Iron Spell: Clothing

Iron Spell: Clothing

Sew bits of iron (nails for instance) unto the hems of garments for protection from cvil. (The spell only works when the clothing is worn.)

The Planets Now for May 2


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Position of the planets based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
12° 01′
in Taurus
06° 17′
in Taurus
16° 17′
in Aries
14° 04′
in Aries
23° 34′
in Aries
22° 39′
in Aries
11° 45′
in Libra
02° 53′
in Aries
00° 52′
in Pisces
07° 05′
in Capricorn
Conjunction: Mars Jupiter 0º
Conjunction: Mercury Jupiter 6º
Conjunction: Mercury Mars 7º
Conjunction: Mercury Venus 2º
Conjunction: Sun Moon 5º
Conjunction: Venus Jupiter 8º
Opposition: Mercury Saturn 4º
Opposition: Venus Saturn 2º
Quincunx: Sun Saturn 0º
Semi-Sextile: Sun Venus 2º
Semi-Sextile: Uranus Neptune 2º
Square: Saturn Pluto 4º
Square: Uranus Pluto 4º
Trine: Moon Pluto 0º
Trine: Sun Pluto 4º
The Sun in Taurus
Tradition, stability and loyalty are strong influences as the Sun travels through Taurus. Generally, taking a practical approach to life is favored at this time. It is likely risks should be avoided at this time. Substantial financial gain can be made while the Sun is in Taurus. This is also a good time to enjoy the good things in life as long as indulgences are not allowed to become excessive. Making headway towards reaching goals could be challenged by a general stubbornness and resistance to change.

Sun Conjunct Moon
Being true to one’s self will provide needed answers. Solitude and introspection may prove to be beneficial.

Sun Sextile or Trine Pluto
A “head on” approach to life is favored at this time.

Moon In Taurus
This is a period in which an easy going attitude and moving through life at a steady pace is favored. The need for physical pleasure may be high at this time. If possible conflict should be avoided. Unyielding stubbornness can lead to missing some great opportunities.

Moon Sextile or Trine Pluto
Passions are likely to run high during this aspect. Exploring the world’s mysteries may be a very attractive pursuit at this time.

Mercury In Aries
Mercury in Aries is an influence that does not favor diplomacy. Many will be far more outspoken than usual. Dissension will be prevalent. Traditional approaches to handling challenges are likely to be replaced by new, more affective strategies. The need to be on the cutting edge of things will be strong.

Mercury Conjunct Venus
Many will find themselves easily moved by the arts. Their creative side is likely to be higher as well.

Mercury Conjunct Mars
Debates and analytical thinking are likely. The candid words of some may be so frank that they may be seen as offensive to those on the receiving end.

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter
Seeking the “essence” of things may become a preoccupation. The need and ability to share ideas is strong.

Mercury Opposition or Square Saturn
This aspect provides a favorable window for tackling complex intellectual problems.

Venus In Aries
Emotions may be high. The need for love is heightened, as well as the need to fulfill needs of loved ones. Physical desires and sensuality are likely to be very strong.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter
Avoid getting caught up in trite issues. Optimism towards the future is a powerful tool that can ensure success. Some will seem far more attractive than usual.

Venus Opposition or Square Saturn
This aspect tends to add a serious tone to life. Pursuing practical goals is favored. Some may feel a little less deserving than they usually do.

Mars In Aries
Action is the keyword at this time. Those who act quickly and decisively should be favored. Self-sufficiency and the ability to act alone are valuable assets. Many will do well by focusing on short term goals.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter
Success in all arenas is possible. Energy levels and optimism should be relatively high.

Jupiter In Aries
Self-reliance and optimism are favored at this time. Those who enjoy challenges and competition are favored. Adopting a never surrender attitude is a key component to attaining success.


Saturn In Libra
Intimacy may be more of a chore than a pleasure. Some will find their progress towards strengthening intimate bonds and attaining goals muted by feelings of inadequacy.

Saturn Opposition or Square Pluto
This aspect may make it difficult to commit one’s self to anything beyond the moment at hand. However, those who do take on new goals will put the full force of their nature into achieving them.

Uranus In Aries
The astrological influence of Uranus is measured in increments of 7 years. What this means is that the effects of Uranus influence an entire generation. Day to day the Uranian influence may be imperceptible, but when the period is viewed as a whole the impact of Uranus is likely to be strikingly apparent.

Iconoclasm, independence and self-sufficiency are likely to be major themes during this period. Traditional values will be challenged. Those with a pioneering spirit will flourish.

Uranus Square Pluto
A mental restlessness and the need for complete personal freedom are possible influences of this aspect. In some the need for total autonomy may be so strong that they will challenge any attempt to subdue their independence.

Neptune In Pisces
Because Neptune takes approximately 14 years to move across Pisces its day to day influence may be imperceptible, but when the period is viewed as a whole the impact of Neptune in Pisces is likely to be strikingly apparent.

Gentleness, creativity, and the pursuit of spiritual truth are strong influences at this time. Many may find mysticism and unorthodox religions very attractive.


Pluto In Capricorn
Because Pluto takes approximately 15 years to move across Capricorn its day to day influence may be imperceptible, but when the period is viewed as a whole the impact of Pluto in Capricorn is likely to be strikingly apparent.

Strong economic gains can be made during this period. Pluto in Capricorn favors those who are able to make logical decisions and devise pragmatic solutions to the challenges before them.

Your Deck of Ancient Symbols Card for May 2 is Mars

Your Deck of Ancient Symbols Card for Today


Mars represents those qualities we commonly associate with the male/yang persona. Mars traits include raw energy, ambition, aggression, confidence, passion, and a sense of adventure. The occurrence of Mars denotes the dominating presence or need of the qualities listed above. Martian influence may have a negative impact unless it is balanced with an influence that can blunt the brashness and impulsiveness of Mars.

As a daily card, Mars suggests you would be well served by allowing your more aggressive side take control for at least for a short while. Now is a time for you to act with confidence and decisiveness. However, keep in mind that the qualities associated with Mars can do more damage than good if allowed to run free for too long.

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for May 2 is 36: Darkening of the Light

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for Everyone:

36: Darkening of the Light

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Hexagram 36

General Meaning: When light becomes dim, it may be wise to become invisible. The image is of fresh darkness, the period after the sun has gone down or the fire has gone out. There is still much activity left over from the light of day, while movements in the outer world become more dangerous. Even the smallest sound, the faintest glow of light, can attract unwanted attention.

When the darkness of stupidity reigns, it is best that your own brilliance stay ‘hidden under a bushel basket.’ That is, your thoughts and efforts should be quiet and self-contained, and protected, as much as possible, from disruptive influences.

Whatever you do, don’t let yourself be swept along on the current of conventional wisdom when dangerous uncertainties exist. Try not to become too depressed or anxious; this period will pass. Just endure it for now and inwardly preserve your self-confidence, while outwardly remaining cooperative and flexible. The time to assert yourself will come. Avoid looking too far ahead if you have not yet achieved your goals. That only feeds regret and longing, which can eat away at your inner resources.

Be cautious and reserved. Control yourself. Do not needlessly awaken dormant forces of opposition. During dark, unsettled periods, it is best to step gingerly around the sleeping dogs.

Iron Protection Spells

Iron Protection Spells

Iron provides protection 24 hours a day, whether you are asleep or awake.

  • Bend a used horseshoe nail into a ring

  • An iron bracelet reinforces the magickal protection capacities of the hand

  • String iron beads and wear around neck and ankles

  • For protection while you sleep, slip a knife or horseshoe under you pillow

  • If you prefer not to keep anything that hard in bed, a sword or fireplace poker can be kept under the bed

  • No need to keep anything in or under the bed:  sleeping in a bed crafted from iron creates an island of safety, reinvigorating health, creativity and fertility while you sleep.

Your Daily Number for May 2: 9

Your Daily Number: 9

Any recent trouble in a relationship may be defused today, thanks in part to your use of tact and wisdom. You’re a person of depth and clarity today, and you may even have some strong humanitarian urges. It’s a day of shifting priorities and enjoying your status as a student of life. Don’t commit to long term plans just yet.

Fast Facts

About the Number 9

Theme: Encompassing a love for all, Compassion, Patience, Selfless
Astro Association: Virgo
Tarot Association: Hermit

Today’s Tarot Card for May 2 is The Magician

Today’s Tarot Card for Everyone:

The Magician

This Tarot Deck: Cat People

General Meaning: Traditionally, the Magus is one who can demonstrate hands-on magic — as in healing, transformative rituals, alchemical transmutations, charging of talismans and the like. A modern Magus is any person who completes the circuit between heaven and Earth, one who seeks to bring forth the divine ‘gold’ within her or himself.

At the birth of Tarot, even a gifted healer who was not an ordained clergyman was considered to be in league with the Devil! For obvious reasons, the line between fooling the eye with sleight of hand, and charging the world with magical will was not clearly differentiated in the early Tarot cards.

Waite’s image of the Magus as the solitary ritualist communing with the spirits of the elements — with its formal arrangement of symbols and postures — is a token of the freedom we have in modern times to declare our spiritual politics without fear of reprisal. The older cards were never so explicit about what the Magus was doing. It’s best to keep your imagination open with this card. Visualize yourself manifesting something unique, guided by evolutionary forces that emerge spontaneously from within your soul.

Iron Spells

Iron Spells

Iron repels evil of all kind. Most malevolent spirits cannot bear to be in its presence. In addition to providing protection, iron enhances and stimulates the growth of one’s personal magick powers, so that you are stronger and better able to protection yourself, requiring less outside spiritual protection. Iron also invigorates general vitality and energy.

Daily Horoscopes for May 2nd


General Daily Horoscope


Although the Moon’s entry into determined Taurus at 1:58 am EDT helps to settle the energy, it’s more of a sign of things to come with a new emotional cycle starting at tomorrow’s Taurus New Moon. We keep talking about slowing down and establishing a pace of life that we can sustain, but now the need to be practical is undeniable. However, the Sun’s disquieting quincunx with taskmaster Saturn indicates that even simplification can be complicated.


Aries Horoscope
Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You are conflicted when you feel the high-frequency excitement beginning to fade today. You’re relieved because you’re able to take a breath, but also sad to experience a pause in all the action. There’s no need to be concerned since the upbeat energy will soon return. Meanwhile, take advantage of your break by doing something special to recharge your system. Thankfully, your sense of renewed vitality will be useful when the energy picks back up in a couple of days.


Taurus Horoscope
Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 – May 20)

Although this could be a back-to-work day for you, it seems as if it will also bring you an opportunity to escape. It’s your turn to chill out, so even if you must show up on the job, don’t hesitate to create some personal time so you can contemplate your future. Others may think that you’re being too aloof, but they don’t necessarily understand how you Bulls process your emotions. Integrate your feelings through meditation and active daydreaming before doing anything about them.



Gemini Horoscope
Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)

You are quite insistent about what you want these days as your key planet Mercury moves away from its opposition to restrictive Saturn, enabling you to think more clearly. Oftentimes, you are quite happy changing your mind, depending upon the usefulness of your affiliations. But now you want to make your decisions in response to your dreams, whether or not they are grounded in reality. Don’t get so caught up in being stubborn; let your natural flexibility lead the way, instead.



Cancer Horoscope
Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – Jul 22)

You may have the urge to socialize with some of your co-workers for no other reason than to talk about your plans and what you want to do in your future. Expressing your visions of an ideal life isn’t a substitute for making something happen here and now. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy exchanging ideas in a non-judgmental way that can remind you of what’s truly most important. Sharing is a two-way street; listening to others can inspire you to follow your dreams now.



Leo Horoscope
Leo Horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You may be stuck in an ongoing argument with yourself today as you try to balance your needs with your responsibilities. Unfortunately, your spontaneity may be constrained by previous commitments, giving you less freedom today than you wish. Nevertheless, you know what you must do, even if you are also considering a quick escape. Being practical is the smartest course of action now, since you’ll have more opportunity for guilt-free play once your work is done.



Virgo Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You are tying up loose ends because you can work at a steady pace now. Ignore anyone who tells you to work faster; you’ll instinctively do what’s best for your productivity. Luckily, you can effectively defend yourself today. Don’t be afraid to take a firm stand on an important issue, but try not to offend anyone else in the process.



Libra Horoscope
Libra Horoscope (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

A lighthearted relationship can grow more intense when feelings sink beneath the surface. Thankfully, you are able to describe your emotions with clarity today, but your communication style could clash with someone else’s approach. Go ahead and explain the best you can, but stop talking once you’ve made your point. Don’t be overly impatient; reaching closure might take longer than you think.



Scorpio Horoscope
Scorpio Horoscope (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You just don’t understand why your co-workers don’t follow through on their promises. You would like to be more forgiving, but still someone can get on your nerves, provoking you to intervene. Unfortunately, throwing a temper tantrum won’t accomplish anything worthwhile. You cannot make anyone else change. Instead, you would be wise to accept full responsibility for your own emotional response and then simply let it go.



Sagittarius Horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Becoming mired in unnecessary details is very annoying, since you typically prefer holistically focusing on the bigger picture. Nevertheless, you see a real necessity to find your way back to the basics today as you create a direct path through all the excitement. Don’t get lost in your work. Although you have a lot to manage now, it’s better to seek a healthy balance between your single-minded ambition and your adventurous spirit.



Capricorn Horoscope
Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Sometimes being a hardworking Capricorn really does pays off. If you have been responsible all along, now you get to play. However, others may be jealous, especially if they still have unfinished chores that are infringing on their ability to have fun. Still, you’re far from perfect, and today might reveal something you should have already finished. Don’t take on too much stress; it’s a lot better to enjoy yourself while you can.



Aquarius Horoscope
Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You have personal obligations that you aren’t necessarily eager to address today. But you realize that procrastinating will probably delay everything else you need to do, too. Overcome your resistance and don’t make your domestic duties less important than they really are. It may not be easy to initiate action now, but you’ll feel more positive once you make some progress.



Pisces Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

If you have plans for the week, you might not want to change them once you put them into place. Although your stubbornness could work in your favor by helping you to be more productive, adhering to your agenda could become increasingly stressful. A bit of flexibility might help to ease a difficult situation if someone else is stuck. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference; with just a little effort, you could be a real hero.