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We have an ice storm that has been forecast for our area. Lady Abyss is out of some of her medicine so we are leaving now to go to the Pharmacy and get them. If we have an ice storm hit, I am not being frozen in with her in her current mood. I do love her don’t get me wrong. In case you do not hear from us tomorrow, you will know that the ice has taken down the power lines and we have no internet or power. They are not predicting that much ice but I have seen how these weather people’s forecast work. They don’t. The last snow storm we were suppose to have flurries and we ended up with a foot of snow. That made me realize how much I really missed my mossy trees and gators. I grew up here but left early in my childhood, I don’t really remember the weather here. I am a very warm blooded creature.

I do hope you have enjoyed today’s posts. I know they are a little different from what you are use too but I do not know what you know or what you don’t. We have to leave you now and if the ice doesn’t pull the power lines down, we will be back tomorrow.


The Rune Candle

The Rune Candle

Select a colored candle that corresponds with the desired outcome. Cast a circle then consecrate the candle with suitable oil. While you are dressing the candle say

“Upon this candle I will write
What I require of thee tonight
May the runes of magick flow.

By mind and spell
And flame aglow. I trust that
You will grant this boon
Oh Lovely Goddess of the Moon”

Now take up your blade and carve a rune or symbol that represents the goal of the spell. Place the candle on the center of the altar and light it while proclaiming;

“As my will, so mode it be!”

Now allow the candle to burn itself out with out being disturbed.

Witches Healing Candle Spell

Witches Healing Candle Spell

To help speed a recovery from illness, write the sick person’s name upon a white human-shaped candle of the appropriate gender. As you anoint it with three drops of myrrh or mint oil, visualize healing energy in the form of white light flowing from your hands into the candle and say:
In the divine name of the Goddess
Who breathes life into us all
I consecrate and charge this candle
As a magical tool for healing.
Place the candle on top of a photograph of the sick person and then light the wick.
As the candle burns down, concentrate upon the person in the photograph, willing him
or her to be well again, and chant the following incantation:
Magick mend and candle burn,
Sickness end; good health return

Riding Yourself of Unwanted Energy 

Riding Yourself of Unwanted Energy

Take a black candle which has been ritually cleansed and some anointing oil which has also been ritually blessed. Do not use anything for this which has not been cleansed or blesed already.

Depending on the desired result, you should choose an oil which corresponds to this end.
At the time of the new moon, or when it first begins to wane, cast a circle or use your 9′ cord to create a sacred space.

Place the black candle (preferable a taper) on the altar with the oil.

Have no unblessed/uncleansed tools in this ritual.

Cast the circle.

Call the Goddess and her consort.

Use a burin to engrave the candle with the spell you wish to cast.

Now, anoint the candle using the oil. While you anoint the candle with the oil, speak these words out loud or silently

“Tonight no moon, tomorrow the first one.

Let this be eroded til my will be done.

Candle burn down to remove all ill.

Let this spell be cast by the power of my will.”

And once you have anointed the candle, place it in a safe place to burn down completely.

Practices from my neck of the woods regarding candle magick

Practices from my neck of the woods regarding candle magick


Some people do not use matches to light candles, the sulfur is considered unclean.

If you feel this way, use an incense starter or stick to light your candles.

To extinguish a candle, snuff it out or wave your hand over it hard enough to make a breeze to put it out.

Do not blow it out. Blowing a candle out blows desires away.

Most traditions believe pinching a candle out is fine. In my tradition that is not the case, even though I mentioned pinching a candle out earlier, we believe pinching a flame pinches out desires. The view of pinching a candle out or not, varies from Tradition to Tradition. Follow your own beliefs and practices, I am just sharing mine.

Just in Case – Dressing a Candle for Ritual


1. Chose type and color of candle appropriate for ritual.

2. Cleanse the candle of prior energies: you may use water, salt, pure soap, or baby oil (all previously blessed and consecrated.)

3. Bless and consecrate oil to be used, appropriate to ritual.

4. State and engrave (if you wish) what the candle is to represent.

5. Anoint the candle with oil and focus on desire (purpose of ritual.)

a. For ritual of achievement: anoint oil from the top of the candle to the middle in a downward motion, then from the bottom of the candle to the middle in an upward motion.

b. For ritual of banishment: anoint oil from the middle of the candle to the top in an upward motion, then middle to bottom of the candle in a downward motion.

6. Bless and consecrate the candle.

7. Meditate on desired outcome.


Medieval candle spell reversal ritual

Medieval candle spell reversal ritual


Do this 5 nights in a row, at dusk – as the sun dies and darkness descends.

Light 2 Black candles and as they burn, speak this invocation: |

In the name of the Gods and all ye spirits,
In the name of Kernunnos, and the light and the dark and the Gods of the Netherworld,
Remove thy curse and sting from my heart and mine.
And whosoever shall be casting a curse against me,
Let he or she suffer their own curse.
Let these candles be their candles,
This burning be their burning,
This curse be their curse.
Let the pain they have caused me and mine
Fall upon themselves.

The two candles are completely burned each night.

Another Important Technique Every Witch Needs To Know How to Do – Shielding



There are many reasons to shield.  When practicing the craft or even just exercising your psychic gifts you will come across those who will drain your energy or unintentionally send out harmful energies.


Emotions are a powerful energy.  Anger and Fear are two of the most powerful emotions.  That wave of negative energy projected out from a person can effect or drain you.


Sickness..  When someone is sick, they can unknowingly drain someone close to them.  They don’t intend on doing so.  It just happens.


Magick attack.  Well, this is very rarely done. But it is also a possibility.  When we shield ourselves properly, it protects us from others harming via magick.


Exercise in Shielding


When someone surrounds themselves in white light without grounding they run the mistake of doing what I call “Flaring the Aura”  This is not a good thing.  Not only does it use your own energies to “power” the shield around you but makes for a bright target on the astral planes for any nasties that are drawn to bright beings. If anything hits your shield you will be drained anyway in the reflection of the attack because you used your own energies to power it.  In other words…. not good at all!


  1. Do a grounding exercise that you are familiar with..


  1. After you have completed the grounding exercise do not let go of the earth.


  1. See yourself in a dark room.


  1. Hold your hands out and visualize a bright ball of energy drawn up from the earth.  Do not discard it if you don’t get white.  Each person’s energy that they draw from the earth is different and resonates with them.  Allow it to grow in your hands till it is too heavy to hold.  Let it drop and grow till it is big enough to walk into.


  1. Walk into the energy.  Feel it surround you.


  1. See it seal around you and become an unbreakable sphere around you.


  1. Come back to yourself refreshed.

Getting Rid of the Magickal Leftover from our Workings & Keeping Them Out  Warding – Part 3 Warding

Getting Rid of the Magickal Leftover from our Workings & Keeping Them Out



Warding is keeping out unwanted influences.

This is trickier than the previous two techniques because you’ll require certain powers to assist you. You would not do any of thes techniques as a beginner, anyway, so you’ll have had pleny of time to accumulate the requirements of Warding. They are certain talismans that you’ll have gathered from the wild places, like bird skulls, feathers, bones, spiders webs, the discarded bits of animals that have moved from whtever form they inhabited before the died to that form, certain stone entities and wood entities, specific shells, and symbolic amulets. All of these kinds of things will call you, and you will collect them. They will be part f your company of entities and are like familiars but are not the same, for their powers are dormant until they ar fomed as Wards.

You will also need to acquire sealing wax.

Before a Warding, prepare as you would for a Banishing. You will also need to choose whichever of your company of entities you require to create the Ward.

A Ward is an intelligent, elemental entity (and could be considered a Witch’s medicine bundle with a specific purpose). A Ward is always to come back to you ( it is to be left to do its work for a limited cycle only (one lunar month, more or less). You are to tell no one of what you are doing, as the Ward, once it is placed, is to remain undisturbed.

You are to bless and consecrate all things that make up the Ward ( you won’t need much; keep it simple), wrap it in cloth or leather, and seal the way into the package with sealing wax. The Ward will remain active until you break the seal yourself.

You will also require a small piece of meat. This will be buried on the property and the ward will remain active while the meat decomposes. It will feed the Ward.

You are to ascertain that you scent is on both the package and the meat, so rub them both with your hands before you leave them at the site.

You will create the Ward beforehand in your own home, within a cast circle. On the night of the Warding, cleanse with intent of purification and seal your orifices with consecrated water. Take your athame and a bottle of consecrated water, as well as a packet of ordinary table salt. You will also require a small hand trowel (or a stout shovel if the ground is presumed hard!).

You will go once around the property or the area casting a circle of protection. You will repeat the encircling with the consecrated water, and go around a third time sprinkling a fine circle of salt.

All is to be done with focus and intent. You are to be really clear about who you want to keep out!

You will summon the entity, that is, the accumulative of all things within the Ward, to come out into the area of protection (these entities, once released, are never small, I warn you, but they are lovely; they are your creatures!). You will then bury the Ward very well and very secretively, placing a rock over the spot if possible to dissuade any passing beastie from digging it up. You’ll bury its food close by ( ditto with another rock).

Then cut a zone into the circle with your athame allowing those in alliance with the person you are assisting to come and to, but you will seal it with a Banishing Pentagram of Earth.

Then you leave. You are to tell the person you are assisting that you have set up protections for a certain duration only, and that you will return to remove them when the allotted time is up. They are to understand this and to agree to do whatever they must, in that time sequence, to prevent further dysfunction.

At the appointed time, you are to return to the site and dig up your Ward, summoning the entity back to you. You will then return home, break the seal, and put the bits back in their usual places, where they will remain dormant (which is their current, natural state).

Getting Rid of the Magickal Leftover from our Workings (Part 2 – Banishing)

Getting Rid of the Magickal Leftover from our Workings


Whether it is your place or someone else’s you are to banish, you are to understand beforehand that there are not to be any form of dispute in the place, or to fill it with resentful or bitter emotions for the cycle of one Moon after your work. More often than not, the behavior would have been empathetic with whatever entity was causing the discomfort. Things are attracted to strong blasts of emotion as much as they are attracted to psychic activity. You need to be aware of this phenomenon in association with all your magickal practices, but especially where protections and enchantments are concerned.

Your Banishing is irreversible. It matters not whether the entity is a living person or an energetic agent. Banishing is about getting rid of, but “getting rid of” requires full Reaving of a property and encirclement of its boundaries, as well as the correct placing of pentagram seals when you are warding..

Before you go near the place that the banishing is to be done, you will seal off all orifices, psychic and actual, of your own body. A man has twelve, a woman has thirteen. For both: eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, nipples, umbilicus, anus (eleven). For a man: penis (twelve). For a woman: vagina and urethra (thirteen). Secondly, you will take with you your boline, just in case you encounter the need for self-defense.

You will work the same process as reaving, but you will seal each portal of the house with a Banishing pentagram of Earth. You will keep the intent of Banishing clearly in focus at all times (words or no words).

You will work from a central point in the house to the outer most part of the property. You will conclude by encircling the entire property and laying seals on the ground at all entrances and exits.

Part 3 – Warding

I have to say “Thank You” to the thief

Thank you, Ms. D*v*s, you did something I couldn’t do. Lady of the Abyss got so angry after she saw what you had took from our site, that she got up out of the wheelchair. She then hollered for me and asked me if I would bring her crutches to her. She put them under her arm, stood up and walked out the door. She asked one of the Ladies to call Lord Myst to take her down to the warehouse. She needed to pick up a few things, wonder what.


It is amazing what a witch can accomplish when madder than hell. One thing I do know, Lady Abyss is a very laid back individual until she is crossed. She has a very bad temper and once you have made an enemy of her, it is for life. Of course, I consider her enemies, my enemies. Her goals are my goals. She is right when she said her disposition and personality has changed, this is the old Lady of the Abyss. She is the one we all depended upon to fight and bring the Craft back to mainstream religion. Unfortunate circumstances had to occur for her to come back to us but she is back that is all that matters.


I can tell you from talking to her, she loves everyone of you here. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for you. She will love you, protect you, and comfort you. She is very serious when she tells you, you are her brothers & sisters. Lady A has no family of her own, they have all passed on. That is why she feels the way she does about you. And this thief that came amongst us, Lady A feels she has violated all of us.


I just wanted to tell the thief, thank you for giving Lady A an excuse to get up out of that wheel chair and walk. Now since Lady A and Lord M have gone to the warehouse to collect a few things, you are stuck with me. You lucky, gators. Do you want to do the same old same old, horoscopes, tarot, runes and all that or would you rather do some spells. Personally, I am in the mood for some spells. I have been looking and there hasn’t been any put on here in a while……..so how about some spells?


Good Tuesday Morning to all our Dear Brothers & Sisters of The Craft! May The Goddess Bless You & Your Today & Always!

Good Tuesday Morning to all of you! I hope you day is off to a great start so far. This is a real quick post. So quick you will fall out of your chairs, lol! I forgot to mention we added a Pagan song section also yesterday. You can now find it in the category section. There are too many great and unknown Pagan songs out there, so we decided to bring them to you. I hope we didn’t burn you out when we were filling up our new weekday section. If we did I apologize. Those pages I did not make. Someone came through here and raped the WOTC. I ran across all the info and decided what the hell, why not use it. I left several comments on the pages as I was stealing back our material. One was about the author not even being noted and the other we weren’t mentioned as to where the info came from. I hate being a nasty old witch about it(not really) but I believe this woman stole every damn thing we ever put on this site. You will see for yourself as we go along. I have notified the authors of the material that was stolen and informed them that the graphics were not made by us. There is a madness behind my collection all these pages for every day of the week. When we are through I plan on going back and giving the authors credit on everyone of them. These authors have been good to us and have allowed us to use their material. We give them credit and it is not right for someone to come in and take everything you have on a site and not give credit where credit is due. Plain and simple.


I should clarify, I don’t care for you using our info. That is why we put it out there for other groups to use. But this woman is a different case. When I say she stole every damn thing we have ever put on here, I’m not lying. As many years as we have been doing this, I have never seen anything like this. I have  seen a lot of things but nothing like this. To top it all off this woman is not even a member of the WOTC. Our material is for our members to use freely and as they choose, not some outsider who comes in and rapes the entire site. The one bad thing about it, I do know who she is and I guess considering all I have been through my personality and disposition has changed, because all I can tell her is, she better find a rock to hide under.


So now you know what’s up. Let’s get started on the song for the day and collecting Tuesday’s pages. Have patience, my sweets, please!

I love you,

Lady A