Good Day WOTC Family and Friends Here is a Thought for Today

I woke up in the middle of the night with my right ear feeling like there was fluid in it so I laid on that side and twisted my neck until I could feel it starting to come out and fell back to sleep. When I woke up this morning the ear felt heavy and full. Thinking ok I got a bad ear infection again but when I stuck my finger into it thinking it there was an air bubble not allowing the rest of the fluid to drain, I had blood on it. Scared? Definitely!! I rolled up the end of a tissue and put it in my ear it was soaked with blood when I pulled it out. So, I kept doing this until the tissue came out still white. I have no idea why it started bleeding last night but I can feel fluid back in my ear again. I am thinking a trip to an urgent care facility might be called for. Has anyone had this type of thing happen to them? If you did…Do you know what caused it?

Keep in mind I am almost totally deaf in my left ear from an inherited condition so having something wrong with my right ear really scares me. There is no way after being able to hear things for 65 years that I want to be deaf but if that happens I will deal with it.


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