Elder’s Meditation of the Day – October 14

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – October 14

“Each soul must meet the morning sun, the new sweet earth and the Great Silence alone!”

–Ohiyesa (Dr. Charles A. Eastman), SANTEE SIOUX

The most important thing we can do during the course of the day is pray in the morning. There is a special time in the morning that has great power. This is the exact time the sun is rising. During the rising of the sun, everything on the Earth is waking up. Animals, plants, birds and humans will be blessed at the rising of the sun. This is a special time to help us prepare for the day. During this time we ask the Creator to bless our day. We ask Him to guide us, to protect us and to give us courage to overcome the day’s obstacles. Doing this everyday will give us knowledge of God’s will for us.

Grandfather, Grandmother, guide my path. Let my thinking be guided by You.


Empowering Your Sacred Space

Empowering Your Sacred Space


Purpose: To reduce the needs of shields and circles in a small area,

(i.e. consecration in a very different way).

When you have found a place where you feel safe and empowered, stand in the center and close your eyes. Feel the energies around you. Sense the forces that dwell within your space and say something like this:

Forces and powers, around me do spin, If thou art good,

I welcome thee in With love and Light, I charge this space,

To work my magick within this place.

Spread out your arms towards the boundary of your circle, visualizing white or purple light sprouting from your fingertips and forming a circle about you. Say this charm:

Forces of Air, Forces of Wind,

Protect me here, the power begin.

Forces of Fire, Forces of Light,

Protect this circle, both day and night.

Forces of Water, Forces of Sea,

Protected forever, this circle shall be.

Forces of Earth, Forces of stone,

Power awakened by me, alone.

Forever and Ever, As long as I live,

My powers and love, this circle I give.

So shall it be.

Touch the floor and see it ripple as the tide of the sea does. See the flames within the boundaries of the circle. Feel the earth below, and hear the vibrations of the Mother. Feel the breezes around you and allow the wind to  awaken your spirit. Know you are home. Your sacred space is formed.

Inviting Magickal Fey Into Your Garden

Inviting Magickal Fey Into Your Garden

by Jimbo

Fairies, Gnomes, Nymphs, Sprites… Creatures of the Earth,  Air, Fire and Water… those who live in the veil between this plane and the  next… mischievous, lucky, magickal, beautiful and grotesque, large and  small… All fey friends welcome! Welcome! We invite you to inspire us! We invite  you to invigorate us! Infuse us with mirth and laughter! Excite us with  your magick and mischief — in a good way. Come! Play with us! We welcome you.

Many a tale has been spun throughout the ages involving  some sort of mysterious creature. Fairy Tales, Fables, Folk Tales — often  with a trickster, prankster, or magical creature that grants wishes!

I believe that these creatures exist all around us — often unseen  in the nooks and crannies of our lives. Where many often banish the fey, I  invite them into my rituals — to aid me in my magick.

What do the fey represent?

Every person has their own relationship with the archetypes  represented by different fey creatures. I like to think of the fey as a  “personification of nature”.

The apple tree in the back yard has a true personality — it’s an  old, chatty wise woman, with her sweet apples and knobby branches. She  is great for climbing, and if you sit in a particular spot, she tells you  stories about the orchard that used to live there, and all sorts of things that  have happened. She loves to cradle you as she sings you the song of the  sunset, and whispers as the breeze flows through her leaves. She is a tree  nymph _ and she is wonderful. Also in the yard are lots of little fey — a  family of gnomes under the shed, and a whole clan of fairies in the back  fence overgrown with prickly blackberries. (They like to steal a tool or two  and bury them somewhere in the lawn)

You, too, can bring the fun and  frolic of the fey alive in your personal space as well. You can create a  special garden or shrine devoted to the fey.

Be creative! There are so many ways to invite these wonderful  creatures into your life! From simply hanging a sparkly wind chime outside,  to placing a sweet cookie on a pretty plate on your altar, gestures to  the fey really make a difference.

Here are some ideas on how to create a garden for your yard or  a smaller one for indoors. But this is by no means a limit to the different  ways you can connect with that special inspiration we can only attribute to  our beloved fey friends.


Bring some of that ethereal inspirational spirit into your apartment  with an indoor fey shrine.

Start with a miniature arboretum. It can be planted in any size or  shape of container — many of which are available at home and garden stores.

Fill the planter with soil and plant herbs, moss and even  mushrooms. Smaller leaved herbs work well, like thyme and oregano. If well  clipped, rosemary and dill are great too. Think about the type of fey that may  live with you in your space, and allow them to inspire the selection of plants.  Add some rocks, crystals, and a pretty ceramic bowl to use as a reflecting pool.

You can also create a hidden garden in a large houseplant you  already have. Beneath the broad leaves of a Peace Lilly or the branches of a  Fichus tree, arrange some small sparkly stones, and tie some colorful  ribbon to the stalks. With two different colors of fish-tank pebbles, create a  pattern on the soil.

The fey (and cats) that live in your house will enjoy discovering  these elusive hideaways!


Outdoors, the possibilities are endless. Use rocks or bricks to  build some sort of altar to the fey. Landscape a small area of your yard  with pebbles, crystals and a variety of plants. Transplant that  bothersome moss in your lawn to your fey garden — it will really grow! In the  spring, plant Lobelia, Forget-me-nots, Baby’s Breath, and even Cosmos. I enjoy  planting purple flowers in the spring that  bloom all summer. In the winter there are all sorts of perennials that can  be planted: herbs, grasses, ferns and succulents are good ideas.

Using found materials that are attractive to the fey is a good  approach, especially in residential areas. Tiles, which can often be obtained  inexpensively, are a nice touch to a garden. You can also place special crystals  here and there. I like to work small, and create little wee places for my  fey friends to play.

If you see mushrooms in your yard, dig up a small patch around  them, and transplant to your garden. They will spore there and more will  grow next season.

You can add a fairy mound — a small hill covered in moss, with a  small door (from a doll house, or hand crafted) on the side. A variation is  a small round mirror or reflecting pool on the top.

Even branches tied together with an old window, arranged rocks, a  shiny pinwheel, and ribbon streaming from the fixture is sure to keep the fey  as well as your human guests enchanted.

There are so many little things to do in the mundane world that  attract the fey. Perhaps the best idea of all is to allow these magickal creatures  to speak to you in meditation — they will let you know what they want  (believe me!).

Preparing and Casting the Circle

Preparing and Casting the Circle

Though it sounds simple, preparing the circle for a ritual can be a long, laborious process with little thanks given by the people that come to the circle. The witch in charge of setting up the space for a circle must decide what they think is necessary and make adjustments on the fly for missing things. They must listen to the discussion on what will be done at that circle and find what is needed, often digging up scraps from here and there to get everything. The leaders of the circle in particular, will generally bring any special items that will be required, but the things that are more common fall to whomever is doing the ritual preparation.

If a witch works as a solitary, then she is responsible for everything. This, of course, is made simpler by the fact that she disturbs no one if she forgets something and has to go get it. Preparation for circle includes such things as vacuuming the carpet if the floor is carpeted and sweeping it if it is not, setting up the altar and cleaning out any items that were not cleaned out after the last circle, setting up the charcoal for the incense and lighting it just before circle so that it is hot when needed. She needs to check that there is a pitcher of juice or wine available if a feast is being done, that there is good ventilation and sufficient heat in the room, and that everyone is ready to go before the circle starts.

There should be enough time before a ritual starts for people to sit together in silence to attune to one another, allowing the mundane world to slip away and adjust to a sacred way of thinking. Shirking on this is shirking on the preparation of a ritual, as it is very important that a group work together as a coherent whole.

Once the preparations and meditations are done, it is time to cast the circle. This can be done in many different ways. Several are presented below to give the student a choice and different ways to do this. The actual techniques do not matter so much as the intent and desire. It is a way to trigger the mind into working in a different manner than it is accustomed to working. As a student becomes more practiced and able to cast stronger and better circles, they will notice the way their minds shift focus from mundane to the sacred as they create their space. They will also begin to experiment with different ways of casting a circle. When this happens, they have learned a critical step to becoming a witch.

Charging Your Tools

What you will need:
The item in which you wish to charge, whether it be some jewelry, your pentacle
or some crystals.

Salt for the Earth element

A candle for the Fire element

Water or rose oil for the Water element

Incense for the element of Air

How to do the ritual:
This is a really simple charging ritual.
You may wish to elaborate on it once you have created your own ritual style!

Start by taking your item that you want to charge and place it in front of you.
Shake or sprinkle a little salt over your item and say the following:

“Earth spirits from the North/South I ask you to charge this …..
with the power of Earth. By the Goddess and/or God so mote it be.”
Imagine a green light filling the item and empowering the item with the
qualities of Earth.
Dip or trickle some water over your item and say this:
“Water spirits from the East/West I ask you to charge this ….. with the power
of Water. By the Goddess and/or God so mote it be.” Imagine a blue ocean like colored light filling the item and empowering the item
with the qualities and power of Water.
Pass the item through the smoke of the incense and say:
“Air spirits from the West/East I ask you to charge this ….. with the power of
Air. By the Goddess and/or God so mote it be.”
Imagine a pale light filling the item and surrounding it. Empowering it with the
powers of Air.
Move the item through the heat above the candle flame and say the following:
“Fire spirits from the South/North I ask you to charge this ….. with the power
of Fire. By the Goddess and/or God so mote it be.”
Imagine a red or orange light filling the item and empowering it with the power
and energy of Fire.

Once you have done this imagine a bright white/blue light surrounding the item
charging it with your own energy.
After this the item will be charged with the elemental powers and your own.
You can now use the item for whatever purpose you needed it.
You can perform this ritual as often as possible.

By Bronwyn~
* Berkana Golden Owl *

Gift at Yule Ritual Work

Gift at Yule

by Lady MoonWolfe
revised 2004

Close your eyes and relax
Breathe deeply.
Let your breathing become slow, deep, easy. Relax and continue breathing deeply and gently, breathe in and exhale and as we exhale we enter the time of the greatest darkness.
It is the time of the longest night, the dark of the cold universe between the stars and planets, the dark of the sea, and the dark of the womb.

Wrap this darkness gently about you like a comfortable blanket. Float gently now in its depths.
As you open your eyes you see a path in front of you, laid in cobble stones, topped with silver glitter.
It is dark, and though it is dark, you realize that which surrounds you is not the empty, but like the womb, full of life. Fill the energy of the dark.
As you look at the outline of the forest of trees, you notice that the path is lined with oaks, firs and pines. Each one decorated with mistletoe, wreaths, and candy canes.

It is dark in front of you, and as you begin your journey down the path, taking your first step upon the cobble stones you can feel the chill wind blowing. You can feel the ground hard and cold beneath your feet. Continuing walking one step in front of the other, one by one until you have reached the end of the path and are standing within a mighty forest
You look up and see the stars, but there is no Moon. Patiently you wait. You hear a sound behind you, and turn to look over your shoulder

You now realize that you are standing upon the edge of a clearing; as its center burns a fire, and an old man is seated before it. He is wearing tattered animal skins, and has long ragged hair which blows about in the wind. On the far side of the clearing you see the mouth of a cave, and standing before it is the mighty figure of the Horned God.

You turn back around and look through the trees, looking towards the eastern horizon, for tonight is the longest night. The dark time before the Sun is reborn at the Winter Solstice, and you wait patiently for the first rays of the newborn Sun. You noticed that the fire has changed into a single Oak tree, standing tall, and decorated with all the trimmings. As you step forward you feel the increase in the love and warmth around you and within you, and notice that the energy within gives birth to the smallest spark imaginable, the spark of life.
See that spark now as it glows, watch that spark now, and watch it grows. Glowing brighter and brighter, it grows into a flame. As you look at the flame, its light fills you with warmth and love

As you feel increased love and warmth within you, the intensity of the flame slowly diminishes and as it does, in its place, slowly is the outline of a present. This gift becomes more solid, until you can see its form clearly and see that it is wrapped in a glistening filament of light. This gift has your name on it, inscribed in the glistening material. Look at your present, what color is your name written in? What shape is it? How big is it? What color is it’s wrappings?
Experience it fully. Accept it. Accept your gift with joy. Feel the heart warm with the love with which this gift is given to you.

And now, from your heart, send out gratitude for this gift; send out thanks for this gift to the Goddess, to our Great Mother, to the Universe. To the Goddess who is the Universe, both the dark and the light. Send out your thanks for this gift. Now if you wish, find a place to keep this gift, a place to put this gift, so you can keep it with you during our ritual now and if you wish take it with you when you leave the circle.

As you stand you can fill the soft, wet touch of the first fallen snow across your cheeks. Winter grips the land as a cold wind blows through the forest. You walk away from the clearing, and as you leave the forest, you turn and see that it is no more than a shadow behind you. Before you, is a world which you know well, it is the world in which we live, and now it is time to return.
The Other world is real, and you may return at any time. Life will not fail, the Sun will return again, remembering your gift given to you. You continue to walk, bringing your special gift with you, be fully present in our circle, Move your body , open your eyes, and come back to this place and time..

MoonWolfe is 52 years young. I am a registered Healer of the Art of Reiki. I am currently working on saving the dolphins in captivity. I drum to heal Mother Earth.

Daily OM for Wednesday, December 7th – A Magical Mind

A Magical Mind


When we wish for something our consciousness opens to receiving it like a flower unfolding its petals to receive a bee. 

From blowing dandelion seeds into the air to throwing a penny into a fountain, we have all felt inspired to make a wish, to whisper our secret desires into the ears of the universe and wait for signs that we have been heard. Some wishes come true while others remain ethereal visions that either stay with us or fade like a star in the light of morning. Whether they come true or not, wishes are important missives, expressing our heart’s desire as well as our intention to create something new in our lives. When we wish for something, our consciousness opens to receiving it, like a flower unfolding its petals to receive a bee.

There is something innocent and magical about making a wish, something that recalls the energy of childhood. Wishing is not about formulating a plan and following it step by step to attain a goal, which is the realm of adulthood. Wishing is more like a playful volley across the universe, an invitation to play. Waiting for the response is an integral part of the process. Wishing inspires an innocent opening to the possibility of magic as we wait to see if the invisible realm will bring our wish to life. This opening is a beautiful gesture in and of itself, regardless of the outcome. We place ourselves in a magical mind, and this mind is arguably as wonderful as the fulfillment of our wish itself.

In our straightforward, action-oriented society, we may tend to dismiss the power of this seemingly passive process, yet the power of a wish is well known, hence the cautionary phrase, “Be careful what you wish for.” If you have given up wishing in favor of more adult pursuits, you might want to bring its magic back into your life. The next time you see the first star of the evening, or find yourself in front of a birthday cake covered in flaming candles, give yourself the gift of the magical realm that you knew so well as a child—close your eyes, open your mind, and make your wish.


Fantasy Graphics= May the East fling open your windows,

and fill your rooms with air;

May the South send you strong sunshine,

and give you the strength to dare;

May the West wash rivers into your

heart, and oceans into your soul,

May the North share the secrets and

gifts of the earth,

to heal and make you whole.

Blessed Be!

~Magickal Graphics~


This will protect without causing the person bound any harm.
It is not a dark spell but a very potent protective one.
You may use a different oil if you wish to use as a banishing oil.
Rosemary may be substituted for Rue.
Materials: 1 black taper or image candle (gender depends on who you are trying to bind) nail
black cloth a large piece of black cloth red ribbon cotton needle and thread
Banishing oil loose tobacco A small mirror that can stand by itself
If you can obtain hair or nail clippings from the person or a picture, you can use it in this spell.
Fold the felt in half and cut out a rough shape of the person you want to bind.
Make the figure large enough so that you will be able to stuff it after you have sewn it together.
Sew the pieces of the poppet together, leaving a hole through which you can stuff the poppet.
Fill it with cotton and tobacco, and if you have the hair or nail clippings of the person, add those to it.
Once it is filled, sew the opening closed. If you have a picture of the person,
staple or sew it to the front of the poppet.
Next, care the name of the person onto the black candle with the nail and add these runes:
Thuraz, Isa, Eihwas, a dark filled in circle to represent the dark moon,
bars like you will see in a jail, and a widdershins (anticlockwise) spiral.
Anoint the candle and the poppet with the oil.
Cast a circle, invoke the elements, God or Goddess you are working with.
Light the altar candles.
Light the black candle and adjust the mirror so that flame is reflected in the glass.
Hold the poppet out in front of you and say:
“Creature of cloth thou art,
Creature of flesh and blood you be.
I name you (name of the person you are binding).
No more shall you do me harm.
No more shall you repeat false tales.
No more shall you interfere in my life, nor in the lives of my loved ones.
By the power of the Gods and by my will, So mote it be!”
Draw an invoking pentagram over the poppet.
Now take the ribbon and begin to wrap the poppet like a mummy,
leaving no space unwrapped. Say:
“I bind your feet from bringing harm to me.
I bind your hands from reaching out to harm me.
I bind your mouth from spreading false tales to harm me.
I bind your mind from sending energy to harm me.
If you do so continue, let all negative energy be cast and reflected directly at you!”
Tie off the ribbon and hold the poppet in front of the mirror while you visualize all negative
energy this person has sent to you being reflected back at them.
Wrap the poppet in the black cloth and tie with another length of ribbon. Say:
“Great Mother, I have bound this person
from harming me and my loved ones.
By the powers of three times three
By Earth and Fire, Air and Sea
I fix this spell, then set it free
Twill give no harm to return to me
As I will, So mote it be!”
Let the candle burn out while the poppet sits at its base, then take the poppet
and the remains of the candle far from your home and bury it deep in the ground
or toss it in the ocean and walk away without looking back.