Good Day WOTC Family and Friends Here is a Thought for Today

Staring Sunday, May 28th I am taking Sundays off from everything connected to WOTC.

Big Dawg and I need one day of the week just for us and our fur kids or family or yardwork or whatever we feel like doing. Plus I have found taking a day off is what I need to want to continue to bring you the regular and sometimes extra posts for the rest of the week. Also cutting down the number of hours I work on all things related to Witches of The Craft has helped a whole lot for my mental and physical health. That is why I posted those three surveys to see where I could cut down on the number of emails you get from us and what I could cut from the regular daily posts.

I am setting up a Patreon website that will have more advanced spells weekly, a ritual once a month and other content not available on WOTC. I am working on it a little each day and hope to launch it by the end of this week. Life in The Craft magazine will also be available through it starting with Lammas/Imbolc 2023 issue. The name of the website will be WOTC’s Lady Carla Beltane’s Grimoire. More on this project once it is launched. You can get on the wait list for Patreon by clicking on this link  WOTCs Lady Carla Beltane’s Grimoire Wait List

Have a fantastic Monday everyone!!


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