Flower Meaning, Symbolizes, and Spiritual Meaning – Spider Plant

 Let me start this post with saying it was hard to find a spiritual meaning behind Spider Plants and I did the best that I could. Also, I have tried growing a few over the years and have never had a baby from one so, hopefully I can learn how to do this from the information on growing them that I found. Thank you to the reader who asked me about this plant a few months ago!

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Mindfulness and health

Great for: Someone moving away from home for the first time

Spider plants love bright indirect light and temperatures of 55–80º F. Water your spider plant well but be careful not to overwater. Their small size makes them a great apartment plant.

This is how mine usually look before I over water or something and kill the poor thing.

What Are The Spiritual Benefits of Spider Plants? (See These…)

Table Of Contents:

Do Spider Plants Have Any Spiritual Benefits?

Are Spider Plants Good Luck?

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Spider Plant In Your House?

Is Spider Plant Good For Feng Shui?

What Does Spider Plant Symbolize?

Do Spider Plants Give Off Good Energy?


For more information about growing Spider Plants from hayfarmguy.com



4 thoughts on “Flower Meaning, Symbolizes, and Spiritual Meaning – Spider Plant

  1. I’ll ask around about sharing the babies. I have a gazillion right now as I wait for the seeds to mature and the pods to open. How fortuitous LOL ❤ I'd love to do that and know that someone appreciates them and enjoys them.
    I've had to "rescue" teh poor plant at my chiropractor a few times, which is funny, because when my mother was alive and getting treatments from him (over the decades- I've been going there since 89) she had to save those ones too! LOL

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  2. Thank you so very much!!! I am very attached to my 4 plants. I’m going to be repotting them today because the soil is so yucky it smells like ammonia! Poor drainage (oops!!) I got some really good soil and some perlite and a few special plant food sticks. I pamper these plants LOL I talk to them, blow on them (gotta feed them the CO2), wipe down the leaves from dust. In the winter I have grow lights for them.
    I have them in pride of place in front of our 2nd floor slider lol Lots of morning sun, then indirect sun the rest of the day.
    I have to keep cutting the babies off and throwing them away! They make too many!! I’m going to try and grown some from the seeds the babies make (babies making babies!) lol They have tiny little white flowers on the babies.
    Crazy to think the main plant is over 40 years old now, I got it from my mother.

    They make me feel peaceful, and content.

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    1. Wow! That’s a very long time for a houseplant. Have you thought of planting the babies in a Styrofoam cup and bring them to nursing and/or retirement homes to give to residents to give them positive energy ftom your TLC and by seeing something growing? Let us know how the seeds work out for you.

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