What’s Happening At Magickal Necessities, You Asked? Let Me Show You….

We have been busy little bees today. Hard at work, get you some great merchandise at very reasonable prices. Let’s see what going on in the store, how about it……


First off, don’t forget about our Imbolc Special

(ad you will find with capes)

Happy Imbolc, everyone! Since it is Imbolc we have a very special item on sale for this wonderful Sabbat. We are offering from now till February 16, beautiful hand-crafted Witches capes. Each of these capes are hand-crafted so you are guaranteed to get a custom fit. They are made out of satin, just imagine the feeling of the cape blowing in the wind at your next gathering. Oh, how soft satin feels against the skin. The surface of each cloak is shiny, they are silky soft, and feel comfortable since they are made just for you. This cloaks are unisex and made in sizes S, M, L, XL. Color: Black. Delivery date for our little seamstresses to make these beautiful capes take 15 days since they are all customized to fit. We are offering free shipping on the capes, which we don’t normally due. The total cost of the cape is just $30.00, plus once again, free shipping. Every witch wants his/her own cape and this is the time to get one.


Second, we have finally got in some of the new 2018 capes and dresses for the ladies and I believe a few things for the gents also……



Mens Fashion Long Cloak Coats/Velvet Hooded Overcoats with Detachable Feathers









Womens Hooded Long Sleeve Irregular Clothing

Classified as Irregular because of the cut of the cape







2018 Classic Romantic Medieval Womens Vintage Maxi Floor-Length Dress

Personally I love this one!








3″ Screen charcoal burner black carved

New incense burners








Goldstone Pendant for Good Fortune

Just one of the many Power Pendants we now have. Look under Amulets and Talismans for them.




Finally with every order of $15.00 or more, we are putting a surprise gift in your order. Well it is not really a surprise since I am getting ready to tell you about it is it, lol!





Wooden Pentagram incense burner






This is only for the members of the WOTC and Coven Life. It is not advertised on the site. You have either the choice of the incense burner or




White Sage smudge stick 3pk 3″

Like I said this unadvertised and only available to members of the WOTC & Coven Life. So on your PayPal comment section specify if you would like the smudge sticks instead of the incense burner.




We hope you take a moment to stop by and check out all our hard work. Especially the ritual clothing section, I love looking at all the new dresses and capes coming out this season, they are gorgeous and reasonably priced.


So where can you find all this great merchandise, at Magickal Necessities of course. The Imbolc special & the incense burner offer is listed on the front  page, follow the links to both of them. Again, the smudge sticks are not mentioned so specify on your PayPal order that you would prefer them. If you decide to order any of the new clothing, as always please be sure to include your size when ordering.