Request to the Lady for Stronger Power

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Lady Moon has spread her fingers of night over my patch of reality,
And she watches me as I stand beneath her encompassing gaze
Away from those who would cloud my vision.
Her sister stars glitter through the sky and sing for the night.
Mother, please fill me with your beauty and reveal to me the mysteries of your silent domain.
My heart holds naught but love for you,
My soul wishes to sing in harmony with its sisters within your embrace.
In love and respect I come before you
And I ask to be blessed with the power of Lady Moon.

Strength Spell

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You will Need:

1 Red candle

1 White candle

Cast circle normally, anoint the red and white candles and say:

North, East, South, West
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
The gift of power to move from the earth.
The gift of strength from the air.
The gift of determination from the fire inside me.
And the gift of energy from the water.
Bless the Lord & Lady for these gifts.
Thank you for the power to move,
thank you for the strength,
thank you for the determination,
and thank you for the energy you gave me. So Mote it be.


Or, if you need strength and energy while you are doing something outside of the circle,
say the chant to yourself.

Releasing Negative Energy Spell

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Time: During the seven days of the Full of the Moon. 

When and Where: Outside, Barefoot, facing east. 

Clothing: white cotton. 

Bathe and meditate while using this breathing method. 

Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. 

When through, visualize the negative energy flowing out through the drain. 

Go outside and face east. Place the left arm straight down to the side.
Palm flat against the body. Right arm straight out and palm side up.
Bring up until the Full Moon rests on your palm as a crystal ball would rest.
Meditate again using the Om meditation as you would a musical scale.
When you are still and feeling the energy. Repeat the following: 

O Great Mother Goddess and Father God 
You who are all yet nothing. 
Beyond explanation and understanding. 
I ask thee to grant my request this night. 
I ask that you take the negativity that was sent to me 
And send it swirling into the Universe. 
Let it be sent back to the sender three fold 
And as a lesson of what is right and wrong. 
Let the residual energy be sent to me three fold 
With loving, caring healing positive energy. 
I ask that you grant this request. 
I also thank Thee for your kindness and caring attention. 
I ask this in the power of three So Mote it Be!

Herb Jar to Enhance Your Powers Physically As Well As Mentally

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Fill one jar with the following: 

Cinnamon [for dream magick]
Nutmeg [for good luck]
Allspice [healing]
Ginger [lunar magick]
Basil [protection]
Fennel seeds [spiritual healing]
Garlic [spiritual purification]
Marjoram [protection]
Sage [spiritual purification]
Cloves [protection]
Mustard seed [protection]

Before you do any scrying or any kind or psychic work, inhale the scent
deeply and shake the jar gently.

To Create Calmness & Help Concentration

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You need:

White candle

Jasmine or Pine incense

Sprig of sage

This is best performed at night, but it can be done any time of day.

Light the white candle and the incense stick.
Close your eyes and hold the sage close to your nose, and breathe in its calming scent.
Keep holding it as say:

“Calming powers of sage and pine, Add order to this life of mine. (name)
By the four corners, elements, God and Goddess too, If this gift seems fit to you,
Then please grant calmness unto him/me. So mote it be, So mote it be.”

Repeat as necessary. 3×3 times. It always works within a day or two.

Spell for a Peaceful Home

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This spell is very good if there is a lot of turmoil or stress in the household.

Do the following spell, and while doing so, remember to focus on your intent for a peaceful
household. Sew a small pouch of lavender cloth. Place a small trinket in the pouch for each
member of your household. Add to this a pinch each of lavender, rose and chamomile, before
placing each pinch in the pouch, remember to hold it for a moment and REALLY focus,
finally, add a small amethyst. Now, anoint a lavender or pink candle with peace oil and then
light it. Sit in front of the candle and hold the pouch in your hands and whisper the following
chant over it softly 3 times:

Blessed Goddess, most gentle one,
calm my home for me.
Relieve all tension, send it far,
so from stress we shall be free.
Touch my family with peace and calm,
and the sweetest softest bliss,
bless my home, Great Gentle Goddess,
with your calming kiss.

Set the pouch with the candle. Allow the candle to burn down completely.
Hang the pouch in your home, preferably in the room where everyone gathers the most.

Whenever tension seems to build, repeat the above chant 3 times and envision peace
and tranquility radiating from the pouch and The Goddess.

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Design this ritual to suit your needs.

Choose candle colors that represent the things you seek peace for
(e.g., maybe green and brown for peace on earth).

“From out of the dark and into the light
A circular mark, a candle burns bright.
I look towards the sky…my song do I sing.
Spirits soar high and gifts do I bring.
I offer my all! My mind, I then clear
Hearken my call! I feel you are near!
Candle burns higher; my spirits set free!
Hotter than fire, this magic will be!
Let magic come ’round, from under the ground,
To form with my sound and then, to be bound!
Around me I feel the magic so real,
Before you I kneel.. the spell I now seal!
Let all hatred CEASE! And let there be PEACE!
These words that I say, with magick AWAY!
This spell that I send is now at an end.
Let the magick I’ve laid, go forth and not fade!

Reverse Negative Magick Binding Spell

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This spell should be cast when someone is using negative magick against you.

Before rushing into this process, make sure that you know that you are being attacked magickally
and by who. This should be checked through magick, divination and meditation. 

Once you are positive that a certain person is using negative magick against you, begin the spell.

Materials Needed: 

Spool of black ribbon

Poppet of the person you intend to bind 

Black pouch made of a tough material such as leather

Black candle 

Chalice of water (rain or river water is best) 

Coal, granite or some other powerful stone associated with the element of earth 

Musk incense & Censer 

Time: Waning moon, noon 


Place the rock, water, incense, and candle around you to form the points of a square.
(Rock being diagonal to incense and water being diagonal to candle). Now sit under the
stars and meditate on the impact that this persons negative magick has had on your life. 

Once you have all of the negative recourse in your mind, hold the poppet in you receptive
hand, and slowly, starting at the feet, wrap the poppet in black ribbon, as if it were a mummy.
Be sure to leave no spot exposed. As you wrap, chat the following or similar: 

“With (name’s) own evil does s/he her/himself bind, 
his/her magick powers s/he shall not find!” 

As you chant and wrap, visualize all the negativity from the Magick that this person has cast
flowing into the ribbon that binds the poppet. Once the poppet is totally wrapped, place it in
the pouch and draw it shut. Now proclaim in a loud voice: 

“(name) has been bound in the presence of the elements and the gods. 
May s/he remain as such until this poppet again sees the light of day. So mote it be!” 

Store the pouch with the bound poppet in a dark place. When you decide to un-bind it, take
the pouch into the noon sun of the waxing moon and unwrap the poppet. Visualize the
negativity tied in the ribbon disintegrating in the light of the sun. Say the following or similar: 

“(name) is now unbound; a creature of free will in Magick and in heart. Blessed be!” 

Poppet Spell to Bind an Enemy

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Make a poppet to represent the person you wish to bind.
Burn patchouli leaves and frankincense on a charcoal block.
Light a black candle and pass the poppet through the incense smoke saying:

“Hecate, great Goddess of life and death, 
I ask you to acknowledge that this Creation of cloth be known as Flesh and blood of (name).”

Wrap the poppet tightly in red ribbon, paying close attention to the area you wish to
bind i.e.: the genitals of a rapist, the mouth of a slanderer. As you wrap, say: 

“Between the worlds in Hecate’s eyes you (name) 
Are bound powerless. In the eyes of this world You are harmless.” 

Imagine a heavy net made from a white light. Imagine the net clinging to the poppet.
Wrap it in a piece of white cloth and bury it close to the person’s house. 

Cord Binding Spell

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You will need:
Short length of black thread 

This spell is intended to be used to prevent someone from causing you harm,
and also used to batten down anger. 

In order to work properly it requires full concentration. 

Take a short length of black thread. Tie a knot in one end, saying: 

One to seek him/her/it. (Choose whichever pronoun is appropriate) 
Tie a knot in the middle, saying: 
One to find him/her/it 
Tie a knot in the other end, saying: 
One to bring him/her/it 
Tie the two ends together, saying: 
One to bind him/her/it 

Bury the knotted thread far away from your property or drop it on a road
or waste ground far from where you live. 


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You need: White candle and holder Salt

Place the candle in the middle of the room. Sprinkle the salt in a circle
deosil around the candle. Light and say: 

Creature of wax Creature of fire 
Listen to me Hear my desire 
Cleanse this room By the power of three 
And blast away all negativity 
With harm to none So shall it be 

Leave to burn for at least 1 hour. 

Spell to Cleanse Magickal Space

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Incense, air of high refine, purify this space of mine. 
purged and purified be this place that I have chosen as magickal space. 
Herbs of Mother Earth give blessings here to me, this rite, this sacred sphere. 
Protect and cleanse this sacred place Hallow it now as my magickal space.

Walk around the space you’re cleansing with the lit incense chanting this,
hands up to the moon/sun/sky moving clockwise in a circle. 

Do this at least 3 times or until you feel all energy is positive.