I have to say “Thank You” to the thief

Thank you, Ms. D*v*s, you did something I couldn’t do. Lady of the Abyss got so angry after she saw what you had took from our site, that she got up out of the wheelchair. She then hollered for me and asked me if I would bring her crutches to her. She put them under her arm, stood up and walked out the door. She asked one of the Ladies to call Lord Myst to take her down to the warehouse. She needed to pick up a few things, wonder what.


It is amazing what a witch can accomplish when madder than hell. One thing I do know, Lady Abyss is a very laid back individual until she is crossed. She has a very bad temper and once you have made an enemy of her, it is for life. Of course, I consider her enemies, my enemies. Her goals are my goals. She is right when she said her disposition and personality has changed, this is the old Lady of the Abyss. She is the one we all depended upon to fight and bring the Craft back to mainstream religion. Unfortunate circumstances had to occur for her to come back to us but she is back that is all that matters.


I can tell you from talking to her, she loves everyone of you here. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for you. She will love you, protect you, and comfort you. She is very serious when she tells you, you are her brothers & sisters. Lady A has no family of her own, they have all passed on. That is why she feels the way she does about you. And this thief that came amongst us, Lady A feels she has violated all of us.


I just wanted to tell the thief, thank you for giving Lady A an excuse to get up out of that wheel chair and walk. Now since Lady A and Lord M have gone to the warehouse to collect a few things, you are stuck with me. You lucky, gators. Do you want to do the same old same old, horoscopes, tarot, runes and all that or would you rather do some spells. Personally, I am in the mood for some spells. I have been looking and there hasn’t been any put on here in a while……..so how about some spells?



5 thoughts on “I have to say “Thank You” to the thief

  1. I’m glad she got out of that chair but am really wondering what she got from the warehouse. I know you’ll make sure she doesn’t over do the walking today.
    Have a good day,
    Lady B


    1. The warehouse is stocked with every kind of herb, crystal, potions, hoodoo items, voodoo items and much more. Do I really have to tell you why and what she might have gotten from the warehouse. One of the reason she started the store was so we could have supplies we might need readily at hand.

      Lady A just walked in and she told me to tell you that she didn’t find any of your lessons during her search. She also apologizes for not returning your phone call but she didn’t find it till this morning.

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