Correspondences Every Witch Should Know – Candle Colors


Candle Colors

A basic white candle is good and covers pretty much every intent. However, if you want to add power to your intent pick a coloured candle that mirrors your objective.

Here is a basic colour guide, but it is your choice – if a colour shouts at you to be used, go with your instinct.

Abundance – green, copper, gold

Astral travel – silver, black, purple, blue

Balance – white, silver, green, rainbow

Banishing negativity – black, white, purple

Binding – red, black

Blessing or consecrating – white, lilac, light blue

Cleansing – white

Changes – dark blue, yellow, white

Closure – black

Communication – yellow, white

Confidence – brown, orange, red, yellow

Creativity – orange, yellow

Defence – black, purple, white, dark blue

Divination – gold, lilac, yellow, black

Dreams – silver, purple, dark blue

Employment – orange, brown

Energy – gold, red

Exorcism – black, purple

Fertility – green, brown

Friendship – gold, pink, brown

Gossip, to stop – black, purple, white

Happiness – yellow, pink

Healing – light blue, yellow, pink, pale green

Love – pink, red, white

Luck – green, orange, gold

Money – green, gold

Meditation – purple, white, silver

Mental clarity – yellow, orange, white

Peace – white, black, pink, light blue

Protection – black, white, blue

Psychic powers – purple, black, white, lilac

Transformation – white, orange

Spirit contact – black, purple, lilac

Strength – red, gold, orange

Success – orange, green, gold

Truth seeking – black

Wisdom – purple, black, white

Pagan Portals – Kitchen Witchcraft: Crafts of a Kitchen Witch

Rachel Patterson


Associations Every Witch Should Know – Stone, Mineral and Crystal Associations

WinterfantasyStone, Mineral and Crystal Associations

Amber: healing, safety, longevity, boost magic, success, remove negativity, Fire, Sun

Amethyst: self-control, intuition, dreams, cleansing

Aventurine: creativity, calm, luck, choices

Bloodstone: removing anger, luck, divination, honesty, obstacles, courage

Coral: protection, ward against violence and negativity, calm, healing, Water

Hematite: draw things to you, grounding, focus, Earth

Jade: luck, devotion, cleansing, peace, harmony, friends

Jet: security, protection, binding

Moonstone: moon magic, dreams, divination, healing, romance, restful sleep, Water, Goddess

Onyx: banishing unwanted influence or attention, balance, legal, justice

Quartz( clear): energy source/ storage, psychic power, vision, protection, focus, intuition, Air

Sunstone: healing, success, vitality, God

Topaz: vitality, dealing with tension, calming, energy

Turquoise: communication, courage, prosperity, luck

Book of Shadows: Solitary Suburban Pagan Guide
Ashlyn Hawthorne


Correspondences Every Witch Needs to Know – Day of the Week Correspondences

Winter GoddesDay of the Week Correspondences

Each day of the week corresponds to a different color and planet. While you can do what you need to do on any given day, it’s always a good idea to try timing your magic in accordance with the appropriate day of the week to get the most out of your magic.

Sunday (Sun): Yellow, Gold. Financial & communication.

Monday (Moon): White, Emotional peace & healing.

Tuesday (Mars): Red, Love, sex and passion

Wednesday (Mercury): Violet, Puple, psychic & spiritual work

Thursday (jupiter): Green, Healing, prosperity.

Friday (Venus): Blue, Love spells & protection magic.

Saturday (Saturn): Black, Protection, repel negativity.

Sage’s Little Book of Magickal Correspondences
Consult The Sage


Magickal Correspondences that Every Witch Should Know – Correspondences for Your Home

egyptian princess
Correspondences for Your Home


When doing magical workings, many people find it easier to structure their rituals or spells based upon magical correspondences — the concept that everything has a signature, of sorts, that connects it to symbols and meanings. For example, if you wanted to do a working related to money, correspondences might include the colors green and gold, as well as herbs such as basil and pennyroyal, and stones like emerald and lodestone.


To truly be effective with magic, however, you should learn to find magical correspondences all around you. One exercise we did here on the website was the Magical Mondays series, in which readers were given an ordinary item and asked to come up with magical uses for it. This encouraged folks to think outside the box, and see the magical in the most mundane things. Look at it this way – our ancient ancestors didn’t have catalogs or websites to shop from. They had to create and harness magic using simply what they already owned and what they could gather, nothing else.


Let’s take a lesson from them, and consider some magical correspondences of the things you might find around your home.


Feathers, fans, incense


Scales, batteries, weights, magnets


Flowers, seashells, birds, the moon, dolls, cosmetics


Teddy bears, toys, peanut butter and jelly


Lions, armor


Coins, dirt, salt


Doors, business cards, corporate logos, dolls dressed in career-wear, beehive or bees


Baskets, cups, bowls, cauldrons, eggs, baby dolls, baby clothes or shoes, lunar associations


Wallet, purse, coins, dollar signs


Candles, lighters, stoves or ovens, fireplaces, dragons


Dice, playing cards, game tokens or poker chips


Reiki symbols and other energy work symbols, candles, medical supplies


The moon, mirrors, doors and windows

Legal Issues/Court Cases:

Scales, hammers,


Hearts, roses, harps and other string instruments, apples, seashells


Dog biscuits, pet supplies like a bowl or collar


Iron nails, fences, gates or walls, arrows, rope or chain, dragons, sweet gum balls


Pillows, sheep, doll beds, moons and stars


Acorns, arrows, shields, swords, heraldry, eagles or other predatory birds


Cups, bowls, seashells, sinks or bathtubs, rain boots


Owls, eyeglasses, serpents


By Patti Wigington

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West, The Direction (Correspondences, Associations and Invocations)



Element: Water – Earth
Season: Autumn
Time: twilight
Tool: chalice/cauldron
Color: sea green – blue – gray – purple – white
Animal: fish – dolphin – sea serpents
Rules: intestines – emotions – guts – introspection – undercurrents – vitality – daring – strength – endingd – the courage to face deepest feelings


Amenti – the Hesperides, Daughters of the West – Hsi Wang Mu, Royal Mother of the Western Paradise – Isis – Mertseger – Sekhmet, Lady of the West – Selkis
Cteryon, King of the West – Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl – Favonius – Itzamna – Gabriel – Hastehogan – Khenty-amentiu, Foremost of the Westerners – Sachiel – Salim – Thoth – Quebehsenuf, Lord of the Watchtower of the West – Ra – Varuna
From The Egyptian Book of the Dead:

“Thou who circlest,
Guide of the Two Lands,
Beautiful Rudder of the Western Heaven,
Ra, Guide of the Two Lands,
thou Beautiful Rudder of the Western Heaven.”

The West Wind:
Invocations: Cardea – Favonius – Zephyrus

East, The Direction (Correspondences, Associations and Invocations)



The world direction of the new day.

Element: Air – Fire
Season: Spring
Time: dawn
Tool: athame/sword
Color: white – violet – pastels – green
Animal: eagle – highflying birds
Rules: stomach – spirit – mind – illumination – passion – wisdom – beginnings – the power to know



All dawn god and goddesses
Aja – Aurora – Eos – Hesionë, Lady of Asia – Mahamantranusarini – Neith – Nebhet – Nephthys – Salmaone – Zorya
Chac, Lord of the East – Duamutef, Lord of the Watchtower of the East – Horus, Lord of the East – Indra – Mars – Morning Star – Raphael – Shar – Sopedu, Lord of the East

From The Egyptian Book of the Dead:

“Splendor, Dweller in the temple of the Ashemu gods,
Beautiful Rudder of the Eastern Heaven, Khu,
Dweller in the House of the Ashemu gods,
thou Beautiful Rudder of the Eastern Heaven.

The East Wind:

Cardea – Eurus – Volturnus

South, The Direction (Correspondences, Associations and Invocations)



Element: Fire – Water
Season: Summer
Time: Noon
Tool: wand
Color: red – orange
Animal: lion – coyote
Rules: liver – energy – spirit – will – love – gentleness – trust – innocence – warmth – hospitality – rapid growth



Fire Goddesses: – Isis, Queen of the South – Mahamantranusarini – Mahapratisara – Mert – Nirrti – Satet – Satis – Satjit – Tin Hau – Vajrapasi
Gods: Ea – Imset, Lord of the Watchtower of the South – Michael – Ninib – Prajnantaka – Ra – Sachiel – Saturn – South Star – Yama – Zocho
From The Egyptian Book of the Dead:

“Dweller in the temple of the Red gods,
Beautiful Rudder of the Southern Heaven,
Dweller in the House of the Tesheru Gods,
the Beautiful Rudder of the Southern Heaven.”

The South Wind:
Invocations: Auster – Cardea – Ninurta – Notus – the Breath of Set, Lord of the Chambers of the South

Invocations: Agni – Takkiraja – Tejosnisa
Invocations: Niladanda – Nirrti – Surya
The Southwest Wind: Auster – Notus

North, The Direction (Correspondences, Associations and Invocations)


North, The Direction

(Correspondences, Associations and Invocations)



The most powerful direction – the location of magick
– the source of Otherworld powers.

Element: Earth – Air
Season: Winter
Time: midnight
Tool: pentacle
Color: brown – black – green
Animal: white buffalo
Rules: lungs – the body – rudeness – mystery – silence – purity – clarity – renewal – vision – the unseen – the power to listen, to keep secrets, to know what not to say



Athena – Baaltis Zapuna – Belili – Earth goddesses – Mertseger, Friend of Silence – Nebhet – Neith – Nephthys – Nerthus – Uatchet
Baal Zebul, Lord of the Mansions of the North – Baal Zephon, Lord of the North – Bel – Hapy, Lord of the Watchtower of the North – Jupiter – Osiris – Seth, Lord of the Northern Sky – Soma – Uriel – Zeus
From The Egyptian Book of the Dead:

“Thou Beautiful Power,
thou Beautiful Rudder of the Northern Heaven,
Power of Heaven, Opener of the Disk,
thou Beautiful Rudder
of the Northern Heaven

The North Wind:

“Awake, O north wind;
and come thou south,
blow upon my garden,
that the spices thereof may flow out.”
– the Song of Solomon

Aquilo – Boreas – Cardea – Erichthonius – Ophion The Silver Castle, the Corona Borealis, is at the back of the north wind.


Invocations: Mahabala – Tiksnosnisa – Vayu


Invocations: Isa – Soma – Uluítuyar – Uruín Ajy Toyoín

Correspondences for Healing



Elements: all

Planets: sun, moon, earth

Best times: Sunday or Monday

Moon waxing to full – for increased health

Moon waning to dark – for banishing and driving away disease

Colors: blue, green, gold and orange

Numbers: 1, 3, 7, 9

Incense: bay, cinnamon, eucalyptus, frankincense, sandalwood

Plants : all healing herbs

Gods and Goddesses: Artemis, Hebe, Hygeia, moon and earth Goddesses, Asclepius, Apollo


Week Day Correspondences for Doing Spellcrafting

Week Day Correspondences for Doing Spellcrafting


The days of the week, because they are ruled by the various gods, create an energy which is best for certain types of magical working. Following is a list which, while not completely comprehensive, will give you some idea of when to perform your spells. Each day’s planetary ruler and optimum colours are also given.

SUNDAY (Sun – yellow, gold, orange): ambition, authority figures, career, children, crops, drama, fun, goals, health, law, personal finances, promotion, selling, speculating, success, volunteers and civic services.

MONDAY (Moon – white, silver, grey, pearl): antiques, astrology, children, dreams/astral travel, emotions, fluids, household activities, imagination, initiation, magic, new-age pursuits, psychology, reincarnation, religion, short trips, spirituality, the public, totem animals, trip planning,

TUESDAY (Mars – red, pink, orange): aggression, business, beginnings, combat, confrontation, courage, dynamism, gardening, guns, hunting, movement, muscular activity, passion, partnerships, physical energy, police, repair, sex, soldiers, surgery, tools, woodworking.

WEDNESDAY (Mercury – purple, magenta, silver): accounting, astrology, communication, computers, correspondence, editing, editors, education, healing, hiring, journalists, learning, languages, legal appointments, messages, music, phone calls, siblings, signing contracts, students, visiting friends, visual arts, wisdom, writing.

THURSDAY (Jupiter – blue, metallic colours): business, charity, college, doctors, education, expansion, forecasting, foreign interests, gambling, growth, horses, long-distance travel, luck, material wealth, merchants, philosophy, psychologists, publishing, reading, religion, researching, self-improvement, sports, studying the law.

FRIDAY (Venus – green, pink, white): affection, alliances, architects, artists, beauty, chiropractors, courtship, dancers, dating, designers, engineers, entertainers, friendships, gardening, gifts, harmony, luxury, marriage, music, painting, partners, poetry, relationships, romantic love, shopping, social activity.

SATURDAY (Saturn – black, grey, red, white): binding, bones, criminals, death, debts, dentists, discovery, endurance, farm workers, financing, hard work, housing, justice, karma, limits, manifestation, maths, murderers, neutralization, obstacles, plumbing, protection, reality, sacrifice, separation, structure, teeth, tests, transformation, wills.