Good Sunday Afternoon, dear family & friends? How y’all doing? We’ve been busy little bees…..

How is everyone doing today? I hope super. You might have thought we took the day off but we didn’t. We have been working over at the store. It seems that the weekends are the only time we have to work on it. We got some more new merchandise in and decided a new way of you seeing it. We have started a section called, “Buy One, Get One Free.” We have added quite a few new items in that section. There is nothing wrong with the merchandise, we just wanted to give you the opportunity to get some great merchandise at decent prices. There are some unusual items there and we plan on adding more, we will let you look for yourself. But the prices on this new merchandise is reduced for the time being and I guarantee you that they won’t stay at these prices for long. So if you see something you like, grab it now before it moves over and the price goes up.


We have also added a few new gowns and cloaks. I could spend all day looking at the new gowns and cloaks. There are some gorgeous ones that are coming out this year and we are going to do our best to keep them at affordable prices. Remember they are all custom made to fit you perfectly. You will be the best dress witch at your next Full Moon or Sabbat gathering.


If you have a moment today, stop by and check out what we have added to the store. There are other merchandise in different section that I haven’t mentioned. I am excited about the “Buy One, Get One Free” section and I hope you will be too.

Till tomorrow, my sweets…..

Love ya,

Lady A