Spell for Today – 3 To have Someone Call You Spells


To Have Someone Call You

Put a glass of water in the middle of your altar. Pour two or three teaspoons of salt into your dominant hand, and use it to make 3 equal armed crosses over the glass allowing some salt to fall into the water while doing this chant:

Hear me, call me get in touch
We need to talk please hurry rush

Expect to hear from the person by the time the water evaporates.



Another Spell To Have Someone Call You

Firmly push a needle into the center of a yellow un-anointed candle until the eye is flush with the candle. Inscribe the persons name onto the candle using your athame or a pin, light the wick. The person will usually call before the candle burns halfway down.



The Phone Charm

Take a piece of fine writing paper, inscribe the person’s name twice in a circle to make the ends meet. As you do this concentrate on their face and your desire for them to call you, then while still concentrating put a needle through the circle then place the charm by the phone. In either 5 minutes or 5 days your call will come, depending on how much energy you put into it!


Cottage Witch, Natural Magick for Hearth & Home
Ellen Dugan