Empowering the Square

Empowering the Square

Use smudge and proceed clockwise round the square from the top north-west corner (as you face north)  until you end at the same place. If possible empower at sunset, and as close to the three days after the full moon as you can.

Make a swirl at each corner with the smudge and ask for blessings and protection from the benign  lesser earth spirits who will, if you are fortunate, take up position there (especially if you have taller rocks on which for them to make a  home).

Greet each of the loftier mid-point guardians, however you picture them, by raising your smudge to  the sky and then downwards to the earth. Greet each of the guardians on the first occasion with a small rounded black stone offering (you can use jet or  tourmaline if you want to use a crystal but not the fiery obsidian).

Unlike archangels, a land wight may not reveal his specific name so greet him as “sacred or  noble land wight of the northern land” and so on round the four directions.

You can if you wish refer to the northern direction guardian as Tiwaz the Viking spirit warrior who  represents the Pole Star, the east as Odin the Viking father god, the south as Thor the mighty thunder and blacksmith god and the west as Ingvi or Ingwaz,  the ancient fertility god who, according to the old sagas or legends went anticlockwise, against the sun, that is westwards.

You can empower a temporary or large visualized square by standing in the center and pointing your  smudge in the same order as you walked; north-west corner, north center, north-east corners, etc. and repeating the words as you turn the smudge clockwise  and anticlockwise.

If you are making a protective square of light around yourself in a dangerous place, picture staves  of light rising vertically at all eight points.

Magick squares don’t need to be uncast as their energies will flow back and forth from the  soil.

Re-empower a permanent magick square monthly at sunset, on any day during the three days after the  full moon.

Monday, April 24th – Necklaces & Nature

The Wicca Book of Days for April 24th

Necklaces and Nature

Necklaces are among the most important attributes of many fertility Goddesses, most notably Venus, the Roman Goddess for who today’s ruling planet was named and Freyja, the beautiful Vanir, or spirit of feminine fertility, of Norse mythology. It is told that Freyja was so entranced by the magickal necklace name the Brisingamen, which maximized the wearer’s sexual allure and powers of fertility, that when Loki stole it from her, she was beside herself with grief at its loss, causing all vegetation on earth to shrivel up and remain dead until it was returned to her possession.

Amber and Jet

Pay tribute to the Goddess’s gift of fecundity by wearing a necklace today. If possible, wear bear or a pendant fashioned from amber or jet both organic materials sacred to the goddess through these long entombment in the Earth.