Directional Invocation Egyptian

Isis to the south

Selket to the west

Nephthys to the north

Neith to the east.

Directional Invocations

If one invokes protective spirits, one is also effectively casting a protection spell. Their presence provides the protection. Directional invocations place the spell-caster within a circle of protective spirits. This format is ancient, hearkening back to ancient Babylon and Egypt.

“Demon” Summoning Hecate (1)

Hecate, Queen of Witches,  pre-eminent deity of the ancient nation of Caria, Matron of Midwives, and psychopomp maintains office hours only at night: formal petitions and invitations must be offered after dark. A particularly ancient spirit, the only source of illumination she favors is fire.

Summon Hecate at night by a three-way crossroads. Ideally, light your way with a mullein torch. Offer her garlic, lavender, and honey. If you have a dog, bring it with you. Keep an eye on the dog; it’s likely to perceive Hecate, who adores dogs, before you do. Why would you wish to contact Hecate? Because she can teach you to do anything you can imagine. Because she can grant you enhance psychic powers, fertility, romance, protection, freedom from illness, and magickal restitution for any crime committed against you.

“Demon” Summoning Baal

Baal means “master” or “owner” and may be the title of various Semitic spirits, or may indicate the many “paths of one, in the manner that a Yoruba orisha has many paths (aspects) yet remains one.

Baal’s image summons him, as does fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, arrowhead, hammers, and images of lightning. Why would you wish to summon him? Perhaps because he has been known to stabilize the weather and provide fertility, prosperity, and protection.

Angel Summoning Angel Water

Many angels allegedly love the scent of myrtle, the key ingredient in Angel Water. Angel Water is most famous as an aphrodisiac but may also be used to summon angels. Fill pans and bowls with Angel Water and arrange strategically. Accompany by verbally requesting the angel’s presence.

Ancestor Summoning

  1. Add one tablespoon of anisette liqueur to a glass of pure spring water.
  2. Place it on a table to summon ancestral and other beneficial spirits.
  3. That much alone is sufficient; however, to reinforce the spell add photographs of blood relative, even if they are not the ones whom you call.
  4. Provide food or other libations that the ancestors will find hard to resist, whatever is appropriate to your family or cultural tradition, or perhaps serve them whatever you would if they were truly coming to dinner.

Spirit Summoning Spells

Summoning a person is usually straight-forward. Call them on the telephone, drop them a note. Faxes and e-mails are instantaneous. If you’re patient, you could show up on their doorstep and await their inevitable arrival home. But how do you summon a spirit?

Straightforward methods exist as well as more complex ones. There are a lot of ways. Ancient theurgists used to call spirits with spinning tops. Some spirits respond if their name is called while others only respond to elaborate spells and rituals. It’s possible to summon generic “benevolent” spirits or summon a specific one by name. It is usually wisest to know exactly whom you’re summoning.

Some traditions consider that it’s safest or necessary to contact a gatekeeper spirit who will then summon the actual spirit for you. Essentially you are summoning a spirit to summon spirits for you. Although whether you choose to do this depends largely upon the tradition you follow, it is a wise practice if you are in the habit of summoning “generic” spirits. Summoning spirits without being very familiar with their identity and personality is a little like living in a very busy metropolis, throwing your front door open and inviting just anyone to enter. Always remember that, as with any guest, it’s easier to invite them in than to ask them to leave.

Gate guardian spirits may be petitioned to only permit benevolent or kind spirits through and bar the gate to malicious spirits. These gate guardians include:

  • Elegba

  • Exu

  • Hecate

  • Hermes

  • Maria Padilha Pomga Gira

These spirits guard the crossroads, permitting and denying access as they deem fit.

Spirits are summoned via:

*Fragrance: In ancient Egypt, it was believed that every spirit possessed it own characteristic scent, sort of like the ghost in the move “The Uninvited.” The sudden appearance of the fragrance signaled the spirit’s presence. This fragrance becomes a summoning device: when you introduce the fragrance to atmosphere, you’re effectively extending an invitation. General magickal wisdom suggests that beautiful, aromatic fragrance (gardenia, frankincense, sandalwood) summon beautiful, powerful, benevolent spirits. Likewise offensive, foul, malodorous fragrances summon malicious, mean-spirited, malignant, destructive spirit forces.

*Altars on which they recognize themselves: Every spirit has one or more attribute: objects, emblems, birds, animal, minerals or things that represent their power or whose essence they share manipulating these objects like a tableau extends visual invitations. Hence a glass of spring water and a dish of honey beckons Oshun; she is sweet water and honey, each shares the same essence.

*Offerings: In general, spirits are not above bribery but rather consider it their due. Attract their attention and lure them to your side by offering whatever they love, whatever most attracts them and invigorates them.

Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells
by Judika Illes

New Moon Report for June 4

Jupiter in Taurus

Saturday, June 4, 6:58 am PDT, 9:58 am EDT

Generous Jupiter lumbers into slow-moving Taurus where greater understanding of the Earth and our bodies awaits. Beliefs are grounded in the simple realities of daily life so we can experience truth in its most basic form. Fuzzy philosophies and airy abstractions tend to drift away in the winds as we seek knowledge that can be applied in the material world. The divide between spirit and matter can be reduced by awareness of our connection with nature. There is less need to search long and far for fulfillment because the potential for contentment is available here and now


It’s me again…….

I have a ton of comments in the back and I have been trying to answer some of them. That is why I am running so late on my daily postings. One post so of struck me that the rest of you might be thinking the same thing. It involved me not being open. That it would be nice that I opened up more with my readers and let you know what I think and how I feel. Witches are very private people. We aren’t suppose to reveal any of our practices, rituals or beliefs to the mundane world. In fact there is a law that states this very fact. I have been open for several years about being a witch. Especially since I got on the internet in 1999. I have been criticized and took a lot of heat about what I do. I have lost good friends. At the time I thought they were good friends come to find out all they wanted to do is stab me in the back and cut my throat at the same time. What there motivates were I don’t know? Also you couldn’t reveal your real name or your dead parent’s name either. I had a dedication page to my mother and my sister. They threw a fit because other witches might use this against me, do something to my relatives even after their dead. I had to keep my shield up 24 hours a day. I had to triple protect my house. And I had to do this because of my so-called friends. To my face they supported everything I was doing, but secretly that was another story.

I am just starting to feel comfortable here. Please have patience you will get to know me I promise. I made a clean break with those so-called friends. I even disappeared for about three months. I had to get my head on straight again and focus on what I had to do for the Goddess.  After the three months was up, I had a little voice tell me that I ought to check out the blogs. So I did and I was lost as a black cat, lol! I got to reading and figuring this out and that out (I believe I had a little help, lol). It started to make sense. I got my confidence up and decided many I can do this or at least give it a shot. I did and here we are today.

As far as me breaking the Law about not discussing our beliefs, rituals, spells and so on. I don’t believe I am doing anything wrong. I am doing the Goddess’ work. She watches over me every day and She knows what I put on this blog. So if it wasn’t suppose to be here I figure it wouldn’t.

Most forget in the Old Days that was the only way people had to communicate was by word of mouth. During the Burning Times, if our Religion had when underground then it would have been lost. Witchcraft has always been a word of mouth Religion. Just thought of it, I am going to post the Ordains again.

Well I guess I better hush for now……….but before I go you want to try something a little new, how about “Spell Saturday?” What do you think? I like the idea. Spells are my second nature, hee, hee,hee!)

She grabs her broom and her trust familiar and their off

Sunshine Brew

This amazing formula has many uses! The liquid can be added to soaps and floor washes and the dried herbs can be included in your own incense recipes or burned alone on an incense charcoal tab. I created the formula to vibrate to good health, wealth, and success. Be sure to empower the finished brew with your magickal bell. (tuning forks) and your own special prayer.

2    tablespoons dried chamomile

2    tablespoons dried bergamot

2    tablespoons dried ginger

2    tablespoons dried rosemary

      Mortar and pestle

1    up distilled water

1    paper coffee filter

1    clear glass bottle or jar

Grind the herbs with mortar and pestle just enough to break them up and release their aroma, not enough to pulverize them. Boil one cup of distilled water. Take one half of your herbal mixture and place to center of a paper coffee filter. Twist filter tightly. Place filter in the cup of hot water. Remove after one hour; throw soaked herbs away. Refrigerate sunshine brew and be sure to label DO NOT DRINK. To use, empower at sunrise or at noon. Add a crystal to the brew for more power.

Happy and Glorious Saturday to All!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful Saturday so far.  I fell asleep in the floor last night and woke up this morning at 3:00 a.m., to Hitler invading Russia.  Great to wake up to early, early on your Saturday morning. I got up when to wash dishes and here comes hubby wanting to know if there is any coffee made. Of course, seeing all the violence on TV, I wanted to pop him on the head with the coffee pot. Then I got to thinking coffee, not a bad idea. So I made us a pot, rather me a pot. He had one cup and went back to bed. Dawn was beginning to crack, so I did what I love to do. Take my coffee outside, curl up on my bench and watch the beautiful Sun come up. Curling up wasn’t in the picture this morning. Two of the wildcats were already outside waiting on me. The biggest one and the  smallest one and would you believe they were occupying my bench, lol! They wanted to play and love. But out of all of them, the big one is the most hostile. It took me forever to befriend him. Now if there is any of the others out there, forget they don’t come close to me. We played and loved a little bit, then I broke up fights, then I went and got their food. I figured that was the only way I was going to get any peace.

I had noticed when I came back in the house, I had wasted an hour and a half playing with the cats. The sky was beginning to lighten up, so I figured it was a great time to water the garden (since I forgot to last night).  I gathered up my pitchers and flashlight. Now remember I said it was just starting to lighten up, you still couldn’t see that great. I put the garden on the back side of the porch. Turns out it was a pretty smart move. I can stand on the porch and water the garden in cast it is super muddy. I forgot to mention, when I was digging this spot up the ground was just so soft and it took no strength what so ever to dig it up. This is very, very unusual for the ground around here. I didn’t think anything about it, I was just thrilled I didn’t have to kill myself. The day I dug up the garden, I went into to get a glass of ice water. When I came back I found out why the ground was so easy to dig, I was digging in a wolf spider’s nest. It was almost down right funny, I went to observe my handy work and there in the middle of the dirt had to be the grandpa of all wolf spiders. He was huge. I figured after I watered the ground some more, they would leave. I brought the hose around the house and started watering. Oh brother, did I get a reaction out of that spider. He jumped at me. Needless to say, I had forgotten they could jump and it scared the crap out of me. Now back to this morning, I had my flashlight and was up on the porch. I noticed one of my plants had been moved. Miss Perfectionist couldn’t stand that. She had to go and put it back in its place. I had totally forgot about the spiders. I pulled the plant up and move it over just a little bit. I wasn’t paying attention but I had opened the spider’s hole back up. I had just stood up and the evil spider jumped on my foot. I am sure I woke up every neighbor in a five-mile radius. I screamed a dirty word while dancing around on one foot. I never did think I was going to get that damn spider off of my foot. Finally after throwing my foot out-of-place, I got the spider off of me. Thank the Goddess he didn’t bite me. I can do some of the stupidest things at times. Please use this as a what not to guide when gardening.

Beware of soft dirty. (It is a mean, cruel joke played on you by some creature or critter)

If your plants get up and move on their own. (Leave them alone, the plant will be happier and so will you)

Never garden by flashlight. ( This should be a no boner)

If you find a spider of any kind in your garden, leave him be and maybe he will do the same. (If not, just give him a good drink of water and a shower. Hopefully the shower will do him in, lol!)