Prayers, Symbols, Books and More for the Goddess Hecate or Hekate –

Goddess Hekate: Prayers, Symbols, Books & More


Today I want to start exploring the incredible magical realm of gods and goddesses with you, and I could not start from any other than Hekate, the mother of all witches! If you want to get to know this mysterious, fascinating goddess, keep reading this article!


Who is Hekate?

The myth of Hekate: from its origins to ancient Greece

How do you know that Hekate is calling you?

What are Hekate’s symbols?

Best books about Hekate

My favorite Hekate ritual for guidance

Hekate artwork


Dawn’s Thoughts on The Goddess Hecate

History and Origins

Threefold Hecate

Hecate’s Companions

Hecate’s Spheres of Influence

Worship of Hecate

Symbols of Hecate


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