Getting Rid of the Magickal Leftover from our Workings (Part 2 – Banishing)

Getting Rid of the Magickal Leftover from our Workings


Whether it is your place or someone else’s you are to banish, you are to understand beforehand that there are not to be any form of dispute in the place, or to fill it with resentful or bitter emotions for the cycle of one Moon after your work. More often than not, the behavior would have been empathetic with whatever entity was causing the discomfort. Things are attracted to strong blasts of emotion as much as they are attracted to psychic activity. You need to be aware of this phenomenon in association with all your magickal practices, but especially where protections and enchantments are concerned.

Your Banishing is irreversible. It matters not whether the entity is a living person or an energetic agent. Banishing is about getting rid of, but “getting rid of” requires full Reaving of a property and encirclement of its boundaries, as well as the correct placing of pentagram seals when you are warding..

Before you go near the place that the banishing is to be done, you will seal off all orifices, psychic and actual, of your own body. A man has twelve, a woman has thirteen. For both: eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, nipples, umbilicus, anus (eleven). For a man: penis (twelve). For a woman: vagina and urethra (thirteen). Secondly, you will take with you your boline, just in case you encounter the need for self-defense.

You will work the same process as reaving, but you will seal each portal of the house with a Banishing pentagram of Earth. You will keep the intent of Banishing clearly in focus at all times (words or no words).

You will work from a central point in the house to the outer most part of the property. You will conclude by encircling the entire property and laying seals on the ground at all entrances and exits.

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