Privileges of rank include chanting loudest and singing off-key.  If you
wish to usurp these privileges, do so SOFTLY.

6.  Never goose anybody with your wand, unless it is specifically called for in
the ritual.

7.  Always move and send things Deosil around the circle. Deosil meaning in the
apparent clockwise rotation of the sun around the earth; unless of course you
are from the Southern hemisphere (or otherwise facing North), where the sun
seems to go counterclockwise around the earth.  Then again, there is always the
moon which although it seems to be going Deosil is actually sneaking around
going Widdershins…When in doubt, stand between two or more people and do what they do.

8.  Never drink the last of the wine. The High Priest or Priestess are probably
saving the dregs for themselves.

9.  Don’t worry about how you look when you’re skyclad.  Everybody else is too
busy worrying about how they look skyclad to notice.

10.  Never “accidently” drip hot candlewax on someone else’s naked tush.

11. Always allow at least two hours after eating Schezwan or jalapenos before
attending a circle and kissing everyone.

12. Do not disrupt a closed circle by walking through it.  Many insects and
small animals may cross the circle without disrupting it and under these
circumstances are considered psychically Null and Void.  Disrupt the circle and
you may be considered a bit Null and Void yourself.

13. In the case of unwanted or unforeseen spiritual manifestation do not run or
scream.  You will only draw their attention.

14. Remember: Your gravitational attraction to candlewax, spilled wine, incense
smoke and candle flames is in direct proportion to the cost of dry-cleaning
your robe.

15. Anything which you allow to follow you home from the Astral is unlikely to
be housebroken.

16. Never touch anyone else’s ritual tools or gear without their permission.
Attack training is common.

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Lady A’s Spell of the Day for 8/19: ROOM CANDLE CLEANSE


You need: White candle and holder Salt
Place the candle in the middle of the room. Sprinkle the salt in a circle
deosil around the candle. Light and say:
Creature of wax, Creature of fire
Listen to me Hear my desire
Cleanse this room By the power of three
And blast away all negativity
With harm to none So shall it be.
Leave to burn for at least 1 hour