Witchcraft Symbols, Terms and Definitions – Healing Symbols

11 Powerful Healing Symbols and Their Meanings (With Images) from symbolsage.com

(I will be posting 1 symbol per day of the 11 )

A healing symbol is a mark, sign, word, or design that represents and reflects the art of healing. Historically, all cultures across the globe have had healing symbols.

They are used in medical rituals by practitioners and healers for strength and protection. Nowadays, people believe that visualizing healing symbols will lead to good thoughts, positive energy, and tranquillity. They can foster a greater harmony between the body, mind, and soul.

With that said, let’s take a look at popular healing symbols and their significance.

The Reiki symbols were founded by Mikao Usui, a Japanese medical practitioner, and healer. They are considered by some as the most sacred and powerful healing symbols in the world.

The Reiki Power symbol – Choku Rei

The Choku Rei is also called the power symbol. It is used to channel and direct energy within the body. The Choku Rei is drawn at the beginning and end of a healing process. It serves as a catalyst for physical healing and purification.

Since the Choku Rei is a power symbol, it can be combined with other symbols to strengthen the healing process. The Choku Rei can be drawn or visualized on a person, place, or thing, to fight off negative energy and protect the recipient.