Good Tuesday Morning to all our Dear Brothers & Sisters of The Craft! May The Goddess Bless You & Your Today & Always!

Good Tuesday Morning to all of you! I hope you day is off to a great start so far. This is a real quick post. So quick you will fall out of your chairs, lol! I forgot to mention we added a Pagan song section also yesterday. You can now find it in the category section. There are too many great and unknown Pagan songs out there, so we decided to bring them to you. I hope we didn’t burn you out when we were filling up our new weekday section. If we did I apologize. Those pages I did not make. Someone came through here and raped the WOTC. I ran across all the info and decided what the hell, why not use it. I left several comments on the pages as I was stealing back our material. One was about the author not even being noted and the other we weren’t mentioned as to where the info came from. I hate being a nasty old witch about it(not really) but I believe this woman stole every damn thing we ever put on this site. You will see for yourself as we go along. I have notified the authors of the material that was stolen and informed them that the graphics were not made by us. There is a madness behind my collection all these pages for every day of the week. When we are through I plan on going back and giving the authors credit on everyone of them. These authors have been good to us and have allowed us to use their material. We give them credit and it is not right for someone to come in and take everything you have on a site and not give credit where credit is due. Plain and simple.


I should clarify, I don’t care for you using our info. That is why we put it out there for other groups to use. But this woman is a different case. When I say she stole every damn thing we have ever put on here, I’m not lying. As many years as we have been doing this, I have never seen anything like this. I have  seen a lot of things but nothing like this. To top it all off this woman is not even a member of the WOTC. Our material is for our members to use freely and as they choose, not some outsider who comes in and rapes the entire site. The one bad thing about it, I do know who she is and I guess considering all I have been through my personality and disposition has changed, because all I can tell her is, she better find a rock to hide under.


So now you know what’s up. Let’s get started on the song for the day and collecting Tuesday’s pages. Have patience, my sweets, please!

I love you,

Lady A


2 thoughts on “Good Tuesday Morning to all our Dear Brothers & Sisters of The Craft! May The Goddess Bless You & Your Today & Always!

  1. Love all your post! I do post alot of your stuff, but always list my source. That is always fair and legal.
    Love ya’ll


    1. We have no problem with you using the material or any of our members but this woman was a different case. She didn’t even belong here and to come in an take what she wanted without thinking their wouldn’t be repercussion, she was so wrong. Lady A has signed agreements and contracts with all the sources we use, so we can use their material. They agreed for our members to be able to re-use the material also. But we had to give them credit. No problem, we give credit to every article of their’s we use. I believe what made Lady A so angry was that everyone knows she does graphics and beautiful graphics at that. She didn’t want the authors to think she had double crossed them. As Lady A clarified yesterday and I will again, we have no problem with our members using our material. That is one of the reasons we put it out there for others to use. The only way the situation could have gotten any worse is that the woman put information from Witches of the Craft and not listed the authors.


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