10 Types and The Meaning of White Lilies

White Lily

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Lily is one of the liked flowers in the world. Starting from the shape of the petals to the color variants, they have their beauty. Most lilies grow in white, yellow, pink, red, and orange colors. Each color has a different meaning and meaning. But lilies are known as a symbol of purity and beauty, include white lilies

The meaning of White Lily

Lily has many colors. One of them is white. It is interesting to know about white lilies. This white flower has the meaning of commitment, faith, and rebirth. Like other lilies, white lilies also bloom in the mid-spring to dry season.

White lily is the right flower choice if you want to show sympathy. It is good to give it in a mourning atmosphere such as a funeral. But as a symbol of commitment, a white lily can be used as a wedding bouquet and part of the decoration.

Lastly, a white lily is also a beautiful gift for newborns because it symbolizes rebirth.

Types of White Lilies

White lilies are not a type of lilies themselves. Several types of lilies are white. What are the types of white lilies?

  • White Stargazer Lilies

One kind of lily is known as the ‘Snow Princess’, is a flower that is still rarely found. This flower represents sympathy. The petals are large and have an intoxicating aroma, becoming a flower that adds beauty in summer.

  • Easter

As programmed, the Easter lily will only bloom at the same time every year. If cared right way, they will multiply every year. One of the things about Easter Lily is when it blooms, you can save the blubs and plant them again.

  • Madonna

The part of the oldest types of lily flowers. It has a shape like a trumpet with pure white color. Become a symbol of purity of soul and chastity. Madonna also known as Peace lily blooms all year round to reveal its beautiful glossy green leaves.

  • Casa Blanca

It looks graceful and elegant with red stamens looks beautiful and admired. Casa Blanca representing life and joy. The flower is often a birthday gift and wedding decoration.

  • Shirui

Shirui is unique. It is hard to find it because located in the Ukhrul area, India. The color mixed with pink looks beautiful and sweet. It is shaped like a bell and has a height of up to one foot. Shirui blooms from April to June every year.

  • Royal

It has many names ranging from Regal’s Lily, Christmas’ Lily, and King’s Lily. Originally from West China, it grows on rocky slopes and riverbanks.

  • Calla

Often used in Easter celebrations because it is a symbol of resurrection and rebirth. But it also represents the meaning of innocent. The flowers are large, about 10 inches. They bloom in late spring to mid-summer.

  • Formosa

It is known as Taiwanese lily. Formosa has large, fragrant flowers. Blooms from summer to fall. This plant can grow 4-7 feet in height. Wine’s purple color beautifies the edges of the petals.

  • White water

The petals are fragrant and soft. It looks elegant in white. Known as an ornamental plant and often appears in garden water. Ancient cultures often associated the white water lily with the spiritual world and gods. Now the white water lily is used as an invasive plant. Water lily has the meaning of peace and pleasure.

  • Golden-Rayed

It is known as the gold lily. Golden-Rayed symbolizes purity of heart and surrenders to the grace of God. It is the tallest lily plant of all. The flowers are large and have a spicy-sweet aroma.

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