Sunday’s Witchery c. 2018 (Correspondences and Spell)

Gna’s Blot

Colors: White and blue
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of white and blue set twelve white candles, one sky-blue candle, a great jug of mead, and a white feather. Throughout the next ten days, the altar stays the same, and one more candle is lit. On this day, light the blue candle and two white candles.
Offering: Take a message of truth to someone. Speak the truth. Do things correctly.
Daily Meal: Soup or stew. Bread with cheese, meat, or jam.

Invocation to Frigga’s Handmaidens

Call: Twelve maidens hold the halls of Asgard!
Response: Twelve virgins hold the pillars of heaven!
Call: Twelve mysteries hold the luck of Asgard!
Response: Twelve virtues hold the Law of heaven!
Call: Twelve words of power resound through Asgard!
Response: Twelve stars light up the dome of heaven!
Call: We call upon the power of Virtue!
Response: We call upon the mysteries of heaven!

Invocation to Gna

Hail, bright messenger of Frigga,
Bringer only of the truth,
Be it joyful or painful.
You whose lips speak only what is true
And whose wings rush the truth to every corner of the world,
Teach us to love that messenger when she comes,
Even when she bears tidings
That wring the heart to sorrow.
Teach us that truth is never unwelcome,
And that its radiance burns through
All confusion, all illusion, and all shadows.
For truth is more than merely our words;
It is every step that we take on the road of life.

Cloth of honor from the thread of truth
Weave your heart into all you offer

(A libation of mead is poured out for Gna, and the jug replaced for the next day’s ritual. There should be a House meeting for this day, during which the virtue of Truth is stressed.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]


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