I bid you a good Tuesday afternoon

Wiccan Priestess
I have never been one to use graphics like the one above. Lady A left some of the sites open when she got up and left. I have watched her enough to know she always ends the day with a graphic or saying. I have no saying, perhaps as I get better at this I will.


We have an ice storm that has been forecast for our area. Lady Abyss is out of some of her medicine so we are leaving now to go to the Pharmacy and get them. If we have an ice storm hit, I am not being frozen in with her in her current mood. I do love her don’t get me wrong. In case you do not hear from us tomorrow, you will know that the ice has taken down the power lines and we have no internet or power. They are not predicting that much ice but I have seen how these weather people’s forecast work. They don’t. The last snow storm we were suppose to have flurries and we ended up with a foot of snow. That made me realize how much I really missed my mossy trees and gators. I grew up here but left early in my childhood, I don’t really remember the weather here. I am a very warm blooded creature.

I do hope you have enjoyed today’s posts. I know they are a little different from what you are use too but I do not know what you know or what you don’t. We have to leave you now and if the ice doesn’t pull the power lines down, we will be back tomorrow.