Cord Binding Spell

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You will need:
Short length of black thread 

This spell is intended to be used to prevent someone from causing you harm,
and also used to batten down anger. 

In order to work properly it requires full concentration. 

Take a short length of black thread. Tie a knot in one end, saying: 

One to seek him/her/it. (Choose whichever pronoun is appropriate) 
Tie a knot in the middle, saying: 
One to find him/her/it 
Tie a knot in the other end, saying: 
One to bring him/her/it 
Tie the two ends together, saying: 
One to bind him/her/it 

Bury the knotted thread far away from your property or drop it on a road
or waste ground far from where you live. 

One thought on “Cord Binding Spell

  1. I like this spell, it’s usually something for an person whose afraid of an bully to stand up to him/her in an safe way.


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