Making The Tree a Place of Power

Outdoors, your tree will be naturally cleansed and empowered by the weather, and if some of the items gets battered, don’t worry. However, you may wish initially to cleanse and empower the tree and any artefacts on it at the first full moon after it has been created. You can do this by smudging thound the tree with a smudge stick made of a bundle of tied and dried herb sticks.

You can use the technique below, if you like:

  • Light one end of the smudge stick and let the flames die down, then gently blow on the end until it glows red and you have a stream of smoke. You can use your other hand to fan the smoke. Smudge sticks are generally held in your power hand.
  • If indoors, be careful about sparks and ventilate the room. Also try to stand where you can see the moon or at least the sky through the window. Indoors, you can substitute a sage or pine incense stick if you wish.
  • To cleanse and empower the tree, stand facing the tree at about five paces distance. Raise your smudge stick upwards to the sky and downward to the earth.
  • Walk nine times clockwise round the tree, making alternate clockwise and  anticlockwise spirals of smoke., high and low, stamping your feet as you move and chant.
  • Relax and enjoy the experience. Let your feet carry you, often in a spiralling step movement, as you connect with earth energies and your hand weaves smoke patterns. Work barefoot if possible as you have sensitive energy center or chakras in the soles of your feet.
  • Chant continuously until you have made nine circuits:
  • “Empowering me, be for me, strengths and healing. Keep away harm, guard what is dear, and keep love near.”
  • You can repeat this ritual whenever you add something new to the three or before using it aaaas the focus for a personal spell or chants. Re-empower every third full moon.



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