Flower Meaning, Symbolize, and Spiritual Meaning

White Flower Symbolism and Meanings from uniguide.com

White flower symbolism includes purity, innocence, faith, spiritual enlightenment, and messages from angels. In addition, it can symbolize femininity. Because of these meanings, many people associate the color white with new beginnings, such as weddings, births, and memorial services.

Because white flowers are given at funerals and memorials, many think white flowers represent death. However, the gift of white flowers is to honor the transition of the loved one to the spiritual realm. In a sense, the color white exemplifies honor for the cycle of life.

It’s important to keep in mind that white flower symbolism can have slight variations based on the type of flower. For example, white poppies symbolize restful sleep and the eternal life of the soul. White irises symbolize hope for new beginnings.

Thus, people often give them as gifts when babies are born or christened. In addition, brides and bride’s maids will carry them in their bouquets. A white lotus flower, on the other hand, symbolizes divine feminine energy, fertility, and spiritual enlightenment. While white lilies symbolize purity, beauty, faith, and angels.


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