Reverse Negative Magick Binding Spell

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This spell should be cast when someone is using negative magick against you.

Before rushing into this process, make sure that you know that you are being attacked magickally
and by who. This should be checked through magick, divination and meditation. 

Once you are positive that a certain person is using negative magick against you, begin the spell.

Materials Needed: 

Spool of black ribbon

Poppet of the person you intend to bind 

Black pouch made of a tough material such as leather

Black candle 

Chalice of water (rain or river water is best) 

Coal, granite or some other powerful stone associated with the element of earth 

Musk incense & Censer 

Time: Waning moon, noon 


Place the rock, water, incense, and candle around you to form the points of a square.
(Rock being diagonal to incense and water being diagonal to candle). Now sit under the
stars and meditate on the impact that this persons negative magick has had on your life. 

Once you have all of the negative recourse in your mind, hold the poppet in you receptive
hand, and slowly, starting at the feet, wrap the poppet in black ribbon, as if it were a mummy.
Be sure to leave no spot exposed. As you wrap, chat the following or similar: 

“With (name’s) own evil does s/he her/himself bind, 
his/her magick powers s/he shall not find!” 

As you chant and wrap, visualize all the negativity from the Magick that this person has cast
flowing into the ribbon that binds the poppet. Once the poppet is totally wrapped, place it in
the pouch and draw it shut. Now proclaim in a loud voice: 

“(name) has been bound in the presence of the elements and the gods. 
May s/he remain as such until this poppet again sees the light of day. So mote it be!” 

Store the pouch with the bound poppet in a dark place. When you decide to un-bind it, take
the pouch into the noon sun of the waxing moon and unwrap the poppet. Visualize the
negativity tied in the ribbon disintegrating in the light of the sun. Say the following or similar: 

“(name) is now unbound; a creature of free will in Magick and in heart. Blessed be!”