But you must REALLY listen. No interrupting, no daydreaming, no planning your response. Just listening.
    Be generous with appropriate hugs, kisses, pats on the back and holds. Let these small actions demonstrate the love you have for family and friends.
    Clip cartoons. Share articles and funny stories. Your gift will say, “I love to laugh with you.”
    It can be a simple “Thanks for the help” note or a full sonnet. A brief, handwritten note may be remembered for a lifetime, and may even change a life.
    A simple and sincere, “You look great in red,” “You did a super job” or “That was a wonderful meal” can make someone’s day.
    Every day, go out of your way to do something kind.
    There are times when we want nothing better than to be left alone. Be sensitive to those times and give the gift of solitude to others.
    The easiest way to feel good is to extend a kind word to someone, really it’s not that hard to say, Hello or Thank You.



Author Unknown
— Submitted by Farez Shabudin Karimani

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for May 7th is 30:Clinging Like Fire

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for Everyone:

30: Clinging Like Fire

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Hexagram 30

General Meaning: Flames cling to their source of fuel in order to keep the fire burning. Likewise, in the human world, emotional attachment results from everything that radiates light or warmth is dependent upon something else. Through these dependencies we can see that all things are related, each thing to the other. Awareness of your own dependency on others is the key that unlocks the door to your true place in the world. No woman is an island.

Fire is also a symbol of liberation — sending out crackling molecules that fly away from home. Paradoxically, by clinging to what is balanced and true, we gain inner freedom.

Given perseverance on your part, this hexagram indicates success. In spite of challenges, cling to what is luminous in yourself, in others, and in life itself, never forsaking your belief in what is right. When events seem foreboding, or people seem oppressive, remember the good that has been and is yet to be. Holding to this idea is to cling to the power of the light and love within you.

Your Daily Number for May 7th: 1

Your Daily Number: 1

Your independence is highlighted today. It’s time to stand on your own two feet and forge forward, despite a perceived lack of support. You may find yourself starting a new project today, and the possibility of meeting someone new is strong. Guard against forgetfulness.

Fast Facts

About the Number 1

Theme: Masculine, Creative, Independent, Aggressive
Astro Association: Mercury
Tarot Association: Magician

Today’s Tarot Card for May 7 is the Lovers

Today’s Tarot Card for Everyone:

The Lovers

This Tarot Deck: Etteilla

General Meaning: Although it has taken on a strictly romantic revision of meaning in some modern decks, traditionally the Lovers card of Tarot reflected the challenges of choosing a partner. At a crossroads, one cannot take both paths. The images on this card in different decks have varied more than most, because we have had so many ways of looking at sex and relationships across cultures and centuries.

Classically, the energy of this card reminded us of the real challenges posed by romantic relationships, with the protagonist often shown in the act of making an either-or choice. To partake of a higher ideal often requires sacrificing the lesser option. The path of pleasure eventually leads to distraction from spiritual growth. The gratification of the personality eventually gives way to a call from spirit as the soul matures.

Modern decks tend to portray the feeling of romantic love with this card, showing Adam and Eve at the gates of Eden when everything was still perfect. This interpretation portrays humanity before the Fall, and can be thought to imply a different sort of choice — the choice of evolution over perfection, or the choice of personal growth through relationship — instead of a fantasy where everything falls into place perfectly and is taken care of without effort

Daily Horoscopes for May 7


General Daily Horoscope


Today’s astrological signature is an odd one because the sensitive Cancer Moon pulls our energy inward. Our emotions are powerful, yet we may not feel obliged to share what we’re feeling now. Meanwhile, we have a lot of positive things to say as sweet Venus tracks along closely with communicator Mercury until they join up on Monday. Nevertheless, our words are sparse and it could take a few more days before we actually say what’s on our minds.


Aries Horoscope
Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

It may be easier to withhold your anger now than to express what you actually feel. Remaining tight-lipped could seem safer because of your fear that you’ll share too much once you get on a roll. Unfortunately, relationships can cool if suppressed emotions turn into resentment. It might be wiser to sink into your feelings, put your thoughts in order and then speak your truth.



Taurus Horoscope
Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 – May 20)

Your imagination can lure you far from reality now, making it difficult to return. Your emotions may seem overwhelming, turning you into your own worst enemy. Above all, don’t try to go into denial, for you won’t be able to use logic to outmaneuver your feelings. Remain open to whatever happens today because your current goals will likely morph into something else. Ultimately, your unflappable determination enables you to get back on track. Don’t bother explaining anything until after you know you’re moving in the right direction.



Gemini Horoscope
Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)

Your clever wit saves you from a difficult situation today. However, you still must carefully watch every step you take so you don’t make a social faux pas. Your lighthearted sense of humor can relieve the pressure in the immediate moment, but it doesn’t fix the underlying cause. Things are more complex than they appear now. Take your time and don’t be so quick to tap dance around the edge of the unknown.



Cancer Horoscope
Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – Jul 22)

You might not like what you’re feeling because the Moon in your moody sign is stressed by Uranus, Pluto and Saturn. The pressure builds, placing you in an awkward position. You would prefer everything to be out in the open, but the present circumstances could require you to remain silent for now. Although you may not find resolution today, the tension will be easier to manage once you realize that it’s temporary.


Leo Horoscope
Leo Horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Being confronted with an intense emotional outburst today might be exactly what’s necessary to awaken you from your complacency. Even if you believed that you had things under control, you’re now beginning to see the unfolding drama in a different light. The first step is to acknowledge that your current plan won’t be sufficient to get you through this power struggle. Thankfully, the intensity of your concentration should enable you to adapt to nearly anything that comes your way.



Virgo Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Handling the fallout from other people’s reactions can be unsettling today, especially if someone is resisting you at every step you take. Although you don’t want to retract your words, you might wish you hadn’t revealed the depth of your current feelings. Working with your emotions isn’t all fun and games now, but can prove to be very rewarding if you’re willing to stick with the process.



Libra Horoscope
Libra Horoscope (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You may not be as certain today about a few of your recent choices. Asking tough questions is healthy, but harboring self-doubt is not. The next few days might be frustrating because you can’t see very far into the future, making it nearly impossible to finalize your plans. Instead of allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by stress, engage the energy by doing chores around the house or working on an unfinished project. Rest assured that the dust will settle and you’ll gain clarity regarding your final answer.


Scorpio Horoscope
Scorpio Horoscope (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You have had no choice other than to go along with external circumstances that seem to be outside of your control. Today, your mild concerns could explode into more serious fears. The Moon’s opposition to your key planet Pluto may have you believing that the situation is worse than you imagined, whereas in truth, it’s probably not nearly as bad as you think. Take whatever steps are necessary to put things back on track, but don’t overreact. An emotional outburst will only stir up more trouble than it solves.



Sagittarius Horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You are usually quick to share what you’re thinking, but your impulsive tendencies may have you backtracking later on. Ironically, you’re probably correct in your analysis of the current situation; it’s just that everything is in flux today and you may jump to a conclusion prematurely. Fortunately, you will have an opportunity to reevaluate your choices and change your mind based upon what you learn later in the day.


Capricorn Horoscope
Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

A close friend or partner may seem overly emotional today, prompting you to withdraw. You have your own stuff going on and you’re not that eager to be sidetracked with someone else’s issues. Nevertheless, it’s important to stay present with your feelings to avoid forming unnecessary battle lines. A serious conflict won’t produce any winners, so you would be wiser to resolve problems through open dialogue. Make sure that everyone involved is willing to compromise before you give up more than you should.



Aquarius Horoscope
Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You are torn between digging deeply into your feelings today and overpowering them with direct action. In fact, the illusion is that both approaches seem to exclude the other. The solution is not straightforward because a sensible strategy must incorporate both your internal process and your apparent behavior. Don’t be afraid to admit that you are unsure of what to do next; engaging in an honest conversation with someone you trust is more useful now than getting fast results.



Pisces Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

It’s challenging to stand up for yourself now, especially if a powerful person in your immediate environment thinks that they know how you should live your life. You might be reluctant to admit that your point of view is different because you’re not interested in defending your beliefs. Although this issue may resurface at a later date, it’s best to wait it out and say as little as possible. What seems critical today won’t be as important next week.

Candle Magick 101 (continued)

Candle Magic 101


8. When you dress a candle for magical use, imagine that it is a psychic magnet with a North and a South Pole. Rub the oil into the candle beginning at the top or North end and work downwards to the half-way point. Always brush the same direction downwards. This process is then repeated by beginning at the bottom or south end and working up to the middle.
9. The best type of oils to use for dressing a candle are natural ones which can be obtained quite easily. Some occult suppliers will provide candle magic oils with exotic names. If the magician does not want to use these, he can select soluble perfumes sold by craft shops for inclusion in candles can be recommended.
10. The candles you use can be colored in accordance with the following magical uses: white-spirituality and peace red-health, energy, strength, courage, sexual potency. pink-love affection and romance. yellow-intellectualism, imagination, memory and creativity green-fertility, abundance, good luck and harmony blue-inspiration, occult wisdom, protection and devotion purple-material wealth, higher psychic ability, spiritual power and idealism silver-clairvoyance, inspiration, astral energy and intuition orange-ambition, career matters and the law.
11. If you wanted to use candle magic for healing, you would select a red candle to burn. To pass an exam, burn a yellow candle, to gain esoteric knowledge burn a blue candle or for material gain, burn a purple one. Its is obvious these colors relate to the signs of the zodiac and the planetary forces.
12. The simplest form of candle magic is to write down the objective of your ritual on a virgin piece of paper. You can use color paper which matches the candle. Write your petition on the paper using a magical alphabet, such as Theban, Enochian, Walachian, etc. As you write down what you want to accomplish through candle magic–a new job, healing for a friend , a change of residence, a new love affair, etc.–visualize your dream coming true. Visualize the circumstances under which you employer telling you that your salary has been increased or conjure up a vision of your perfect love partner.
13. When you have completed writing down your petition, carefully fold up the paper in a deliberately show fashion. Place the end of the folded paper in the candle flame and set light to it. As you do this concentrate once more on what you want from life.
14. When you have completed your ritual, allow the candle to have completely burned away. you do not need to stay with the candle after the ritual, but make sure that it is safe and that red-hot was will not cause damage or fire. Never re-use a candle which has been lit in any magical ritual. It should be only be used in that ritual and then allowed to burn away or be disposed of afterwards.
15. If you are conducting a magical ritual which involves two people {e.g. an absent healing for a person some distance away} then the second person can be symbolically represented during the ritual by another candle. All you need to do is find out the subject’s birth date and burn the appropriate candle for that zodiacal sign. If you can, also write their name in the candle with a burning tool and if possible, create an empathic link, if possible with a picture, some hair, a finger nail etc. Also, if you can, get a candle the appropriate shape (male/female) or inscribe a female sign – d or a male sign – e. If you want, you can inscribe all this below the candle. Remember, to dress a candle, dress from the middle to the top, then from the middle to the bottom.
The zodiacal correspondences are as follows:

Aries Red
Taurus Green
Gemini Yellow
Cancer Silver
Leo Orange
Virgo Yellow
Libra Pink
Scorpio Red
Sagittarius Purple
Capricorn Black
Aquarius Blue
Pisces Mauve

Candle Annointing

Candle Annointing

Annoint your candle with the oil that you have chosen. This is done by placing a little of the oil on your fingertips. Grasp the candle at its midpoint with your left index finger and thumb, and use your right index finger and thumb to stroke oil on the candle from the midpoint up to the top of the candle. Next, grasp the candle at its midpoint with your right index finger and thumb, and use your left index finger and thumb to stroke oil on the candle from the midpoint down to the bottom of the candle. Continue in this fashion until the entire candle has been annointed.

All-purpose Candle Annointing Oil
1 cup rose petals
1 cup violets
1 cup water
1 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon clove oil
2 teaspoons powdered cinnamon
1 tablespoon powdered myrrh
1/4 cup wild fennel seeds

Dressing Candles:

Dressing Candles

Dressing the candle with oil is as important as any other step. Use whatever oil you prefer or what a specific spell asks you to use. Personally, I use lotus a lot… but again that is my preference. what is important is the direction you dress the candle. To bring something to you, rub oil on the candle in a downward motion from the top to the middle and then from the bottom to the middle.
To send something away from you…you rub the oil from the middle of the candle out to the ends. Never make a back and forth motion as this defeats the purpose. Dab the remaining oil from your fingers onto your third eye and on your breast bone. Then say the following:

“I cleanse and consecrate this candle in the name of the Lord and the Lady. May it burn with strength in the service of the light.”

Then state your intent or the purpose of the candle.
If you inscribe a candle you should use your Athame. The same principle as dressing the candle is used…
To draw something to you, write from the top to the middle, and then from the bottom to the middle.
To repel things, write from the middle to the ends.

Cleansing Your Candles

Cleansing Your Candles

This is a very important step and should not be omitted. Cleansing removes all the negative energies that the candle has picked up along the way. As with all supplies you want your candles to to be as free of psychic debris as possible. Submerge the candle in sea salt and the ask The Lord and lady to bless it. I could give you the phrasing but I think it is better when it comes from your own heart.

Your Candle Altar

Your Candle Altar

Your Altar:
You may use anything that has a flat top.. I use an old trunk with a piece of plywood on it. Be creative.. As for a cover I use white because of it’s kind of a multipurpose color. Although some magic specifies a color then what ever color is specified should be used. Again, be creative… Keep in mind that candle magic is usually done in condensed areas so keep things as simplistic as you can, especially your candlesticks and censors.

There are some who believe that incense is unimportant in candle magic. I cannot imagine performing candle magic without the incense. The type that you use may be specified in a specific spell, if that is the case by all means use that. Generally, I use three kings incense as well as vervain. Vervain gives the spell working a little umph. But then again nothing is set in stone.. Be creative.
Incense symbolizes Air… as the smoke rises our thoughts are carried up into the universe.

Preparing of the Practitioner:
Prior to your spell working prepare yourself a nice relaxing bath. Add a hand full of sea salt to get your charges set where they need to be. Light a few candles, turn off the light and relax. Clear your mind of the junk you have picked up through out the day. Visualize the water washing all the negativity away from you. It is very important that your mind be at ease and clear prior to any spell working.

Types of candles:
Any type of candle can be used for candle magic as long as it has been cleansed and consecrated prior to use. Although beeswax candles are higher in price than store bought candles, they are more powerful because they are produced from nature. As with any other tool, the candle made by the practitioner for a specific purpose captures the energy of the practitioner. Many experienced Witches will use only candles they have crafted themselves because of this.